Ronald McDonald Tastes Burger King



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    Ronald McDonald gives Hungry Jacks (Burger King) the old taste test!
    Facebook: danny.philippou
    Car Song: Vinnie Paz - Shadow of the Guillotine
    Sad Song: This Will Destroy You - Burial on the Presidio Banks

    Am Vor 5 years


    1. Maxi Sanguina

      Super cool

    2. Sahibdeep Sandhu

      I like McDonald’s happy meals

      1. official Sabrina Tiara Apriliana Apriliana

        Ehkiym IGN ke jhhghk fgj

    3. roseyati rose

      Stupid you

    4. Pablo Sejin



      That car we're created to be crash I tell you😎😎😎

    6. Michel ARELLANO

      Ala escuela 2:58

    7. valendab valentinoprolol-__-

      why the f f are you guys ALWAYS FUCKING STUPID FUCK YOU

    8. OneLyfeKillz Au

      You islander fuck

    9. Magi +

      Hungry wax’s is what I call McCafé

    10. Fellow Human

      You islander fuck haha had me dying

    11. ღAngela_ kunღ

      No entiendo ningún comentario :v

    12. mustafawee

      1:01 For some reason, the way Ron screams "fuck off" gets me every time.


      1:39 the thumbnail

    14. Mr.IVGXA3

      0:34 he turned into IT

    15. Menel Paum

      can I order and eat both?

    16. Mehtap ,

      Yemek Savaşı yemek yemek

    17. Johannes Stelzer

      So now you all know why burgerking is stupid 🤢

    18. Leah Ulmer

      Omg this is actually my childhood

    19. Sebastian Nogues


    20. SérgioCaldeira®

      looking for a Mcdonald's hot chocolate.

    21. David Kawan

      the intro with the ''Yo Whats Up'' was so cringge

      1. Henry Smith

        It was supposed to be

    22. FR0Z3N gamer

      Why did you fight Logan Paul


      Es de temer Ronald

    24. Valentino G. Lopez

      2:33 super smash bros

    25. Soldado Termo nuclear

      Kkkkkkkkkkkk food war 🍔🌭🥤🍎🍉

    26. Kayla Gamer

      1:43 Me when i have to go to school to have a test

    27. Davlyn Nolan

      THAT MCSLUT!!!

    28. احلام احلام

      هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه هه يا لتةبنثنبتلفنبتهباىالزقظلالhjbvndhtfhhdghfhggģghggjfjh hjfhggاعلع

    29. N.T.F Force

      "2:30" When you want that Toy but your parents dont want you to have it.

    30. SweetGirlyGirl

      the amount of food wasted...

    31. JŪÆŃ JœSę 727

      Ríp men xdd

    32. Joshua2ds

      I just realized that Ronald sounds like Micky Mouse😂😂

    33. Joker Channel

      You don't scare with your friend



    35. reee reee

      Only thing I understood ronald say was "that mcslut"

    36. eliess Roblox f r

      Noob macdonald I like very very burger king

    37. dilek akın


    38. renatera Martins

      Seus bosta fica pondo essas merda não gosto desse palhaço do capeta

    39. Lyam Chamberlain

      Imagine cleaning up tho