Trying McDonald’s Breakfast & Lunch in INDIA

Strictly Dumpling

Strictly Dumpling

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    I just happened to stop by at a McDonald's and realized that the menu is so much different from the McDonald's in America and a lot has to do with the fact that they don't serve beef or pork. So I decided to order everything and taste test it out.
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    1. Ravindra Gaikwad

      1:45 In Indian language,this is known as anda pav.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. Antho Hido

      chiken leg bisssss

    3. Lohit Chhabra

      8:11 “i love my meat”

    4. syfy

      Not gonna lie, that looks delicious 😋

    5. King Explosion Murder

      Pretty sure it smells like butter chicken cause that's what India people smells like

    6. Code: WhiteZT

      There better be biryani since its in India

    7. Tanu deep

      u missed fittofish. the best one😊

    8. MR.a MR.b

      There are the much saus in the buger

    9. Sumit Vaz

      this guy ate bhurji for breakfast.... at mcdonalds

    10. Mason Chen

      3:45 I can’t lol

    11. Ender Manani

      1:37 before he said fluffy it sounded like it’s spicy as f***

    12. Arafath Hussain

      Look at 2:11

    13. 929

      Why do most people in india look at a camera like theyve never seen one before?

    14. prameshwor singh

      I think you have not try my aloo tikki burger

    15. Rohan Mehrotra

      For a person whose parents lived in India and came to the US, and gave birth to me and my sister in the US, I AM NOT FAMILIAR WITH ANY OF THIS LMAO

    16. Lambros Christodoulopoulos

      The interesting sauce is actually hummus

    17. Rutvikk Parashar

      Chatpata Naan is made from Aloo (potato) the woman at the counter did ask you

    18. shaa141

      Did he eat all those

    19. Arpit Mishra

      I'm in Burger King and I'm watching a guy eating McDonald's

    20. Rohan S

      In the US most people are infected by the cold virus most of the time and it affects your taste buds.

    21. Muskaan Arora

      Sitting at mcD saying wow , you would faint when you would go to an actual indian restaurant

    22. sagar solanke

      1.16 sale McDonald's Vale suit pehen ke burgi pav bech rahe he...😄😄😄

    23. KFC Psycho

      India’s McDonalds menu *Chicken leg piece*

    24. Arull Murugan S

      Thumbs up is not the Indian version of coke. Coco cola is also available in INDIA

    25. Nadir Gillani

      Where is you girlfriend

    26. Mstud Sultan

      rajinikanth :give me a masala dosa with samabar mcdonalds : sir we dont sell masala dosa rajini : then why are u selling foreign food in india ....happy diwali folks Blasts entire mcdonalds rajini: yanna rascal mind it 😎

    27. Somya Sharma

      99% Indians 1% foreigners trying to kill time 😂

    28. Shubhangi Ramekar


    29. J Dog


    30. Zenbeach Traveler

      It is pointless to a Mc Donald's everywhere if they are just going to sell food sold on the street.

    31. Ananya Sachdeva

      Thums up is not Indian version of coke COKE IS DIFFERENT

    32. Crazy Gamer

      What is the name of the soundtrack at the beginning of the video?

    33. hizenberg 007

      You look like Jackie chan

    34. Ron Charles M. Bondal

      Because eating beef in India is considered TABOO to them.

    35. Vishal Sheriff

      How does he pay for it? Does he have Indian money? I’m very curious?

    36. chizuka kawabata

      That blob of sauce is the "special sauce" in your Big Mac.

    37. IReal PREDATOR

      3:18 *Beef should be in the menu for Overseas people's*

    38. Luiss Lit

      In 2:11 the two guys in the back look like they about to ambush him

    39. Chad Hoskins

      Amazing how McD can be worse than the crap they serve in USA. Good job MickyD

    40. Danny Boy

      Who else is craving macdonalds

    41. Dom Kennedy

      They have mango smoothies in the U.S too? Lol

    42. Hari Dokku

      Indians kept on looking at u. I would be doing the same.

    43. Alishba Khan


    44. Asma Khamar


    45. Jesmin Jahan

      India does not have a McDonalds

      1. आदित्य केळकर

        🤣 you are funny

    46. Clara Jean

      I like McDonald's in the US.. 😊

    47. Berto Cobas

      ASIA MAP SOUTHERN ASIA MAP INDIA MUMBAI CITY NEW DELHI CITY BUBBHA KHAN ISLAND CITY MUSLIMLAND CITY SHAKUPAK CITY INDIAN LANGUAGE आऊऐऊआभआङउऔआ PEK PAK NA KHAN. ऐईऐईओइऔइएइअअँऎणँझढछठखथशथखढथझथझछथझथछथछऋथझथछथछ आआऊऊईई आऊऐऊआभआङउऔआ आऊऐऊआभआङउऔआ ङअघअघअफअऐआऔआएघधछखऋशथछठघघभभॉङघउघइॉउफॉफइ धोई उणःभफफइघऐऊऐउअॉइङइङउॉफॉउऐआआएअभउङउफफङफ ऊऊङइभआईऐऐआऔऐओअँऎइऊभऊघॉथथळशऋऋखथधघङऊऊभऊभऐऊऐअआअआअएओआएऎँइऊऊभभभऊङईङइङइङईङउ भऊऊअभआऊएऊअऊभअभउफउ उफ्फ्फ अऊऐऊऐईअइइउउफॉथखळथखखथझढठठठछधझझधधभऊ आई ऐऊएईआभउभफङघभघॉघघधधघघऊऐईआऊअऊइऊऊभउभइऊआऐआआभइभउफफङॉङङङ SOUTHERN ASIA MAP INDIA MUMBAI CITY TRAVEL

    48. Akansha Singh

      Why mc Donald's is so different in Mumbai and Delhi?

    49. Aronnya Khan

      The chapata naan isn’t chicken, the lady said aalu, meaning potato. *check your facts before you review food*

    50. Vkt

      How can you eat that much

    51. The Postal Gril

      why dont they serve pork? i know cows are sacred to indians but there's no rule against pork is there? i know a hindu person and they always eat pork

      1. The Postal Gril

        @Itadakimasu oh right, i thought the muslims had their own country - pakistan? weird. i always pictured india as hindu/sikh for some reason

      2. Itadakimasu

        Because of a lot of Muslim

      3. Vaibhav Ojha

        It isn't something that Indians eat normally. Chicken , goat , lamb and any seafood is mostly what people eat.

    52. GeneralAsintado

      1:30 English Subtitles (Not Auto Generated)

    53. S SN QN

      Id strongly recommend opening one item at a time for the video production quality.

    54. S SN QN

      I would go to India just for the McDonalds

    55. Wrestlers Indeed

      4:00 wait that's illegal

    56. Panda Panda

      Fu you are doing this for money you probably don't even like it

    57. J P

      Mike u look sooooo cute when you eat. And when u are not eating. Kisses from Colorado to you

    58. Hari Chakravarthy

      Your amazing how to go india

    59. Afw7554

      The music 😂

    60. Gotham Bat

      Hmm, he does look like a low-budget Jackie Chan with a big appetite and American accent.

      1. David megu

        I look like poor kim young june un...from northeast

      2. Meer Parvej

        hahaha fusion reactor lul