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  1. Marcus Lindström

    EOS hidden word

  2. klumzyrice

    Keyword: Das

  3. Allan Aumento

    The hidden keyword is chromebook. How does the Pixelbook compare to the 2015 Chromebook Pixel with the LS configuration?

  4. Netwalker - 1

    ...And the winner is: Olive Video Editor!! Free & Open Source. <3

  5. Louis Vancouver

    My clarion does the same thing for a fraction of the price

  6. Mr G

    Far too scripted,... besides, where's the game play in this video?

  7. Mr G

    For this to be titled, about gaming tablets, it talks about everything else, and shows no game play, time, find a real gamer, to sale these things!

  8. Gary Pinnock

    Keyword: Das

  9. Adrian Lelouch

    Is this 2017? Dude... please update your content

  10. Dean Ticks

    Thanks for the video. Was looking for a replacement laptop for our home that won't break the bank. These should fit the bill nicely.

  11. Dean Ticks


  12. Peter McIntyre

    99.9999% Kiaomi

  13. Omaticdream

    If you use a wired gaming mouse in 2020 I feel bad for ya...

  14. Lawrence Woodham

    Wow!! Thanks for sharing your findings. I'm in NEED of a laptop with a fully functional keyboard, screen and battery but I don't have the money to buy one. Keyword: Under

    1. Lawrence Woodham

      I saw k: Apple hidden as well but idk.

  15. norton wayne

    Just so you know the google update expiry for these chromebooks = - HP Chromebook 14-ca0xx = Jun 2024 - ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 = Jun 2023 - ACER Chromebook 14 (CB3-431) = Jun 2022 - SAMSUNG Chromebook Pro = Jun 2023 - GOOGLE Pixelbook = Jun 2024

  16. Maher Lawand

    Why don’t you show us the mic quality by using them directly in the video? Did you even have all of these to make a real comparison or did you just read the brochure for each headset for us?

  17. Snucc

    ignore this list please, i hope non of you fall for this bullshit top 5.

  18. WoRlds

    dAS BTW, I never win, only once

  19. WoRlds

    I ordered Redragon S101 but its taking forever to come...


    The crusher wireless's are honestly the best headphone I've tried. It has so much bass it legit shakes my head. They are amazing. I've never tried the anc 360s but the crusher wireless's are 100% the best bass experience ever.

    1. Alex Smith

      The original ones i think were more durable. The 360s increased the sound quality while lowering the battery and more comfortability/modern look. The ANC sounds more refined according to some reviews and they are louder but little less bass but (not noticable) than 360. If you like hear id i heard it actually does a great job to make it sound great for you but its mix i guess. So yes enjoy your headphones

  21. danejerustv

    Das a weird word to pick for this one XD

  22. Awuoth Bialik

    Only the Eizo had good reviews, the rest were down rated by users

  23. Louis Höhl

    Hidden word: Budget Good luck everyone!

  24. User User

    i own a deathadder elite but i will get the mamba elite forchristmas

  25. MrRodrig01

    Wheres the opto-mechanical keyboards

  26. Smilebull

    So can we get a demonstration how they sound like otherwise I treat this as paid ad.

  27. Grumpy Snail

    Don’t you just love E sports games

  28. daily dose of beats

    I would love to win one of them

  29. Oakley Ashby

    Power 🙂

  30. He Wei Zhang


  31. Harry Evans


  32. Charles Hines

    Be sure to carefully check the specs on the manufacturer's website for each one, especially Chinese cameras. You might not really be getting 4K with some of them or you might get a low frame rate you won't like. The fact is that you usually get what you pay for. A lot of people seem to like GoPro and that is a very well known name when it comes to this kind of stuff. I don't own a GoPro yet, they are usually fairly expensive for what little I might need it for. If anything it would get most use as a dash camera if I bought one. I am just afraid that I would get a 4K camera then suddenly see 8K cameras becoming available and slowly more affordable. The thing is that a lot of the gadgets we buy would be insanely overpriced if they were available 20 years ago or less. 4K TVs are a good example, although not 20 years old they were crazy expensive when they were first in stores. I still remember seeing them for $5000 or more. Now I have a 43 inch one (I know not the biggest) and it was less than $200. I like it when the prices of things like this come down in such a way. I am so glad I didn't spend $5000 on a similar one years ago that might not have been quite as good even.

  33. jobbyt Everydayguy

    DAS Notice me senpai!

  34. Bo Adams


  35. System Trash


  36. Jon Laye

    Why do you rate the older 900f higher than it's 2019 replacement, the X950G?

  37. TK savage gaming

    Nice video nice man

  38. Ace Hardy


  39. マスクハッピ

    All these comments are fake! Gimme a break!

  40. TrillVon


  41. Arnav Dubey


  42. Gezim Kullaj

    Sorry my wrong answer it's "power" the word

  43. Gezim Kullaj

    Xiaomi is the word

  44. Sashakta Singh


  45. Gaming Fortune

    keyword is zephyrus

  46. Domagoj Belic

    Keyword is Das

    1. Domagoj Belic

      @Some One Honestly the corsair K95 RGB platinum is best for my needs (i am using my pc prety much only for gaming and watching youtube rarely)

    2. Some One

      And das is not gut

  47. M. Croatia


  48. Adam Baran

    Awesome video

  49. Daniel

    Great video

  50. TTT King-Shehab

    I have been using the lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon for 2 weeks now and It has achieved higher than my expectations . I always travel so this laptop was perfect light thin and fast

  51. chilltime Manatee

    I can't handle ear buds with metal next to the squish bits.

