I Ordered Everything On My Custom McDonalds Burger

Guava Juice

Guava Juice

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    McDonalds has this self-serve kiosk where you can customize your order using the entire menu. Let's mess around with it and see if we can create something crazy shall we? Let's not let the person in front order for us, but the machine do it for us hacks!
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    1. Tx_V0rine

      No one My dad's burger 8:19

    2. Julia Garcia

      I started watching guava juice like a week ago he is a amazing DEselr

    3. konstantine the best

      Are you ordering for your whole neighbourhood?!?!

    4. Puzzly

      I don't why but maybe it's because I'm feeling full but that looks disgusting.

    5. Matas Nakvosas

      Can į order a big mac please

    6. Fresh_ Light

      Eww the noise that made 8:49

    7. Shahzad Khan

      How much did he pay !?!?!?!

    8. xxHeidixx

      *Diabetes has entered the chat* *Stomach ache is helping diabetes*

    9. Neringa Rudauskiene

      i eating hamburger now

    10. Graffiti VisionZ

      The bigger mac

    11. ICY Gamer

      why didn't you eat the fries?think it's too salty?

    12. Concord Pride#9

      Go to heart attack grill in Vegas you can order a big burger

    13. Cubicious Fever

      Make a video in which you make juice of yourself and name the juice gauva juice

    14. Master Pobi


    15. Ahsan Buttar

      What kind of laughs do u do in all your vids its so weird

    16. Siddhartha Goel

      Guava Juice is a Indian

    17. TheWorldEntertainment

      That's diabetes in a box

    18. Trick Room

      No one likes McDonald's

    19. Donatas 360


    20. ZIBO LI

      make a new app

    21. John Huang

      Big Mac never gets you full

    22. Mister Nikita Play

      YUMMM I WANT A BURGER BUT MY PARENTS DONT BUY IT FOF ME:( I did not have one of those in a while:( but I am sick and tomorrow morning my mom goes to dentist and after that she will buy me cheetos!!!!!:D

      1. KIN9W0RTH RU1ned

        Mister Nikita Play r/kidsyoutube

    23. Sania Khan

      you should have the McDonald key OS at home.

    24. Blueberrynick_YT Official

      Nice video Guava

    25. Randy Garcia

      3 likes turns in to 42K likes. He is killing it.

    26. Shreya lockwood

      7:16 😂😂😂

    27. luisgamercool 23

      93723 November 19 anyone?

    28. peter kanaris

      Do you think his a bit fat it's weird because it never looks like it do you guys think 🤔 👇🏻make this blueberry ohhhhhh sorry I meant blue sorry 😕😕😕😕😐😐😐 by the way that was not me I am sleeping that ummmmm my pet robot ok sorry I hope they don't find out 😶😶😶😶😅oh ok don't read the end or you will blow up in 100 years now you can't read it I'm so smart😉👍

      1. KIN9W0RTH RU1ned

        peter kanaris r/kidsyoutubecommentsection

    29. Eliana Lopez

      Always look before you leave the place

    30. Alyssa McCollum

      that was nasty

    31. Preeti Magoo


    32. Aashirplayz

      you are the best roi i love your vids

    33. Birb want sum Seed



      Me no like

    35. cookiedoggo 667

      It's not thicc big mac It's thicc mac

    36. 3M Family

      You wanna know why they don t give the sundae because he don t press the red button

    37. badjenna 0

      Next time, can u order just bread and extra lettuce?

    38. Zays 13

      That splat at the end was so naaasty but so fuuuny

    39. NathanTheXboxGamer 3879

      *Wait, I thought I’ve watched this before, oh, I did😡 XD*