Testing Useless Nail Hacks (Blowing Bubbles Through My Nails)

Simply Nailogical

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    "Which life hack do you think was tHe MoSt UsELeSs?"
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    1. BunnyChanX

      Blocking out the hates vine

    2. Armando Uribe

      Omg, I literally got a nail art ad before this video started 😂

    3. Sydney Gaines

      Can you try to water marble with your own nail polish?

    4. Animetrash.cos

      They really aren’t hiding the fact that these hacks are useless and no one except Cristine will do them.

    5. Magali Ezeiza

      4:11 after seeing this i inmediately went to instagram to stalk him and try to find the blue eyed girl. i spent like 15 minutes stalking troom troom people and when I finally did find her I realizes Cristine already followed her. all this work for nothing. p.s.: does this mean we're getting a collab with troom troom

    6. meh. meh.

      Most romantic thing ever Blowing bubbles through each others nails

    7. Dead Inside

      Lol right after she said "they've got ads" I got an ad myself on HER video 😂😂😂

    8. RocksBoBo

      Yea, except the youtubers who will get demonitized will also be excluded from search and recommended, basically limiting their audience and income, even if they have merch, etc. I mostly enjoy creative channels and cartoon nostalgia and history videos that would be effected by this. Not troom troom and content farms. It's easy for you all to say that you will keep going without the ad revenue, but not everyone is as popular as you, or has a cushy, well paying office job, like you. Implying that these small creators don't care about children's privacy was kind of low. At least one that I watch is an educator herself, someone you've had interaction with yourself, NerdECrafter. This isn't hate or anything, but I just got a yucky feeling from your commentary at the end there.

    9. DarkScarlettVixen

      Ok, the whole hole punch school assignment thing is so real, I’m- Blowing bubbles is pretty fun for real, tho

    10. Violet Moreno

      4:27 thats from a vine wtf troom troom you cant even come up with your own jokes

    11. Stephanie Drinkard

      Okay but the kazoo music though 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    12. Ayesha Mobeen

      For your next video can you please mix together all of your favourite flavours of overnight oats

    13. TatyanaBell

      I love how she made fun of Troom Troom but then had the time of her life blowing those bubbles.

    14. Asther

      How does cristine manage to make me watch a 15 minutes long video about her blowing bubbles through her nails

    15. Tony Good

      People actually watch this.,...,. What the hell is going on

    16. Andrea Baker

      I was painting my nails during this video and I was opening my top coat without even realizing it was HOLO TACO

    17. Selin Gökçe

      This is adorable

    18. YouObviously LoveOreos

      I like how they just have a random bubble gun lying around at home

    19. YouObviously LoveOreos

      Oh damn, a troom troom video that actually works!

    20. oneshotonehit

      i'm forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air..

    21. Dodo Jan

      I randomly read this article about Canadian teens and then I thought so maybe here is the reason why Cris and Ben don't want to have kids www.ozzyman.com/hilarious-texts-from-teens-caring-for-fake-babies/

    22. Baby Naten

      1.39 happy albanian noises :)

    23. Joe Neville


    24. Raygun Sayre

      Leave it to TROOM TROOM 😆

    25. brinana

      Someone help me with my nails? Every time I paint them, I get sheet marks when I go to bed. Last night I did a base coat, two coats of color, then top coat and let each coat dry about 30 minutes before applying the next one. It was about 2 hours before I got in bed after the top coat. Woke up to bumpy nails 😫

    26. Julia Mazur

      Ok is that only me or does anybody else think that troom troom's video was a secret message for Cristine..... Like.. Tea ¿ Nails ¿ Ben ¿ Is that a conspiracy?

    27. KJ Safale

      They're really both just toddlers and it's hilarious

    28. ಠ_ಠ爪ㄖㄖ几 卩ㄥㄖㄒㄒ乇尺

      Have you ever heard of people taping Holo CDs on the wall? I did that and my wall is H💿L📀 now

    29. Ashley Morgan

      My boyfriend is a hobbyist Twitch streamer (fierce_dread), about to turn 32 on December 16th. He has dedicated 3-4 days per week streaming for over three years, while working a full-time office job. He is one of the sweetest people I've ever met, has an MBA, and yet always seems to be passed up for promotions at work, as well as never really getting anywhere with his video game passion. This man literally brought me back to life this year. I have struggled with depression for a long time. I was married to a serial cheater for 12 years and we divorced last year, all while I was going through a rigorous aviation training program. Last year was not a good year for me. I met my boyfriend the beginning of this year, and it was like the universe sent me the perfect man for me. I want to do something special for him for both his birthday and Christmas. It would mean the world to me if you would just visit his channel and say hi to him. His handle is fierce_dread on Twitch. Thank you so much to anyone who took the time to read this, I really appreciate it. Wishing all of you the happiest of holiday seasons and the best of luck for an amazing 2020.

    30. Kate

      I love how genuinely stoked Ben is for this little nail project of yours! x'D

    31. savannah chapa

      Stop hitting on Ben from troom troom

    32. JadeArachnid88

      Cristine: They have adds Me: *gets add*

    33. Sofija Stojakovic

      When you dont post a New video, I Just repeat this video again and again bcz Im bored 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    34. Jenna Harris


    35. Prinka Kumari

      Not at how she says 'they've got ads' before an ad pops up

    36. Uuriintuya Munkhbayar

      I love how Ben casually comes in and make a discussion

    37. arcaeio

      look let’s be real we all get pissed off when our teachers don’t hole punch their shit and they tell you to put it in your binder. or when you get that one mistake paper that wasn’t properly hole punched.

    38. Ashleigh Boultbee

      This is beyond useless but the fire nails might have an idea stick and match under the stick on nail

    39. Taylor Williams

      Ik others have probably said it but jennamarbles did candle nails I think? Like when she was in her old house still she had a video called playing with parafin wax or something similar

    40. Leyla- LuluIsBlank

      Cristine, you should make a collab with troom troom! 🤓