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    1. bobo land

      Bailey love you from oman 😭😭💗

    2. Ruby Mills

      Which make-up store do you shop at more? Like for ~ Sephora and Ulta Comment for ~ Ulta and Sephora

    3. Teagan Terrwll

      I got these CURVEY mom jeans” her: isn’t curvy

    4. Katy Cathrine

      Ok your merch is beautiful I'm definitely getting some!

    5. unicorn girl neal

      My grandma works at Ulta and we bought my mom a perfume and we got the same blanket u got for free

    6. a14 rw

      "A really tiny little mini"

    7. Amrit Purewal

      Every Bailey Dedrick video makes me so jealous. I'm kind of obsessed tho but I need to stop watching.

    8. Phyllis Hollman

      No one: Not a single soul: Bailey: yea it kinda looks like McDonald's-ish😂

    9. Fit_Healthy_ Outdoors

      Bailey are u vsco

    10. Mariah r

      Bailey-I needed more sweat pants ti lounge around in the house Me-Wears them eveywhere everyday😂💀

    11. Annie Linsell

      The fact that she just spent $400 on all that like geez who has that kinda money

    12. S F S

      i went Black Friday shopping at Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters 😅

    13. Emily Katherine


    14. Jason barela

      Be mine yeah🙈

    15. Angelica Martinez

      Love the merch😍😝

    16. E M

      Imagine having enough money to pay for all of this

    17. Lily Pinkston

      This has nothing to do with the video but #WisconsinSquad

    18. TSA Squad

      My sister said she say you shopping on Black Friday😂😂

    19. yo yo

      ok but ur rlly bonding i’m sry

    20. Elena Sophia

      can't even count how many times Bailey held up her merch and turned It around

    21. Hey its Asiyahhh

      I know self promos are annoying but i would appreciate if yall would subscribe to my channel really wanna get 50 subs

    22. aly55a_p00h

      MUST BE NICE 💀

    23. emily

      bailey buys all this I save up for months and buy one pair of jeans loool

    24. allison word

      U should post daily

    25. Polka dot Monster

      you are so pretty and i love you're videos💗💗😻😊

    26. Abby Fried Eggs

      aren’t you suppose to get things for other people on black friday? because your getting chisrtmas presents soon?

    27. Skyler Schramm

      Can you please make a long sleeve shirt

    28. Aviannah Cronin

      What happened to the try on part

    29. DeL Possible

      Try on hauls means u TRY ON the clothing not yap ur mouth the entire video

    30. Samantha Y

      bailey: i don’t have any sweaters this colour me: i don’t have any sweaters period

    31. Aspyn Morris

      Yay you got merch 😁😁😁😁😍😍😍😝😝😝

    32. ShyGirly Gamer30

      Bailey stole my vans bag. I have the same one lol 😂

    33. HXN Hxn

      Good video ❤️

    34. Makala

      where do you even get all “your” money....

      1. Makala

        she’s not even famous at all

      2. marie Hansen

        Makala DEsel i‘d say

    35. Yoselin

      the tote was from American eagle they probably ran out of arie and gave you an American eagle tote I know because I work there

    36. Gianna Marie

      “Subscribe to bailey”

    37. Yeet yeet Yeet yeet

      Does anyone else think that her mercy logo looks like Kylie Iris’s boyfriends tattoo?

    38. Morgy Weier

      When you said “I have a very severe shopping addiction” ... I felt this so hard

    39. Maya

      I love your vids

    40. Elle Bronson

      You literally said what I think of my Black Friday haul video too.... 😂 I spent waaayy too much. But hey it's for the vid right 😉😂 #justified

    41. Ellie Cuartas

      Bailey- they’re so cute so I got them!!

    42. Ava .A

      Bailey looks so pretty ♥️

    43. Leila Karimi

      Why the fuck these youtuber don’t mention the price for fuck’s sake why would we want to watch a black friday video with no price

    44. Alexaa

      Ur my favorite youtuber ❤️❤️

    45. cathlyn pinto

      baileyyyy do a video on how you save money cuz dang girl you shop all the time and get sooo much stuff lmao

    46. Charlotte March

      I have the exact same blanket from ulta

    47. Mia Valentina

      idk how u go shopping on black friday and don’t go to urban or pacsun !

    48. Kayla Ryan

      I didn't go shopping at all on black fri

    49. Cyan Love

      i usually go black friday shopping to get christmas presents for other people i only got one thing for myself 😭😭😭

    50. Olivia Wilder

      Everyone: “imagine having money to shop” Bailey: *working hard as a teen in school and being a full time youtuber*

    51. Audrey K

      The way she poses and models 😍

    52. ReEsE fOrLeNzA

      I’m asking for your mercy for Christmas I’m in love with the design 😍

    53. SAM MEOW

      bailey: it kinda looks like mcdonalds. lol

    54. Sam Baiocco


    55. Briana Pedroza

      anyone else wondering why she said she got the lip balms for like $20 but were originally $8 or $9???

    56. Caramel Kanken

      Why are you so pretty 🥺

    57. Angie Novak

      Omggg you should talk to sophie michelle

    58. Cay Metallic boing boing

      Haul starts at 2:17

    59. adaline dowling

      b-ee-g bag beg

    60. Sophaloaf Theartist

      How do u make your thumbnails then place them in your videos??