  52. Roger Holden

    Great vid! Have you looked at TrueKey? I'd be interested to know how it compares to your shortlist. I get it free with my ISP but it doesn't work as well as I'd like.

  53. Mudit Bhalla

    Hidden word- controller

  54. Radical Rainbow

    I’ve got the epson XP 970 it’s brilliant,shop around for inks,I got genuine inks for £12 a cartridge which is cheaper than Brother and Cannon

  55. It’s just Shane

    How long do gaming PCs last?

  56. SLEDGE

    An phat computer

  57. Singed nogyab

    Youre pronunciation of xiaomi bothers me.

  58. Aalon Bullard

    i stopped watching after he said xiaomi.....someone tell me what happens after 2:38 :(

  59. Equii Emmii


  60. DennyIRL

    Bruv...Imagine saying "Ultralight 2" is by far the best mouse - you're clearly delusional. There are many factors when picking a mouse - ergo or ambidextrous , size , shape , what do you prefer. You have to find something that suits you , lmao. 0 research video.

  61. Marc J

    Chromebook. Hope I win!

  62. Daniel M


  63. A1 Pest Service

    It would be good if you mentioned mics

  64. RiNus World

    I love these options. IPS is my panel type of choice.

  65. RiNus World


  66. AboTurki

    Most of it are shit for gaming a glass table and sliding keyboard shelf WTF?? ARE YOU FUCKING JOKING WITH ME???!!!

  67. za eDge

    1. BlendTec

  68. Morgan Joffe

    Ok so no g wolves hati or skill no xtrfy m4 no razer viper or viper ultimate and no model o yeah awesome XD

  69. In Hawaii

    Reolink argus eco with solar panel

  70. Kyle White

    Every single person has the razer viper ultimate at 1st he doesn’t have it at all on this list are u ok?

  71. David Valentine

    Keyword: 'Eos'

  72. Б. Михайлова

    My JBL is Charge 3❤️👍🏻

  73. geeta patel

    i was never able to find the code word

  74. Leo Misha

    The Ws1100iS has no more features than a cable with a mic.

  75. M. Croatia


  76. Pannekoekツ

    Buy Zowie XL2411P for best price/ performance

  77. vijay p

    superb camera Loved it

  78. Emma Emily

    These is really good stuff.For my opinion,cannon PowershotG7X MarkII is really suitable for newbie,price is affordable and it also very lightweight.

  79. Ashish Jaiswar

    I think GoPro is a best small and powerfull camera but if you are a professional you should go for Canon EOS 6D Mark II

  80. Alliance

    Now I will be able to decide which is the most suitable Camera for me. All Doubts cleared.

  81. Someone

    Finally man, a nice guide to buy my new camera :D

  82. Charles Kabuti

    Wow!! The video contains the best cameras in the market, thanks for the video it's so informative.

  83. Anuradha singh

    pls let me know more about canon eos 6d....what is its best feature and what it its cost in india......i am willing to buy this camera......thanks

  84. anthony thomas

    The Canon PowerShot G7X Mark2 is a Beast of a Camera

  85. Luis Prieto

    without some the sony alpha a6000 I liked it more than the others

  86. jithu jose

    i recommend Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II. It has large sensor within a sleek, compact body and now has a new improved second-generation model. It provides maximum flexibility when it comes to taking your travel shots.

  87. Francisca Bonsu

    Thank you so much for the enlightenment, It was really helpful👏👏👏

  88. Sukh Devi

    i liked these cameras...thanks dude.....i really love GoPro hero 7

  89. jorge sanchez

    excellent information .. about the best vlogging cameras 2020 .. here I found the best in terms of quality rendering and price .. grateful for this important information .. perfect for me .. thank you very much

  90. Ravinder Khurmi

    This is usefull movie

  91. Mauris Vasquez

    I love technology and this shows the best of that I am delighted to continue seeing it canon is good

  92. Deepak Mishra

    hello, i just want to start my carrier in photo shooting pls let me know which one is best for me as i am a beginner and what is its cost.......thank you

  93. Yelitza Jimenez

    excellent video, for a moment I thought that the cameras were things of the past

  94. Milan Goranovic

    GoPro HERO 7 is my favorite, man got to have it, thank on great review

  95. 100% sportif

    Personally, I choose number 4. I find it quite flexible.

  96. Cristian Millan

    very nice your video, I found it very useful, I know how to choose one of these cameras for 2020, thank you for the informative video


    Canon PowerShot G7X Mark 2 is my choice. I heard very good feedback about this.

  98. Bora Corba

    Great review you have helped me with a choice of mine, i bought Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II and i am happy with the performance.

  99. pinky nath

    Thats an amazing review. I like Sony Alpha a6000. If someday i wish to purchase a Vlogging camera, then i will defiantly go for the Sony Alpha a6000. However, nice video, thanks for sharing