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  1. frutey deid

    your acceent is too britishy but i like it

  2. Roee Dar


  3. Phi Hung Le


  4. Dileep K M

    How about HyperX alloy elite? Non RGB ..HyperX Alloy Elite Mechanical Cherry MX Wired USB Gaming Keyboard

  5. why tho

    radeon 7 is horse shit lmao

  6. xTheLoyalDutchx

    Which one is the most comfy? Comfort is all that matters to me

  7. Aedifex


  8. suni

    Logitech dominates

  9. Mohammed Muhasir


  10. Sugondese

    Do you know what budget means?

  11. Kalender Badem

    Beats studio 3 really ?

  12. Silver Kick

    Iam eligible to win the product

  13. Silver Kick


  14. Phil Fen

    No video of him actually using them, so not really a review!

  15. Lennard Einnolf

    🗝️word: BEGINNER!! I really enjoy watching all your videos and I'm just now getting into photography myself. I'd really love to win one of those cameras♥️

  16. Valeriochefacose

    Keyword: mirrorless Hopefully I’ll win The Sony A7R IV

  17. skynethell

    this video is complete non-sense. has nothing to do with coding what so ever.

  18. James Martinez


  19. Caleb Young

    Key Word: “Mirrorless” Canon EOS R

  20. Caleb Young

    Key Word: “Mirrorless” Canon EOS R

  21. XzG4B3xZ 1

    hidden word is penalty? An Phat is penalty?

  22. Khaled Almansour

    Thank you for the video I really in joyed it 😁

  23. BEASTDUD Beastdud

    What is this title? These are all 16:9, and 1440p

  24. Entertainment World

    Video about top 5 jbl speaker's in 2020 I liked most.JBL Boombox is very interesting and want to buy.

  25. Max Foti



    super idea .. i agreed and satisfied .

  27. Virais

    All these speakers were going to leave a nice ambient sound in my room!

  28. FurryFurret

    My friends always bring their charge 4 and charge 3's and I always wondered if there were any better ones. I didn't actually know that one of JBL's best speaker was the charge 4

  29. Srinivasa Rao Yarlagadda

    content creator reviews top 5 JBL SPEAKERS with every inch of detail.thanks for the content creator for such a detailed review.

  30. Yee Kin Cheong

    These 5 JBL speakers are excellent and well designed speakers based on their price, quality and durability and other aspects.

  31. bikram sonar

    I am using charge 3 and it's too good I also have advised my friends to purchase the same .. glad to find it in your list... thanks

  32. Alfred Ochieng

    Ultimate Ear Boom 3 is my favorite since it floats on water like a ball and its sound quality is out of this world!

  33. karl paul

    I would recommend to buy JBL go. The sound quality is good and price is also affordable.

  34. yugal dhote

    Jbl bass and sound in feels 💕😍amazing 😍😍💕

  35. Douglas Cox

    I'm sticking with the JBL clip 2 because it is waterproof and I find it better to use during my bike rides on weekends.

  36. uday pratap singh

    Good very good

  37. Emily Raquel Rodriguez Salinas

    I like good music and JBL bugles have excellent sound for me. I will buy some soon

  38. Loisangel Pacheco

    These devices are very good. I have one and I love it. I recommend them

  39. Diana Pipek

    I would like to have a JBL Boombox Speaker, for it's good performance and resistance to water.

  40. THE Civil creater

    Nice video

  41. finance promo

    i just bought JBL GO last month its seems great i highly recemend it guys

  42. Krizna Guhan

    I do have JBL GO, bought it few days back the sound quality is really awesome.

  43. Mtala Thompson

    I have a JBL flip 4 that I got as a gift but its black, I had no idea the color range was this good. thinking of getting a few more since it's affordable and I haven't had any issue with the one I currently have



  45. angel sanchez

    I have some JBL Boombox that they gave me and they are a dream of any sound lover ... recommended !!!

  46. jorge sanchez

    This technology is built to deliver crisp audio performance outdoors and have a tonne of volume output without any distortion. They come equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology for high quality music streaming and can be used virtually anywhere indoors or outdoors

  47. Kanaga Durga

    I feel JBL Flip4 is good for houses, students as it is cheap and compact. JBL Boombox seems like a strong device with high durability as it is rugged and water proof. Very best to buy is JBL Charge 3.

  48. Olimar Campos

    Thank you for your recommendations, I was about to buy some and I wasn't sure which one to choose.

  49. Madhan Rajendran

    Jbl JBL Flip 4 for me. Big battery type C charging cable.

  50. Jose Perez

    I am looking for gift options and I think you have already found excellent safe options to be happy and enjoy ...

  51. Albert Noir

    Jbl been my favorite brand for speakers and I have one old pair of it for my PC. I was thinking to upgrade and this video helped me out to select JBL Boombox as my next JBL speaker.


    Demonstration of video is very well. it is the valuable and relevant video and reliable for all aspect. We can easily find JBL Speakers like JBL GO, JBL Clip 2, JBL Boombox, JBL Flip 4 and JBL Charge 3. Really, I appreciate this video.

  53. New new

    15 hours of playing sounds is quite impressive quality of this product.

  54. ramesh kumar

    JBL Boombox is best suitable for me and i am going to buy..informative video

  55. vetri maran

    I recommend JBL Charge 3.These speakers can be really cranked up and will have no problem filling a large room.If you can find the Charge 3 at a decent price, it could still be worth a look.

