Fat Joe, Dre - Lord Above (Audio) ft. Eminem & Mary J. Blige


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    1. Bino V

      Joe , Dre and Em killed it on this one

    2. Enlightened One

      Whose here after Eminem unleashing his new album on us?

    3. sneekmatrix

      Holy wow Nick Cannon was married to Maria Carey after the first time Eminem issued the warning to Maria Carey .. Hmm Nick holding a grudge?

    4. sneekmatrix

      30 million Brewsters Millions Richard Pryor comedy movie where he had to spend 30 million to earn it again in a short period of time.

    5. Karyn Wilkinson

      Im so dissapointed this has so few views its 🔥🔥🔥

    6. Leonel Thomas

      Em bless this song is fire 🔥

    7. jażaņ

      If Em raps on this beats I would have a different opinion of him.

    8. Everett Ika

      Glad music sounds like this again...

    9. Ruud Stuurman

      Cattivo riadesel.info/video/video/3Huuy4TebWWBhs0.html

    10. yes_ ima_geek

      This needs a video!!!!!

      1. Karyn Wilkinson

        Preach 💕

    11. Evan S.

      Whos here after Music To Be Murdered By?!

    12. Nathan Wilson

      Does anyone know the other rapper that used the “Anderson/ and her son” entendre previously?

    13. The Child Of Prophecy

      No regrets has this flow!! BLESSED !

    14. J Tyson

      Fire 🔥 fire 🔥 Fire 🔥

    15. Andy Chamberlain Music

      I can't get over how good this song is

    16. Andy Chamberlain Music

      this gets the stank face and the diagonal head nod every fucking time

    17. NONIE14LOCO

      Wow diss DRAKE I want to see how it will be?🤨😱

    18. Diehard Madlala

      Who else is still here even in 2020? can't be the only 1

      1. KafkaNL

        Diehard Madlala me, check my music to

    19. R13 Ghost

      just came to analyze the Anderson Pakk line

      1. Karyn Wilkinson

        Where you impressed 😀

    20. SeeB

      Why do kids not appreciate this golden track I’m 21 years old and must be one of the last generations to not become blinded by mumble rap

      1. EastCoastExotics

        This track is straight FIRE. I'm 15 and so glad i don't listen to mumble "rap"

    21. mightywhitey718

      Minus Eminem this song is a dud

      1. Karyn Wilkinson

        Mary does her thing too 😍

    22. WARPIG YouTube

      This song is one of those legendary songs that comes out every once in awhile...

    23. Matt Micmahon

      Who's here after new album of em music murdered by this album is the best

    24. Jose Alfredo Ornelas

      @NoLifeShaq you missed the first few bars those were a homage to OG hip hop

    25. mack kaval

      Cuz just dropped a new album

    26. tjay SUPREME

      Roofless villan ??? Rap God You could change my life in 1 second if you wanted 2 I don't deserve it I've been wanting nobody's perfect truly yours civil servant

    27. santos rivera

      Cannon could not be on the same stage as Eminem unless he’s just mopping it. LOL.

    28. Adam Steel

      Old Eminem or new

    29. Ryan Zaveda

      Dre earned his on this 1. Put him with logic boss

    30. Wyte 9

      Nick cannon will never beat eminem this song is 🔥

    31. Demetrius M

      It should have ended with The Warning ..Nick can put out 50 diss tracks. And still lose. Em on this track is fire...

    32. jay jay

      em bodied this

    33. Brian Noe

      Indonesian fans 🇮🇩👌

    34. deeyohazuki

      Only thing good about this is Eminem's verse.

    35. raha1277

      Em OWNED Nick

    36. Captain Obvious

      Fw to 212 for ems verse

    37. Brittany Poulsen

      Em Really Did Ride This Beat 🐐

    38. Hentai Samurai

      I have to admit, Eminem's flow has gotten far better and smoother.

    39. Lil Home State

      Lol how is this the song that got Nick Cannon back in the rap game which no one gives a shit about

      1. JaySidouMusic

        Eminem is very powerful, what can i say

    40. Mando B

      Eminem is #1 but he ain't my favorite rapper... but do u really think Nick could reach to his level? -_- srry bro but u should really look in to that ✌️ srry but with respect just drop it...forget about beef and Carry and no more Eminem always

      1. JaySidouMusic

        i think Em is just poking fun because he doesnt diss nick that bad

    41. Nelson Garciarawlins

      "Unicorn in uniform saw a gift horse lookedhim dead in the mouth." This line keeps giving me chills

      1. Shelbys GT2014

        Nelson Garciarawlins unicorn in human form

    42. I Do Monologues


    43. Megahustla33

      "I'm taking Shots @ you Fuck It! Let me drop the Cue Stick, I'm all over the top like Cool Whip" - EMINEM this dude 187 EUNUCH

    44. Steven Marley

      Obie needs to be on this remix perfect beat for him no doubt

    45. DailyEthanGamerTv 2


    46. Jay Agbuya

      Dre came in with the flips - Fat Joe locked it down - Em just came STRAIGHT dissrespect Ncredible Eunuch. This whole album was that pure 🔥🔥🔥

    47. The Man

      Joe to take that verse and politely respect the genius and artist unloading free tongue is big. Sick tune and each to their own when you got something to say 🤣 epic

    48. angel viera

      if youre here after the nick diss tracks, stfu

    49. Liam Hicks

      “...There’s NO HATE in this world That can make me give up, that can keep me stuck. Lord, I thank YOU, I thank you, I'm so grateful, so thankful, so thankful. I THANK THE LORD ABOVE...”

    50. jaychildz

      Rick Ross would’ve......

    51. RageCage1701

      It's just fascinating to listen to Eminem, raw and hungry as ever in the game at 47 years old, when fucks who were formerly lauded as "greats" like Jay and Nas have essentially abandoned the hustle, don't rhyme anymore, don't war anymore, don't make music anymore, just sitting on their money getting fat and lazy.

    52. T boy t

      Kcant lie this shit so killa damnnnnn

    53. UNKNØWN

      Why does the beginning of the song sound like consensus by Quadeca?

      1. BestGamerzNL

        Same sample

    54. Ba6

      Anderson Paak / And her son pac DAMN🔥

    55. The Beast Within

      RIP Nick Cannon Born On Stage Died Off Beat

    56. SKYLINE R33

      Eminem makes this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    57. Blake Michon

      Best flow Em has had in a while! I'm kinda glad he slowed it down. No lie.

    58. Special Agent Bob

      Machine guns and cannons? They're Squirt guns compared to eminem

    59. David Lykins

      This song is so slept on...

      1. Sitting Bull

        Good joke

    60. Quake King

      Where the hell is all the Eminem fans at to support this song. Is it because y'all are not used to hearing him rap on these real hip hop beats? I been waiting for years to hear Em spit on a beat like this.

      1. Got Soul

        Legendary flow

      2. Avin Dutt

        Preach brooo

      3. Markus Vounas

        Wanna hear Em rap on a east coast hip hop beat? Search up "Eminem- Dont front"