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  1. Karim Benyagoub

    Problem with Bazz Callback doesn't seem to be responsive, doesn't work on mobile in my case, and you?

  2. artifex_X

    Doesn't even work.

  3. Ritu Chauhan

    Nice Video. With WP Project managementplugin you will be able to manage any project that you are running on your wordpress site through the well-designed project management interface in your wordpress dashboard. Download Plugin : codecanyon.net/item/cqpim-wordpress-project-management-plugin/11788321

  4. Irfan Khan

    Hey MAC, the CSS SNIPPET [display: flex;] is not working for me, impossible to align the mobile menu with the logo in the header, any other solution to align the headers?

  5. Neto Sena

    For exemple if I want to add a custom CSS and HTML but without change the theme or create a new one, in the section page, and I'm able to add new plugin to integrate with that new page? I have tried to use a plugin "custom CSS and HTML" but it change all the theme is not just a page I'd like to change.

  6. aichatna aichatna

    not working it's hide all images

  7. Ano Morgan

    Last fix is use 9mm gun on the computer :) BTW thanks for tips my error was file permissions been to secure "600" so 644 worked well I also moved wp-config.php to custom location outside of core directory for security reasons

  8. Tom Fraser

    I'd like to add a photo gallery included in every post. How about a video explaining how to accomplish that in the theme builder..?

  9. James Smith

    Thanks great list of Project Management Software but i like to add zentao great for starting out with project management, I've looked at other solutions and this was the easiest and least expensive way to get started with project management.

  10. Kalai Selvan

    how to increase the size of the hamburger menu sir. please tell me.

  11. KillBroX

    Thank you. I'm using your services premade layout www.andro-star.online

  12. Billy But Whole

    what kind of soyboyery is this?

  13. Cyrus Colorado

    Interesting video, "but" it is for techies/gurus and not the average user like me. Where is the header.php file, single.php file, page.php file??? how to access it??? how to edit it??? Language is too technical. Conclusion: Video is "useless" for the average user :(

  14. Tt Adejuyigbe

    Hi, thank you for this tutorial 💯💯. I installed it successfully, but I'm trying to upload a wp site I created on my local server to this, but the file is too big to upload, is there a way to increase the maximum upload size

  15. Blue Busa15

    How about a current video?? Alot of the settings dont work today with the updated version of 4.0

  16. Welchovsky

    This video massively over simplifies the migration process. I followed the instructions and media files, links and various other elements did not transfer "at the touch of a button". Similarly, the content that was imported is not showing. I get the need for short videos, but more detail about the nuances involved is surely required?

  17. Dan B

    What exactly is Financial Fredom? :) - I love you divi guys!

  18. Jim Gavioli


  19. NashR Official

    Could you please make a list of all the names?

  20. Cyrus Colorado

    Great Video !! Thanks for taking the time to do this. :)

  21. Studio47 Designer

    how to create slider autoplay

  22. D Z

    Is this the vocalist from Tame Impala?

  23. Debbie Hole

    I want to make memes but don't know how to make them.

    1. Debbie Hole

      @AKAmoney Thank you - I'll take a look.

    2. AKAmoney


  24. Андрей Мартояс


  25. Nikolaj Woroschilow

    Finally a good solution. :D Great tutorial!!!

  26. Sheharyar Khan

    In the beginning it was like you're bombarding with so many options but in the end you precised it well. Good content. I have subscribed! :)

  27. Anil Sen

    i need help ! i edited the theme i just removed a name and my whole dashboard has the error wordpress and the site itself help?

  28. Volodymyr Tokach

    Why just not to add one more menu type to menu module, in addition to center, inline and left aligned? Why all is so complicated?

  29. MyGodTube

    Hi buddy, thank you for the video. Get feed back for all your videos. They are super slow, impossible to watch them. Should be 3-4 times faster. Thank you for trying to help. Cheers

  30. DJ wayne

    I must get word press to make this work correct

  31. iasterme

    Image Hover Animation option is still not available in DIVI -when can we expect that option?

  32. Karolina Bogobowicz Duma

    I love this!! radmot.de/712-2 the only thing I can't change is space between items - they are glued to each other.

  33. Eric Chow

    and I never see my default cart page

  34. Pieter-Jan Derks

    Thanks Donjetë, great tutorial!

    1. Elegant Themes

      You're always welcome!

