How it's Made | McDonald's Chicken McNuggets

Felicia Bergström

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    1. Funny Green Man

      brb mcdonalds again everytime i watch this video

    2. darknessplague

      paid actors

    3. X class laxxz

      I feel sick now and want nuggets at the same time

    4. fairylihts

      This reminded me of Henry Ford’s assembly line.

    5. jack ray

      The women was like *This guy won’t just shut up about that rumour will he?*

    6. regirages mejia

      I have for some reason a lot of memories of this vid because i saw it at age 8 i am 11 now so

    7. Kayleigh Sue

      I'm eating Mcnuggets right now

    8. Pragya Parmar

      Doesn't the factory smells?

    9. Tristen Anderson

      I don’t believe that there chicken is worse

    10. Poochino The dog

      I litterly spent 7 minutes of my life watching paid actors lie that got paid a thousand dollars to do this

    11. Paul Andrews


    12. starlight_93

      Aaayyyy, I haven't seen Grant since his days on Mythbusters!


      I didn't know Muriel was a meat scientist.

    14. JuggaloSupreme

      0:01 "Compensation provided by McDonald's." *So we DID just watch a 7min commercial...*

    15. JuggaloSupreme

      Yeah!! *Cuz they totally didn't do things especially by the book just because cameras were in there & you were making a commercial!* 😂😂😂😂😂

    16. Synick BTW

      Poor chicken 🐓

    17. lisyxoxopoo channel


    18. kayla.

      why do I not believe this..........

    19. Karsen Kosse

      It all began with a double barrel shotgun

    20. Shadrock

      Yeah im sure that cooking room is that spotless on a daily basis. *rolls eyes*

    21. suction cup man 5000

      4:33 that made me laugh

    22. suction cup man 5000

      Adds all the fats

    23. Cup of Chili

      6:00 was that sound of the nugget or a velcro?

    24. B M-Y

      I don't care what's in those things. They're deep fried and delicious. I'll worry about the other stuff later.

    25. mofal


    26. Galaxy unicorn Studios

      The way she says chicken Mc nugget is so satisfying

    27. LittleLilyT

      Its not made with that same tempura batter anymore. I swear by that lol. Just get nuggets. U can see it's different now

    28. Science@pproved

      I thought it was an ad at first

    29. Porggie


    30. Mace C

      so... i think i have found my dream job

    31. Crackerguy26

      the truth of how chicken nuggets

    32. Crackerguy26

      i think chicken nuggets made of grounded chick

    33. selminus .1490

      if i had to work that job i will probably kill myself.

    34. PanPan Nochu

      he's adorable---


      Listen we dont give a shit ass long as its good and don’t you ever talk bad about chicken nuggets

    36. Mark S

      I will never eat people!!!

    37. LookAtDatCheese

      Are you sure it’s real chicken at that factory, cause i smell a lot of Bullshit?

    38. Gloria TX

      How much did you get paid for this commercial?

    39. lucky stars

      lies all the way.

    40. Gilbert Heath

      Best McDonald's commercial ever!

    41. Stundie Award

      Love how some people accept lies online rather than going to the real source. Yeah, you know who you are, you silly conspiracy theorist you.

    42. Daniel Karapetyan

      What ingredients

    43. Ankit Gajjar

      Still its chicken... You dumbfcuks 😾😾😾

    44. anonymous girl66

      I'm gonna Vegan..

    45. Unired

      The lower third at the very beginning of the video said “compensation provided by McDonalds”

    46. Ric lou

      All lies

    47. moms pussy

      now do one for the "worm burger" lmfao i've been told that i've been eating thailand burgers all along, so i need someone to tell me if the flavour i like comes from actual beef or worms

    48. trashrot

      i want mcdonalds

    49. RED ACE

      No one: Her: *pulls out a grinding plate*

    50. Miguel Guzman

      No you fool! The pink slime is added in between the process - the blind spot. Just kidding! Chicken nuggets are good

    51. Team Ghoul !

      I know a video that shows how nuggets are really made look up COOTIES

    52. Monty Python the Flying Circus

      Did McDonald’s sponsor the video by any chance?

    53. Monty Python the Flying Circus

      Well gluten free they ain’t...

    54. michael wiedemeier

      Did you hear that fake braking sound effect when he tore the nugget at the end!!!🤣🤣🤣

    55. Wild Indoraptor Henry

      jesus looks horrible but in end looks better

    56. Lil Hat

      who tf made animals a food item? jeez

    57. jzizzles

      lol 100% bullshit. mcnuggets arent made with those cuts of meats. If they were, it's a waste of meat since you can make nuggets with them without turning them into paste. and modified food starch is a nicer name for MSG. Mcnuggets are made with trash meats. You know the crap left on the bones. aka mechanical separated meats.

    58. steven tellez

      I bet burger king posted that pink slime

    59. Unicornplayzz Baker

      Me eating chicken nuggets right after this vid


      Show the truth of how the crush the baby chickens