Cyber Monday deals you may want to cash in on

ABC News

ABC News

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    Holiday shopping season is in full swing and online sales are leading the charge as retailers continue to compete for your money.
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    1. Billy Edwards

      I have cashed on Ivacy VPN's 90% OFF discount this Cyber Week. Do check it out:

    2. Ahsan Zafeer Khan

      I already got my hands on Ivacy Cyber Monday Deal. 5 Years of premium membership to secure my online indentity for just $0.99/m

    3. Devil Gaming

      Oh what why do they call it cyber Monday

    4. 李东阳

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    5. george foshee

      Why did you guys defend Epstine? ADD TO CART.

    6. Bullion Forever

      Meanwhile the middle class is being priced out of basically everything. Homes, rent, and especially cars. Boomers, don't cry when you don't receive grandkids.

    7. Daniela Rojano

      *Thank God Toys 'R' Us is back*

    8. refusedone

      This isnt “news” this is advertising

      1. Jewish Tryhard

        They’re giving people advice. Where’s the issue?

    9. FOR THE BY&BY

      Thanks to the great economy under President Trump we can afford Black Friday and cyber Monday again. 👍🏾

      1. meh

        Yes, cause there was a few years we had to cancel it! Thanks to trump lol, thats a good one!

    10. Rouba D

      The best deal I've seen so far is 90% off sitewide at Golden NYC Jewelry. But there are other nice offers for Christmas as well:

    11. TimothyTim PSP

      Phones are Computers. #Derp

      1. TimothyTim PSP

        @Jewish Tryhard A phone is a computer. A computing device. It's interactive, it runs computer code. A computer.

      2. Jewish Tryhard

        TimothyTim PSP I mean they’re pretty similar

    12. MIKE BARAN

      Record Sales Predicted...In Obama Era We Could Not Even Afford Computers..He Gave Us Obama Phones...

    13. Henry Townshed

      I don't order things online I support my local community

    14. MIKE BARAN

      Im looking for EPSTEIN christmas Ornaments

    15. Juan Trevizo


    16. KiTT FOXXE

      You buy stuff online you are buying from China

      1. TimothyTim PSP

        The stuff in the store is made in China. You buy from china.

    17. Eli Eli

      *i`m not a fool who buys*

    18. Couchy X

      consume product

    19. meh

      Retailers take note: When you state "up to" xx% off, we are not intrigued. We know its one thing thats tiny that xx% off, not what we're looking for. Were not all idiots!

    20. The_ltz_guy Master

      Lol I’m surprised them homies didn’t loot because they need free presents

    21. Pohaku Mana

      Buying online you end up with CHINA/HONG KONG SHIT!

    22. Pohaku Mana

      Cyber monday BULLSHIT "sales" for SUCKERS BUY BUY BUY

    23. day spoiler

      news is literally doing ads now? holy fukk

    24. Mike Meech

      News Add

    25. MyMindIstellingMeNoButmyCucumbermyCucumber

      Good on you ABC, reporting the important news and hiding others apparently.

      1. Cool Hand Mark

        Bad on you FOX, twisting the facts about the important news and hiding pedo-protector Gym Jordan apparently.

    26. yeet kid

      Merry Xmas

    27. Dandy Chiggins

      Suggestion:donate to St. Jude's Children's Hospital, American Cancer Society, Alzheimer's Association or your local animal shelter.

    28. Matthew Walton

      I thought Toys R Us went bankrupt...

      1. RounieE

        The original company went bankrupt and the naming rights were bought by a private equity firm who's chosen to open boutique experience shops named after Toys R Us.

      2. The_ltz_guy Master

        They didn’t close down they sold it and the new owners kept it going with only a handful of stores carrying basic stuff

      3. Rachel T

        They closed the one in my city just a few months ago

      4. Mr602

        Matthew Walton ikr

    29. Clueless

      mmmmm yes

    30. David Ellis

      Don't get scammed on line !

    31. Ed Bentz


    32. Jhakobi99


      1. David Ellis


      2. 한서준