  35. Lisa Reuben

    Hey @Mak - this tutorial seems simple enough - but it does not work. I am working on the new DIVI 4.0. I have followed the instructions 100% but the code applied to the main elements says "Expected RBRACE." I have applied the *code to the optin as well. But it doesn't work Please help

    1. Jonnie Williams

      Yep, spent the last 3 hours trying to figure this out. Everything's either outdated or doesn't work. Reached out to Divi support chat and got an immediate response. Turns out I was on the sales page and accidentally hit up the sales team. They directed me to actual tech support. Still awaiting a response 1 hour later.

    2. Elegant Themes

      Best bet is to open a chat with our Support Team so they can check: www.elegantthemes.com/members-area/help

  36. Sahak Dulguerian

    Always so helpful, thanks again!

  37. Ibnu Kharis

    hello, where i can get css code guys.. thanks

  38. VR e-Techs

    Thanks. Great....

  39. Pretty Handy Guys Handyman Services

    Thank you for the excellent tips! You have solved an ageless perplexity for me!

  40. Cafe Agile

    Hi, how to remove the button from the slider?

  41. R J

    Thank you

  42. Stephen Parkhill

    Utterly useless. How about make a decent ecommerce pack

  43. Yuliyan Velichkov

    Alwful campaign, have you heard of frequency capping? I see this ad at least 10 times a day. I already have the product. This just gets me and thousand other people annoyed or even hate your product.

  44. Brad McAllister

    I get a 404 when trying to add the layout following the instructions, why? domain.com/et_footer_layout/theme-builder-layout-4/?et_fb=1&PageSpeed=off&et_tb=1

  45. Diane de Guzman

    i cant end my split test, and my website cant publish,what shoud i do?

  46. Kerrie Redgate

    Thank you! That was terrific! I get a bit overwhelmed with the fonts in Divi that I don’t know yet, despite it being a delight to have so many. Seeing these in a category like this really helps!! And great descriptions - I’ve written them down for reference. Much appreciated.

  47. Blue Busa15

    Thank god for the pause button...You could go a little bit slower. Maybe explain what your doing?

  48. Justin Casey

    What about having self updating year for the copyright?

  49. Дмитрий Володин

    Hi there! What's up with your youtube marketing campaign? I really love your product, I use Divi a lot, but I ALREADY HAVE lifetime Divi license. So why I see this ads 10+ times per day for last 2 weeks?! Do you really think that somebody will by your license if you will show your ads 100+ times instead of 10 times? Try to make something with your ads targeting please. I already made this transaction, few weeks before. Now you just wasting your marketing budget this way. I was thinking to buy youtube premium just not to see this face again. p.s. Slovenia, male, 35, visited your website a lot (as I got a license..).

  50. Tom Fraser

    What happens to posts when the two websites are using different themes ?

  51. dinesh b

    importing layout brings some unwanted modules if divi keeps all modules seperatly it would be great .

  52. dinesh b


  53. Nishid Shajib

    *Thanks. Divi is a powerful theme for WordPress*

  54. Hunterof

    Now we juste need more customisation for mobile menu and it's perfect :p

  55. Eurospezial

    Sharing is caring <3 Thank you Sir

  56. ben freedom

    Yes I did the same and it said failed for many posts

  57. Jimmy Ngo

    why is your voice always so damn quiet, need to raise your voice up higher.

  58. PETE

    GUYS: Having tooo many problems with the WOO TABS SETTINGS..... Including Tab for Product description causes problems. Plus the Shop Module needs updating. Not funtioning on my side. Divi should really work more on COMPATIBILITY WITH WOOCOMMERCE AND OTHER PLUGINS.... HAVE sent mails to support. hope you guys do something about it.... Thx

  59. ryan adikara

    Please respone my support ticket

  60. KeywordManagement

    This might be bad idea for anyone who is concerned with image SEO. In looking at sites like Stackoverflow they suggest that JPEG can be similar or better than WEBP format. What are the benefits of WEBP and using a third party paid service to convert your images over to WEBP vs. using a desktop tool or incorporating proper image optimization into your workflow?

    1. PHOMO

      the main benefit is size, your page becomes much much lighter with webp instead of jpeg.

  61. Blue Busa15

    Wow the older videos are worthless for 2019 4.0 the format is all wrong...I followed this video and my page is blank after saving it as a blank page with the new header ui.....I have been messing with this for two weeks now. the videos are not really valuable at all and you should delete this old stuff as it is worthless.

  62. Stephen Parkhill

    So annual members don’t get access to any of these packs, but “new” members and lifetime members do. I wish I knew that an annual membership was second rate when I signed up for it. Deceiving

  63. Moynulamin amin

    Divi is the best, glad I joined this year!