  56. MRX ARES


  57. 10BestOnes

    ► Timestamps & Links to the JBL Speakers we mentioned in this video: 0:32 ► 5. JBL GO - 2:28 ► 4. JBL Clip 2 - 4:02 ► 3. JBL Boombox - 6:08 ► 2. JBL Flip 4 - 8:08 ► 1. JBL Charge 3 - ------------------------------------- ►UK Links◄ ► 5. JBL GO - ► 4. JBL Clip 2 - ► 3. JBL Boombox - ► 2. JBL Flip 4 - ► 1. JBL Charge 3 - ------------------------------------- ►GER & EU Links◄ ► 5. JBL GO - ► 4. JBL Clip 2 - ► 3. JBL Boombox - ► 2. JBL Flip 4 - ► 1. JBL Charge 3 -

    1. Aedifex


    2. jorge sanchez

      excellent bro!!!

  58. AxZturia


  59. Jeremy Hobbs


  60. Mobile Recordings

    Stay away from Kingston and ADATA cheap drives, they are just awful with writing speeds of 4.5 - 10 MB/s and reading speeds of 17 - 20 MB/s for USB 2.0 drives and about 80 MB/s for USB 3 drives. It takes AGES to fully write one.

  61. ghostwriter410


  62. Dr Yoink

    Alienware AW2518Hf had free sync so I was confused because I thought you said g sync so I found the Alienware AW2518H and DAMN big price difference from free sync to g sync. Great video man defiantly gonna upgrade to alienware

  63. Glacier Family Treks

    i am thinking a smaller one to buy!

  64. Mohamed GamerTV

    the word is budget and i subbed and liked

  65. Grammar Nazi

    Keyword: "Under" Good job. Maybe include specs though.

  66. Alex Travers

    can someone reply with the cheapest one?

  67. Ali boustani

    Keyword:under Keep on the hardwork

  68. Jason McGrath

    *got it for my son◓◓>**をH** He now has a nice chair to sit in when he plays. He likes it. It is comfortable.....*

  69. Toby Maroby

    Laptop. Exactly what I came for

  70. Easy Grows

    Red Magic 3s fuck the rest. Antutu wont let you put the benchmark up, because for the next year Nubia would dominate.

  71. Ultra-Low Muzik

    Keyword: Speakers

  72. Rob USMC

    Inch, lots of good choices ,I like the 27 inch with 144hz and G-sync

  73. Eric Evans

    *Great chair! My picky teen son was thrilled.◓◓>**そA ** I really expected him to complain because it wasn’t the high end brand name but instead he is super happy. So glad I saved money because I couldn’t tell you the difference beyond the name.*

  74. Charlie Naysmith

    everyone raging and wining over how he pronounces a word wrong whilst also complaining about prices. Learn what budget really means.

  75. Alberto Giavani

    Surface Go isn't good in 2020 Outdated let's wait for go 2

  76. Flatland Sounds

    Happy to see the lsrs on here!

  77. Tanner Kay

    *Pretty easy & quick to assemble◓◓>**もE** My only wish is that the directions came with words instead of only pictures showing how to assemble.*

  78. Jeseeu 2

    Do not buy Lenovo products, 1 year with a Lenovo laptop, 5 repairs for screen flickering, Chinnesee products are still trash

  79. 43asian

    *Comfort and solid.↝↝>** ** The chair arrived quickly and was easy to **assemble.It** is something I do not have to worry about.*

  80. Jaminur Rahman On of The best Headphones

  81. andras Szabo

    *Easy to put together comfortable chair.▪▪▪>**へM** Had a small issue and customer service immediately addressed the situation. A+ customer service!*

  82. Sheel Mirji

    JBL has more bass & but lacks crisp sound .

  83. FARADIS Production

    Siiip MarkuSip. Top MarkoTop. Josss GonDos BleDosss... 10BestOnes Oke... Salam VideoGraphy Tretaaan... MarHeBol ... BarokaAlloohu fiiKum... WiRo Studio - ABBA Studio

  84. Milk Shake Gaming


  85. 24lowhan




  87. M3LLE

    inch you make good content

  88. TopTop Top

    Hey, nice, I have myself made a review on my channel with best monitors 4k and good for editing. They. Have a lot of collours -really nice for editing and for gaming too.

  89. vishnu dev

    I liked canon rebel sl2

  90. danejerustv

    No surprise the ASUS ROG P279Q is on here. I’ve wanted that 27 inch monitor for months now

  91. pozinic24

    *Bought this for my friend for his birthday back in March 2019. It’s still in perfect condition.◓◓>**むw** It was a little confusing putting together but all in all worth the price and good quality. Very happy with this purchase*

  92. ElectroSwingable

    Nice ones

  93. Payton Boon

    Can I please get one. I would love that because I dont have one and dont have money to buy one

  94. jobbyt Everydayguy

    Inc Senpai pls i need one!

  95. Anarchist PR1NC3

    I have the number 2

  96. Geraldine Torres

    Thank you so much the informations about monitors. This information can help me a lot for my futures buys

  97. Renyx Ghoul & God Slayer

    He sounds like the Linux tech guy or something

  98. Renyx Ghoul & God Slayer

    Xiaomi is pronounce “see-ow me”

  99. andy cooper


  100. Ledi Bardhi

    low budget noise cancelling headphones options ?