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    The Prince Family's New Christmas Vlogmas Intro!
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      What Are Your Thoughts On Our New Intro?

      1. Cayla F.


      2. Dorien Brown

        Bangger alert🤫

      3. Charisma Jimenez

        Yo this intro goes hard 🔥

      4. Janica Ward

        Why didn't u put simon in it cause my cat would've been like nope i don't wanna be in it

      5. dahooperof2010

        That intro is Dope ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    2. Daunte Hart


    3. azumi ghi

      beautiful family godbless you all❤❤

    4. abbsnn cose

      This is awesome!

    5. Aylila Johnson

      🔥 lit

    6. Trevor Gray

      Oh never Mind the other fire place is 60 inches

    7. Trevor Gray

      Is this the new house or no

    8. Trevor Gray

      Every since y'all created the Prince family now everybody wanna start with the family's lol yOu guys are the top trending family GOD BLESS

    9. Trinity Monroe

      10000000000//that's how many I give you a four Dollar tree

    10. Jvontae Postell


    11. Cool Ryder Bros

      I love the new intro ❤👍

    12. Jvontae Postell

      I did all

    13. Yomy StarZ

      I’m in love with this intro!

    14. Shawhank Savage

      That 🌲 was lit

    15. Aliyah Nelson

      I love love the Christmas tree especially cuz it’s not just original green it’s white n green it’s snowy🥶❄️❄️it do prettyyyyy✨✨ I give the tree 10/10

    16. Clarisse Esquivel

      I did Subscribe on your channel and turn on my notifications

    17. eioshen boboi

      Another one of these channels! When will this stop!🙄

    18. Erika S

      I’ve commented multiple times ! I just hope I can win cause I never get lucky with these give aways.

    19. QueenTiaxoxo

      That tree is beautiful 😍 the cutest intro ever 🥰

      1. eioshen boboi

        Where Simon at

    20. Michelle Lindsay

      Tree 1000000

    21. Andrea Vsco


    22. M Maman


    23. Maverick David


    24. Nevaeh Bratcher

      Cute song this is Nevaeh cute wife

    25. Anylah Jones

      Love the new intro 🥰

    26. dolimi jotoo

      “We still shoppin?” 😂

    27. Ronnesha Foster

      i like your video

      1. dolimi jotoo

        I pray you bless my family

    28. Markeyda Alexander

      I see you whith the iphone 11 pro max l000

    29. Toxic_Ygk_400 GANG

      Because all I want for Christmas is and PS4 or and Xbox because I don't think my parents can afford one for me and my brothers😿😩😩😩

    30. T Squad

      I rate the Christmas tree a 10000000000000000000

    31. T Squad

      I rate the Christmas tree a 1000000000

    32. Eyong Tafie

      I love i cant stop repeating it

    33. Carlton Syms


    34. Eyong Tafie


    35. cam jones

      Where Simon at

    36. Kisha Harris

      I Love y'all sweaters you all is the bomb keep up the good work.

    37. Alyson Perry

      I love it

    38. Alexis Octavia

      Post notifications on🥳

    39. Alyson Perry


    40. brainmare

      *Who wants some AirPods?* 💥 I will choose everybody who leave a Iike on my last song (Freestyle) they will get 4 AirPods