Last to Stop Swinging Wins $1,000,000 - Challenge


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    I BET YOU DIDNT EXPECT THAT TO HAPPEN LOL (watch till the end)
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    1. MrBeast

      WATCH THIS FIRST EPISODE HERE (watch the entire thing)

      1. Shannon Gunstone

        @Tj Safeer nope lol

      2. jumbo idiot boi

        MrBeast what’s up I luv ur videos ur the best

      3. Tj Safeer

        Hello brother I hope you can give some money for me and help me to stay better place in my future career thanks for your awesome giveaways god bless you with happiness and success 💯

      4. Tj Safeer


      5. Shannon Gunstone

        Come to Australia and I'll give YOU money to give away hahah

    2. Amaury Yeet

      Bro Sequence


      Ooo...Jimmy I’m so sacred,and I also don’t have a Minecraft account.

    4. Aaliyah Sanchez

      You are so funny!

    5. MoysesSzn

      Omg he fakes his videos

    6. WebbAroundtheWorld

      2019: plant 20 million trees 2020: give every viewer 20 million dollars

    7. How two do it wif will

      i hope omar loses

    8. William Gaviria

      Dude he’s winning, he has the attitude

    9. Ben L

      Probably Monopoly money

    10. Jamie Gilfillan

      There has to be some catch to Honey... useful vouchers for nothing, it just seems too easy

    11. UrBoiDLC

      I love how they were playing smash during this😅 Also one of them plays K. Room so come through!!!

    12. Kyleigh Kappenstein

      I download Honey and it’s amazing

    13. Benjy Fishy JR

      Where does he get his money from

    14. LizTheBunBun


    15. Jaxon Trower/ Fistedfalaffel

      rememeber when he gave away millions of stuff based off how many subs he got starting with pennies i think

    16. ronron channel

      Go go go mr beast

    17. Sneaky Drops

      For a fun challenge do last one to leave the sauna

    18. Rdjay2008

      Chandler was so close for his partner to getting a chance to get one million dollars, two times!

    19. manny85009

      Last one to stop drinking water gets $10,000.

    20. t r u t h

      Thought they wouldve used the childhood swings. You know the ones...that hurt lol

    21. artificial

      Man, I really wanted Troy to win.

    22. micah tanner

      troy's mom is bad

    23. Tanner M

      Go troy

    24. JillianRoscoe

      Omer is cool and I feel he will win!!

    25. Gregory Smith

      Fuck you omar

    26. M&D Sisters

      I need that money!!!!

    27. Micah LaBore

      How would I get the chance to participate in one of your videos?

    28. Pugs Kimberly


    29. Fallen •

      Who else is excited to see the space one..

    30. Omar Omarion

      Wait my name omar to

    31. Rothman82


    32. savagewitnoheart

      You already know Omar gonna get the w

    33. Akarist

      who gave Omar drugs wtf

    34. Pugs Kimberly

      Tor should win

    35. Kevron Athanase

      These contestants are so slept. I’d invest the money I won’t into e-commerce and get even more money

    36. Spinel


    37. Funtime Freddy Robot

      Did Chandler win tell me pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    38. 15shadowmario

      Wait his sister cute

    39. Devastator 1337

      Jake is gonna have 4 of his guys/girls in the finals.