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    1. 100 000 subs with one video


    2. Gwen van Adrichem

      Yesss so happy to see you again!!!! Xxxxx

    3. Judy Rowe

      I'm glad your back! Love your videos. Missed seeing them!

    4. snikt2121

      Spoiled, entitled and clueless but worst of all has learned nothing.

    5. D M

      You’re used to privilege. I just want to say that it’s very frustrating for the general public to see someone whose parents are worth a combined total of $100 million joke about not caring about school when literally 99% of us don’t have that option (even if we wanted it, I always cared about and loved school as I got older since it granted me a work ethic, something you obviously didn’t have emphasised to you). Also judging by what the general public knows, you at least had an idea of what was going on when you posed in rowing machines for photos. You’ve been living life in the fast lane and believe it’s a right of yours to do so. I do wish you well, in spite of everything. You’ll have to learn equally as fast as you’ve been living your charmed life that you aren’t actually a superior human and you can’t break the law to get ahead, or at least you can’t forever. I hope when you eventually come back down to earth you can apply your potential-you have a strong grasp on marketing for instance, maybe get the grades you need on your own to eventually study Business and Marketing. You’ll also appreciate it more. I believe you’re a good person who can do better for herself than she has.

    6. YANI Recillas

      She flipped everyone off on a Instagram post then deleted it !! She doesn’t care about us because it’s not our fault that this happened to her and then flips us off then comes back with this video because how else is she gonna make money the parents aren’t careers are ruined her and her sister won’t have a future because what school will they attend. So she needs DEsel for money the lawyer ain’t cheap

    7. Val G


    8. Secret Freshie

      Why did y’all give her 64,000 likes 🤦🏽‍♀️

    9. Brookelyn McMahon

      I’m honestly just disappointed in her. I actually genuinely enjoyed Olivia’s content and then when all of this shit happened...like girl can you really not even apologize? As a high school student who stresses about getting into college EVERY DAMN DAY it is very aggravating to see you just pay your way. That’s not how it fuckin works!! I’m probably going to be in debt from college for most of my life and your privileged ass can’t even apologize? Thought you were better than this. Guess we were wrong!

    10. Erin S.

      counted 13 cuts in this video. 13 is an unlucky number

    11. badgirlygirl msp

      I think We all came here for the comments

    12. Brian S

      I know she's (allegedly) complicit in her parent's crime, but I still feel bad for her. She's so young and her parents probably pressured her into it, and she didn't realize the gravity of the crime at hand, if she knew it was a crime at all. Young people are impressionable and make mistakes. If she makes amends, she should be forgiven. Her parents have hamstrung her here as well, because she jeopardizes their sentence if she apologizes. Tough situation. Wishing the best for her.

    13. John Recktenwall

      Will this video pay for your legal fund?

    14. morethancoupons2010 Meiz

      Leave her alone already it she is a child a teen and she is still learning her way in this crazy thing called life if you r going to be Mean just leave already idc if people dislike this comment idgaf just leave her alone the past is past

    15. Liv v

      love you olivia

    16. Sydney Banks

      I find it so funny how you’re coming back after flicking everyone off on instagram saying you don’t care... are you running out of money??? Is that why you’re back and all the sudden care??trying to make nice now LOL A WHAT A JOKE 😂

    17. I Love Dogs

      Nah, don't come back. You miss the attention. It's a shame you're not facing charges either.

    18. Olivia Michalek

      OLIVIA I LOVE U ♥️♥️♥️♥️💓💓💓💓💓so proud🙏🏾

      1. Marco Antonio

        Olivia Michalek downvoted all your vids for defending this trash

    19. Catherine Rose

      It amazes me of much she looks and sounds like Lindsay from Chicago PD

    20. Debbie D

      Lori's baby needs some attention and she got it.

    21. Sam Musubi


    22. Olivia Michalek


    23. ash

      “moral of the story” IS SENDING ME 😭😭

    24. saba mohammad


    25. Vanessa Coronado


    26. Mahogany I

      "The moral of the story is I miss you guys..."? I thought she was going to college....NVM I just answered my own question.

    27. Bobbie D.

      Ok...she has 64k thumbs up...? Who is ok with this...?

    28. angelface1597

      Give the girl a break. She made a dumb mistake like everyone does when they are young.

    29. Debi

      You were complicit with your mothers scheme to get you into college. You should be in jail, not posting a narcissistic video.

    30. Amanda C

      I think what she’s trying to say: “hey, my parents may go to jail but I’ll continue making videos!!“

    31. TakingOverWorld

      If 17-year-old me got approached by my parents and some suit-and-tie adults promising me a foolproof means of getting into a better school by bending the rules, I would have been naive enough to take the bait too. The schools themselves aren’t sacred, either. They let people in based on nepotism regularly. They charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to kids who know nothing about money through a system that coerces you to pay for history and speech classes to become an IT professional. Or they charge you the same hundreds of thousands to obtain a useless degree so you can work at Starbucks paying off your crippling debt, then have enough shame to ask for post-grad alumni donations. Leave the girl alone

    32. Melanie Tovar

      Lmfao she doesn’t care with this lame ass apology. I use to really like her but she just some stuck up rich girl that can get away with anything with her money.

    33. Hazel Marie

      well if you are gonna come back it’s best to explain what was done wrong. No one likes you that much anymore and the reason for that is the whole scandal.

    34. bubble just bubble

      she looks poor already

    35. Jess Rex

      same energy as the picture of her flipping the camera off except more manipulative

    36. S. P. Parks

      Honestly people, y'all need to understand how the law works a little better. Olivia hasn't been charged with any crimes. Her PARENTS have. If there was any evidence of her own complicity in this at any point, she would have been charged.

    37. David Chase

      You stole a hard working student's dreams and spot in a school you did not deserve to get into and didn't need to. You will have a trust fund and will never have to work for the rest of your life. That student's spot you took. They could have gotten a degree and contributed to society and have a good life. You took that from them. You are a thief of hope, and a destroyer of dreams.

    38. Marco Antonio

      Sorry you’re so dependent on mommy you wouldn’t even be able to finish high school without help

    39. jackk jackk

      A great start would be apologizing, and setting up a scholarship program for underprivileged youth.

    40. Davin

      Rich people are trash