Keith Eats Everything At McDonald's • The Try Vlog



22 Mio. aufrufe18 140

    I don't remember taking that bite... it just kinda happened.
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    Devlin McCluskey

    Am Vor 2 years


    1. Homy Chris

      I like to eat WHATS GOOD FOR ME Yaaaaaaaay

    2. Stinky Dinky Films

      Omg it’s grant obrian

    3. Quantica V1

      I didn't know that Keith hit puberty at this age

    4. Fredrik Sellevoll

      In norway we have sweet potato fries and its so good

    5. Sophia Pych

      How much more white can u get when you think McDonald is super spicy

    6. Federica Cucchetti

      After watching this video I want Mc Donald’s but i wanna be eco-friendly so I’m trying to talk myself out of buying it

    7. Cooldude Cool

      I am under 18 and I eat double quarter pounder with cheese and fries in one sitting

    8. JD_SportsAndStuff

      he ate the burgers upside down

    9. Hasna Al sardiea

      RIP the bathroom 🚽

    10. A.J. Marcantonio

      I’m surprised Keith isn’t obese from all the junk he eats.

    11. Peggy Lo

      “The take away is that... don’t do this.” (Does a series of these kinds of videos)

    12. Anna Si

      The only reason to watch BuzzFeed was try guys and unsolved and ladylike

    13. addi elise

      Keith: is there like enough grease on my throat that my voice has changed? Holy Sh*t LONG PAUSE Keith:Salad

    14. Shin Chan

      Mooooore Stuff in your McFlurry than here in germany. I'm disappointed D:

    15. Shin Chan

      "Are u ready" "Jep" xD

    16. Anne M.

      Keith- "you shouldn't try to eat everything on the menu" Also Keith- has an entire series called eat the menu!

    17. Dabcow Plays

      He ate the burger upside down

    18. Olivia Connors

      Imagine if the person behind him was a DEselr and ordered the same thing!!! 😂 if so the worker should get a raise 😅😅

    19. Olivia Connors

      2:21 is 60 pecies of fried chicken to much?? 🍗

    20. luke smith

      im lame

    21. man is v3ry lol

      Try the mcdick

    22. Emmie Varela

      I just absolutely love how they are real friends in real life and cares about each other. I mean my bestfriends dont barley even text me anymore. Love you guys ❤❤🤣😂😋

    23. Alex Sprowles Channel 4


    24. pepsir *-*

      Diabetes: my time has come

    25. Kes4altijd

      I literally had to google what a Hash Brown was, only to find out it's almost the same as rösti. Which we eat for dinner in Holland xd

    26. phoenix smith

      This is how the ice cream machine broke


      Someone did a remix of Keith saying "so pillowy" LMAFO if they did.

    28. sexobscura

      er, haven't most of us eaten everything at McDonalds over time

    29. Olivia Berry

      8:51 *fast forward like a year later* Keith: EAT THE MENU

    30. Husam Awwad

      3:19 That’s what she said Keith, that’s what she said.