The Morons Of Coronavirus



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    1. Lidia Olejnik

      It's not only old people dying...

    2. Click Boom

      Its a pitty there's no virus to only wipe the earth clean of all the dumb shit selfish assholes...

    3. my skin my logo

      Damn it, I miss this

    4. Hobby Tastrophe

      OMG! COVID-19 is a viral pneumonia, not the effing flu!

    5. Hobby Tastrophe

      That TV preacher looks he is demon possessed!

    6. Wjej Wjje

      I didn’t know

    7. Wjej Wjje

      They told me t do it

    8. Wjej Wjje


    9. Wjej Wjje

      It was Tuskegee

    10. Antonio Roche

      damn that televangelist pissed me off lol

    11. Dorothy Potter Spanish

      This is definitely not a toy. Thank you for this excellent compendium of assholery.

    12. Ace Ventura

      That’s right. If you go to the bar, YOUR GRANDMOTHER WILL DIE!!!!

    13. vash47

      watching this video is like this guy died and then was resucitated and forced to make a new video by gunpoint. there's no real emotion, authenticity, like a corporate advertisement. Just sterile.

      1. kelly bodley

        Are you talking about Ethan?

    14. Gimmy Jibs

      Cant fix stupid

    15. spartanclams

      where the trump family says morons

    16. Sigurd Ilsøe

      Liverpool, England, United Kingdfom - Is NOT technically part of Europe. Please do not judge us for their behaviour. We, the real Europeans, are not like those bafoons.

    17. KP_2ndAmndRights

      * no toilet paper was wasted in the making of this video.

    18. Nodrodsky

      Vanessa Hudgens should like, have a lie down soon as possible like.

    19. Александр Мороз

      You can say "fuck", dude, relax

    20. DareToBeDeviant

      Hudgens, please stop perverting the English language. Seriously, what is it with everybody's speech and spelling having been reduced to that of a kindergartner's? She's, like, so totally, but y'know, whatever... right?

    21. Cokane


    22. Juho Koirikivi

      "The virus isn´t that serious" A week later: Over 300 000 cases in US "Also don't forget to poison yourself with silver solution"

    23. Generalpoonslayer69

      The UK is not Europe. And no this has nothing to do with Brexit.

    24. monkeytactic118


    25. Timelytyba 28

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="795">13:15</a> ironically he looks like the devils

    26. Carin Fonk

      Ironically it's those people that make quarantine easier for me. Knowing their lack of care for safety and likelihood of catching Corona makes me absolutely want to avoid the outdoor at all costs so I don't have to witness their idiocy.

    27. Georgios Kalivatsis

      Unreal how retarded people are

    28. Josh A

      To the oven with you 2

    29. Maya Nasser


    30. Ruth Denisenko

      That goblin dude is fucking scary and reminds me something from a horror movie or at least Sabrina on Netflix :D

    31. rnr45s Alicia

      I like how people think that just because it's spring break, the virus will be like "oh okay, i'll infect you later"

    32. xoobo vola

      The prayer dudes hand was wet. []-[] what the heck is that? bleh! Stop touching my tv screen dude.

    33. FrickOffMeM8

      Lol Rudy Go Bert he said it like Flight



    35. Nick GALLUZZO

      I find it really funny that Vanessa Hudgens is talking about the virus while listening to version of the song “Fever”.

      1. xoobo vola

        Ur a simp

    36. Yung Tuna

      papa john is just forever the intro to everything now

    37. lyx69

      Nashville undefeated!!

    38. Motives

      Our world is full of idiots and mankind is just gonna fuck itself over because people are not taking this seriously. People like my age think they’re invincible, but people around the age of 18 or even younger have been dying too, with no pre-existing conditions!

    39. Marco Manjarrez

      At least we'll know who is an idiot and who doesnt deserve any acknowledgement. Its barely gonna matter, but we'll know

    40. Reid Taylor


    41. 4strings 4wheels


    42. shrekboy69 _ 69

      Way oo

    43. Namokus

      Hilas gorgeous af! You guys are both lucky, love y'all!!!💯🖤🇨🇦


      bunch of over hyped shit

    45. Samar's Gadgets World

      They all have iq of like 80 I guess. No wonder Chinese citizens are more responsible

    46. A A


    47. Kyle Schulze

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="736">12:16</a> why are his fingertips so damn shiny?

    48. Angel Carrillo

      It's those young, hypocrite peers like those that sometimes make me feel glad I don't have to bump shoulders with them at the university. They are so selfish and self-centered. I would hope they all get the virus, but then again their family members do not deserve to even breathe the air that comes out of their useless lungs. God bless those that will bump shoulders with those stupid-asses.

    49. Juliet Nguyen

      This is why no one likes our generation

    50. Luke Jones

      Ur a simp

    51. Blucario90

      My local park had people living in a tent who wore masks and made noises at me. Not a fun experience.

    52. Terrell Campbell

      Kenneth Copeland looks like a demon wearing expired human skin.

    53. Abdin boni


    54. bebebj137

      If people were more inquisitive they would have realized the active ingredient of hand sanitizer is 70% alcohol which is mixed with a lotion. For me aloe works great. And by the way, why not sequester the endangered population and not everyone? What do you think is going to "spread" after millions loose their jobs? Just asking edited remark: I see you now h3h3. Nice try!

    55. Your Average Artist

      It’s a shame that COVID-19 doesn’t kill based on brain cells.

    56. John Ruud

      H3h3? More like 3cuck3.

    57. Jon D

      everything kacey tron says isnt serious pretty much, look man im not white knighting her but if you look at what she does, she just gets brain dead high and says stuff that would be funny to her, one of those is dry humor, its easy to tell she is joking but I can definitely understand someone who doesn't watch her take it the wrong way.

    58. Shadowbn X

      Hows the baby?

    59. Александр Болбат

      I just cannot like this video enough...

    60. devontodetroit

      Ethan might just be the most unfunny, cringeworthy guy that just needs to stop. what an idiot

    61. LuciousNarwhal

      Papa john is superior to the First Lady!

    62. Stephanie Downey

      way yo

    63. Anthony Christopher Cesenaro

      WAYO!!! lololol

    64. Vulpines Legacy

      Strains of corona virus? I didn't know we were smoking

    65. Nate Dogg

      This channel has a lot of hand rubbing in it.

    66. Fish Ed

      Why the fk does that pastor look like he's wearing a halloween skin mask

    67. Dat Boi

      ethan in a hoodie is a fat fucking vibe

    68. Susie Ballard

      Damn I thought lizzo knew better

    69. BiteME!!XD

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="16">0:16</a> Michelle Obama's : great moves keep it up was much better I miss that.

    70. J Z

      The good ol days when H3 was the moral high ground of yt. Too bad fame got into Ethans head.

    71. You Thought


    72. Aaron

      I live in Nashville I hate it here

    73. Gamer Tropics

      Lol I actually missed these videos.

    74. fileemail theking

      Ethan is lookin like a damn beefcake

    75. Andrew Ziegler

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a> so funny. Great video man

    76. Larry SAL

      The luxurius life we are having just made so many people absolutely retarded

    77. alexanderalexandrou

      Even idiots get something right by accident once in a while. Keep it up.

    78. DownRight

      America has a cockroach problem

    79. Dr. Waffle

      okay boomer