McDonald’s: 1955 Vs. Now

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    By Lisa Robin Young, Ph.D., R.D., C.D.N.
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    Am Vor 4 years


    1. Mich H

      Bring back fried apple pies dammit! They still have them in Germany. They were the best.

    2. Barnaby Dodd

      McDonald's did not first open in 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois. It first opened in 1940 in San Bernardino, California.

    3. Luke Boos

      Ew gross did u have to save that disgusting

    4. Eashan Wanza

      More like the opposite on the thumbnail..

    5. F100 D

      1950s mcdonalds is bigger than south korean mcdonalds

    6. DJ F

      I don' t remember the hamburgers.... especially the Big Mac as being smaller than now. In '72, when I started going to Mc Donald's, the Big Mac was a burger you could hardly fit in your mouth... Not so now. Then, a burger and fries would fill you, not so now. And yes, I was an adult in "72.

    7. Manny Lopez

      That were I live

    8. M. Niesel

      What the hell is "oz"?

    9. Lord Baltimore 5300

      This franchise has come a long way in the years since as there dozens of menu items now being served some of them exclusive to foreign countries.

    10. S SN QN

      Mcdonalds has gotten so bland lately. My goto is Taco Bell. At least they come up with new stuff and it still - u know - tastes like Taco Bell. When Mcd comes up with new menu items, they taste okay, but they don't taste like Mc Donalds (so whats the point)

    11. Ado87ID

      I have never eat a McDonald's burger or anything from McDonald R.I.P

    12. Princess Regine S. Hurboda

      What suprise me?the mess at the ending😏

    13. Matteo Joaquin Gloriani


    14. Eugene V. Debs

      You literally just put the small vs large parts of the menu and called it before and after.. smh

    15. Syed Islam

      1:05 It has surprised me that u wasted so much of coke

    16. Jose David 1507

      1955 : meat 2019: soy mixed with plastic

      1. Jose David 1507

        Angela Kindness I know, but when it’s mixed with plastic, I think it’s not

      2. Angela Kindness

        Soy is actually good

    17. Habib AQ

      So whats hapened now

    18. Fortnite Juan

      0:42 Cleanup on aisle 6!

    19. TheMadGoatGamer

      1955 looks alot better

    20. An- Dru

      1:09 What surprised me was you still pouring soda in the large cup even when it overflowed

    21. TheBolt Master

      Just watching this makes me want to go micdonalds

    22. Object Animations242

      The dislikes are from people that go to Burger King

    23. mohseneman asim

      22:00 to 28:00 How many takes did that Take???????


      And people are becoming fat

    25. Kathy Matee

      The Australian size are way smaller

    26. Zechariah Labuguen

      Bro I’m serious the burgers back den were much better then now days

    27. Retrobytes

      They don’t fill fry box

    28. Moch Luthfi

      Name song please

    29. EM Fishing

      Why most old people aren’t fat

    30. thanachart Maneechote

      Question: What Surprise You? Answer: The Coca-Cola you poured into the Large cup until it's out of the Large cup and made a mess!

    31. Bingo The One-eyed Wondercat

      what happened to the 10-1?

    32. wwechamp76

      That's a lie I'm eating a cheeseburger now and it looks like the one on the left

    33. JevaughnSmith2019

      I love to have McDonald's because their menu was off the hook! But i really like to eat and buy large size food.

    34. Overwatch Playz

      I prefer cheeseburger with shredded lettuce only.

    35. 15sixmedia

      Jesus Christ, America. Your medium is Australia’s large.

    36. A

      Sooo... They got different sizes for everything...

    37. BB143

      What suprised me was how you got all the old food and have it right now and also i never would think that you would spill the coke on purpose

    38. RoboSplaat- The Main Channel for KC

      “Hamburger”? HAMBURGER MEME

    39. TheMrEpicsounds

      So this is why they so Fat in America? 🤔

    40. Milstead on Movies

      Buzzfeed is McNews