    1. TheDynamiteGuy

      Same Here!

  64. Nicolas Körner

    The global layout changes are definitely a game changer. Divi is such a powerful investment now.

  65. rc2k09

    Awesome video. Unfortunately, I was unable to override the style of the nested items like you did at 3:43 . My <h5> and <ul> maintain the styling of <ol> . Any suggestions?

  66. Giovanni D

    Can you make an updated tutorial? The settings are completely different now!

  67. Творческая Студия

    Thanks. As always simple, concise and intelligible.

  68. Mette Rasmussen

    Can anyone tell me how to keep that sticky box - BUT if it would be possible to have a box that can close and expand? I wold like to find a sticky box for a FAQ list instead of contact informations...

  69. jeff merc

    Layout is clean - I love that you can export your projects/tasks to a spreadsheet. But I'm now using Zentao with the same features even better but cheaper price.

  70. broken string

    Can we make money through it???

  71. hamza safdar

    I love this.music how to.get it?

  72. hamza safdar

    How to open wordpress root directory

  73. K-Lue44

    6:39 Just so everyone knows, the words translatio at the top is "This is our retro archive site. We keep it only from sentiment. Please visit our current website [url]"

  74. Shake me

    Sam? :o

  75. ahmed cherni

    Fuckin' addd oki i get it

  76. Studio47 Designer


  77. MM 12

    Hi - How would I send a PM?

  78. AdithyaCH Tech

    Thanks a lot. When I mean lot, it is a lot. I subscribed :)

  79. iasterme

    where is the show notes section?....where can I find the CSS Code?

  80. TechniSmart

    I don't know how ET keeps cranking out these gorgeous themes on a daily basis, but they are saving us members a ton of money and adding so much value to our membership. Thanks Matt.

  81. Studio47 Designer


  82. Андрей Мартояс


  83. Dev Kulkarni

    how do you transform it on scroll?

  84. Dev Kulkarni

    Hey. can I transform on scroll instead of hover?

  85. Chiranjit Guha

    awesome ........

  86. Tom Fraser

    Is it possible to add a Divi Gallery in which the images are not clickable ?

  87. Mark Hogan

    Hi, before you explain something, try it yourself, you will see that the midea library does not work. you cause error and waste of time.

  88. Nathan Robertson

    This is great, but where is the option to upload attachments? pretty critical stuff here...

  89. Tom Fraser

    I really appreciate that you take the time to make these video, BUT.....please slow down and explain why you make the choices that you do. Yes, the videos will be longer, but they will actually help us to understand your artistic process.

  90. OpenPLUTO

    In a quickly-moving world, it is refreshing to see a company taking it's time to stop and smell the roses that its customers have planted with the tools and resources provided by such a wonderful team. Keep up the great work guys!

  91. Vijay Dahiya

    Get the best deals. Click here amzn.to/33UHdva

  92. Web dev

    Great video from great author and Divi team. Cool man, he always explains very easy and concise.

  93. Madalina Cojan

    Is it possible to direct it to a page and not blog post?

  94. the eabster

    Google gboard used to be my favorite keyboard apps But now the pieces shit will not allow me to take a breath without it stopping . I have to Constantly hit the microphone button every time I pause for a Mila second. Went from loving to hating the Son of a ....

  95. Aftab Qureshi

    Dear, it's so sad that Your company don't accept PayPal. Really sad!

  96. Israel Anderson

    You really need to just delete this page and redo everything from scratch. Mistake after mistake, corrected by numerous people in the comments. Stop forcing someone to spend an hour reading everything and then people's comments just to get something so simple working. And it's plainly absurd that anchor links need ANY code at all. It should be part of the interface.

  97. TechniSmart

    Matt, you guys have just knocked it out of the park--and it just keeps getting better. So happy to be a lifetime member.

  98. Ivan Chi

    This year it's the first time I joined the ET Black Friday Giveaway and Cyber Monday Sale campaigns and it is a really awesome experience, thanks to the whole ET team. And a special thanks to you, BJ , for pronouncing divicio.us correctly - it is "divicious" and not "divicio" or "divicOus" or anything else :) 23:46

  99. Nick Morgan

    Video has no sound. Thought it was my headphones at first.

    1. Nick Morgan

      @swashin thank you, not sure what's going on at my end than. Maybe I'll check if youtube has an update.

    2. swashin

      Please try on another device. I can confirm this video has sound.

  100. Tinh Quoc

    How to download ??