Keith Eats Everything At McDonald's Australia

The Try Guys

The Try Guys

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    Keith ate everything at an Australian McDonald's and it was A LOT of bread! Aussie fans, what's your go to order from Macca's??
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    1. Taylor Bastian

      Jeez! By reading the comments, I realized Keith pissed off every Australian in this video.

    2. Soras Harkness

      They cancelled Candid Competition 🥺

    3. Selu

      Prayers for his toilet tomorrow . ⬇️

    4. Aaron Escalante

      Make a Keith eats everything at chick fil a

    5. livvie guild

      do uk maccies!!

    6. Guz s

      I'm a auisse

    7. Dino Master42

      It’s not kepchup it’s tomatoe sauce

    8. Dino Master42

      And a spider is just ice cream and soft drink/ soda

    9. Dino Master42

      Also just stop with the down under thing nobody says it in Australia also you pronounce the Aussie slang wrong

    10. Dino Master42

      Finally an American that knows how to eat vegimite properly instead of shoving it in there mouth with a spoon sure it tastes like dog crap ether way but still

    11. Jevenly Aguilar

      When they said gravy loaded fries I immediately thought of poutine

    12. Maria Moreno

      lauren this taist like ass how does she know what ass taist like

    13. The Meme Team

      Did you say “ousiie” it’s “Ozzie”

    14. Audrey L.

      Keith talking about vegemite: "It smells like a vet's office."

    15. Audrey L.

      This video made my stomach feel full

    16. Roger Strikewell

      Lol, these guys are such betas.

    17. Isabella Cordelia Chua(:

      Omg :) Lovin the Singapore's McSpicy represent there!

    18. Person_with_a_camera

      Ok Grant from College Humor, you can stop calling yourself „Keith“ now!

    19. Jess Greenley

      Alternate title: Keith realising that Australian meats aren't processed garbage

    20. Pilot 08

      What they should have done, Ham & Cheese Pocket, add a hash brown into it and dip in Maple Syrup, BOOM Salty and Sweet and Crunchy, and most important of all, Amazing

    21. Lake N Land

      I don’t think any aussies actually go to maccas and gets macaroons

    22. Abe Coulter

      the maccas nickname was stolen from new so many other things

    23. JustGacha Nstuff

      hey merrel twins a thinner here

    24. OzNix05

      They’re not sandwiches, they’re burgers.

    25. Ethan Brown

      Your supposed 2 eat a little bit of Vegemite with butter

    26. Pauline Bal

      Bruv wholemeal as in the bread is wholemeal 🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂

    27. VladamirInhaler

      FYI "Spider" is what Australians cann a "Float", so it's not a problem with thei advertising

    28. Maiah Vande Hey

      YYOU NEED TO EAT THE MENU AT CULVER'S! They started in the midwest (Sauk City, Wi) and have opened over 700 stores by now. I HIGHLY recommend them and I am DYING to know your thoughs, since I have trained around 100 of the franchisees that did their training at the first and third Cilver's stores. It's classic American food, they have a wide menu, and the buffalo tenders are fantastic.

    29. YaBoiiiHarry

      i thought it was a known fact every country has a better mcd than america

    30. Corvandus

      "I'm just gonna put on a thin layer" Narrator: He did not. He spread it like nutella.

    31. Jayden Seaton

      why do americans allways think they know evry thing about australia

    32. Jayden Seaton

      wtf mcdonalds gravy is shit kfcs is legendary

    33. Jayden Seaton

      its prononced macces

    34. KenzoBenzo 21

      4:46 thank me later

    35. ghosted and haunted

      Petition to rename this series to "keith ruins a fast-food worker's day and his stomach"? 😆 lol

    36. Jill Stephenson

      *I just got word... That the network... Has cancelled candid competition*

    37. Rachel Garcia

      it's funny to see all the Australians talk shit about Americans in this comment section, i just cackle

    38. Atul Shet

      Love it when moonlight sonata 1 starts playing whilst he eats the Vegemite 😂

    39. Allia Mesa

      I hate Vegemite.

    40. nextpagepls

      U have yet to try double mcspicy 🤪