1990: First McDonald's opens in Moscow

CNN Business

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    Russians queue up as the first McDonald's restaurant opens in Pushkin Square at the end of the Cold War.

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    1. Bonney Dahlquist

      When cnn was a news station not a bought and paid for propaganda machine


      The West contrived your rubbish socialist system, so have something that was the reason you wanted a socialist system in the first place! Tragic.

    3. imthinkinwacky

      Vladimir Lenin is rolling in his grave.

    4. Aleksandr S


    5. JustMarci

      Stalin: I WAS JUST A JOKE TO YOU ALL?!

    6. Sandwitch Chan

      No one: Moscow in 1990:Finnaly some fucking food

    7. Brad the impaler

      Lol the grand opening and theres already people inside

    8. Daniel

      Good day

    9. ChilledTea

      too many sexy girls

    10. Andreo Suro

      :))) класс... помню это время... биг маки и молочные коктейли были в 100 раз вкуснее по моему

    11. Random User

      They really like America's food

      1. IMxYOURxDADDY

        first taste of freedom......that same year coca-cola and a few other American products arrived in the USSR. In 1990 the first “American style” movie theatre was opened a few miles from this McDonalds with movies like total recal, home alone, teenage mutant ninja turtles, dances wtih wolves, die hard 2, good fellas etc. the lines for the movie theatres were ridiculously long also

    12. Random User

      0:47 oh god I'm afraid of that commie

    13. Евгений Путилов

      Купились на фантики, дрянь химическая а не еда, не сравнить с советскими булочками, натуральной колбасой и котлетами.

      1. Vladislav Tretyak

        Евгений Путилов день когда ссср сдулся - вот истинное название данному ролику

    14. Corey Playz

      The day Communism fell.

    15. Tesla_Ru

      traitor gorbatchev , dead for liberal.

      1. Daniel

        смерть калмунистам

    16. Clement Lo

      Stallins up in heaven crying his eyes out

      1. Bonney Dahlquist

        He is not in heaven that's for sure

      2. Lucas Gonzalez

        >Stalin >Heaven

      3. rihardo123

        Lenin still pissed nobody helped him in stroke moment.

      4. Robo Redneck

        Good, let those Doucheoisie cry

      5. IMxYOURxDADDY

        more like Vladamir Lenin and Karl Marx

    17. Артём Невзоров

      I just noticed the channel is CNN, goodbye

      1. Bonney Dahlquist

        Lol com is trash

      2. Daniel

        @IMxYOURxDADDY +++

      3. IMxYOURxDADDY

        better than RT news 😂😂

    18. Monika Wheeler

      ussr is closed for business, and the western capitalism is next. Lets bring back Russian National Socialism and monarchy. The confused population surrenders once more, but the double cheese burger with french fries is worth it.

    19. Yaroslav Des

      К сожалению реформы закончились Макдональдсом... А государство осталось совковой рыгаловкой с тараканами

      1. Metall

        Нахуй эти реформы !

    20. luv gum

      So cute♡

      1. Oh Lala

        Random User 0:41 that is

      2. Aleph Null

        @Random User yes

      3. Random User

        @Aaron ODST170 is that cute?

      4. Aaron ODST170

        @Random User Many people happy to taste something new

      5. Random User

        Whats cute about it

    21. brettduffy19992

      Did they pay Disney the licensing to have Donald Duck there

      1. Gorilla Monsoon

        I doubt it. That's a knockoff Donald Duck. It's probably his Soviet cousin, Dimitri Duck.

      2. jurisprudens

        brettduffy19992 z I am sure they did

    22. ekin ekinci

      Gurcistan irasi

    23. bunnyfreakz

      1:06 I bet this guy thinking " Are weexciting for this shit?"

    24. Go_Ru

      I like how they play kalinka when its opened

    25. Ben Dover

      See Trump you dumbass this is how you bring N.Korea to it knees.

    26. KaraCarsafliGelin

      How the USSR was conquered ...

    27. Mikey Lejan

      taste the freedom

      1. Fingol firn

        Fake freedom as their fake meat.

      2. Chaloner

        @Jokerrr Liberals will never understand...

      3. The Snow Nigro

        If freedom is a large corporation promoting gluttony I don't want it.

      4. Robo Redneck

        ANONYMOUS Obesity is up to the individual consumer, mass starvation caused by collectivism is up to the government.

      5. Andreo Suro

        taste the new kind of slavery :))

    28. Tia Chat

      don like mekdonalds - it can be famous but we have better lokal burgers. this is plastik

      1. Evgenii Krstev

        Veri god rushan acent

    29. AZDuffman

      Alternate title: The moment the Cold War was lost for the USSR

      1. Ben Dover

        You would think that dumbass Trump would take note regarding N.Korea.

    30. Mateus Moura

      0:52 Rio de Janeiro no fundo