i play “ain’t no sunshine” but the intro is a bit different


3,1 Mio. aufrufe2 011

    hey guys i made this very normal cover of "ain't no sunshine" very normal nothing different at all about it just standard normal. i am sorry
    Thank you so much for watching!

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    1. SethEverman

      hey guys i'm back

      1. PenaGelada

        Bald guy

      2. 4aid3r lol


      3. Nullstein


      4. KardTrickKid

        Guess who's back

    2. Rippeddrawing

      I never knew he could sing so amazingly wtffff

    3. Umang Bhat

      What a journey

    4. swen

      Agent 47 retired life.

    5. Daniel López

      I have that same keyboard.

    6. SOL WOLF

      You absolute madlad, saved me from an anxiety attack rn lmao

    7. SOL WOLF

      Damn he's too talented

    8. Юмв Eduard Mikvabiya

      Bro you did SMP?

    9. EthanEton

      What's the song he always plays with the keyboard????

    10. Josh Romo

      what are all the songs so well mixed into this video

    11. Ashinine


    12. Quesa DeeOwl

      Lets hope that reposts dont get more views than this like last time

    13. Dakota Garza

      Jacksepticeye sent most of us here lol

    14. Green G

      Seth: *Sings really good* Me: WAIT THATS ILLEGAL

    15. egg boi chocolate

      Thought it was old shit,but it's not

    16. Jade Dragon

      gosh, this is quite literally the definition of beauty.. why are you so talented

    17. Philip Lopez

      You look like the "how's it goin dude?" from House Party.

    18. NVKirby

      everybody gangsta till the sad song from amazing world of gumball comes on

    19. Blitz Frost

      dat voice tho 😏😏😏

    20. Sus Dude


    21. bogan lurchett

      anyone know what synth he is using in this?

    22. Harley Quinn

      Ummmm his voice tho

    23. Matthew Tchozewski

      The vision it took to storyboard this video is nothing short of godly

    24. Frank Vincent Tolores Gesmundo

      What's up with swedish guys singin' RoomieXSeth

    25. djonesx

      Best DEsel ever.

    26. Keegan Headlee

      Actually pls make a full track and put it on spotify

    27. onerustybucket

      But legit tho the production of the Gonna Fly Now mashup fucking slaps

    28. Chase Miller

      Girls *cry watching the notebook* Boys *cry when they lose on fortnite* Men *cry when SethEverman sings*

    29. Guilherme Oliveira

      do caralho

    30. Olivia Pitarresi

      This is a fucking masterpiece my dude, well done💓

    31. susperdis

      so youre gonna base your whole youtube career around this stolen dre meme? lol

    32. Spectre Cular

      Ain't no moonlight of the tiger

    33. Marble_ kay

      Milky vocals. Vibe is exquisite

    34. Materns Explorer

      Me: Looks At Captions Everyone: He Is Korean

    35. ByJordanLuke

      What's the name of the song that's the very first part of this video?

    36. David Oliveira


    37. Yes No

      I love you

    38. Danbero

      I really want him to sing more often like that

    39. zmbyslyer

      God that voice just keeps bringing me back to this video

    40. Dmitry Vakulenko

      This is the next bohemian rhapsody