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  1. Hepatitis T

    He smiles :)

  2. Shadow Of Light

    DEsel Rebald 2019

  3. PumpkinHead58

    Holy shit I havent checked your channel since u had less than 50k when did u get 2 million

  4. Pauline NS

    The King from the other kingdom is back! 😱😱😱❤️

  5. Arailym Rysbek

    Bald in brazzers

  6. Glory Gaming

    ammmmmmmmmmmmm this vid has more likes then you have subs rn XD

  7. Elsayed Elshenawy

    That is better

  8. Chicken nugget Martinez


  9. Harbinger

    The rewind is actually low quality content.

  10. red scorpion

    Rewind time everybody!!

  11. I dont Know

    Hes in the yt rewind 2020😋

  12. DoggerPlay Rus

    Hey, but what about Minecraft being the first?

  13. Lauren Lai

    Admiring your face till the end of da vidieo

  14. QueenMoth

    Notice me Senpai!!

  15. Blood Lust

    Me: this is a normal reaction Last 10 sec:Now i have to Like 😂

  16. Madson Caminha

    @Seth did you do the menu music inspired in something? Up this day i really feel that i know some music like that but don't know which

  17. A fat Paki bastard

    Honestly if they added Burger King foot lettuce guy DEsel rewind would’ve been 100 times more funnier

  18. FOXY fnaf


  19. Joshua Fechner

    True Legend here

  20. random videos

    I swear to god if there's even a suggestion of fortnite in the 2020 rewind I'll be so mad.

  21. Kel Sütlü kahve


  22. billieilish page

    We are number one!

  23. M.d. Singh


  24. Benjamin Lokuras

    hes the bald guy

  25. Laterolis

    Is he grandayy

  26. Banana Man

    So the meaning of life is to live? *GOD DAMMIT*

  27. Imbi

    Wait he *TALKS?!*

  28. tdimhcS ajtiM

    Now that's a victory royale... ...

  29. skarow

    Holy fuck before watching this vid I commented on yt rewind 2019 that it is a watchmojo video

  30. naveen mani

    Omg.. exactly how i felt

  31. Mizh Pai

    who came here after watching 2019 rewind

  32. Lol Lol

    im the bald guy

  33. DominiqueCimone Brown

    Pls marry me 😭

  34. Love Trolling


  35. Love Trolling


  36. Spicyy

    *Anyone* *else* *a* *Big* *Fan?* 👇🏽 *I’m* *gonna* *śuß* *to* *everyone* *that* *likes* *this* *and* *sußs* *to* *me!* 🌹

    1. hi there


  37. Jenggot

    more fun watching you than youtube rewind 2019 lol!

  38. ThisIsNotAnASMRChannel Channel

    Not to get all religious right here but I love you uhg😔🤚

  39. Aufinator

    I literally called this years DEsel rewind a watch mojo video. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought that it was basically a watch mojo video.

  40. Random Person

    Can Someone Make Seth POV

  41. Senya

    what is that jacket in the back tho

  42. Drew Ciccotelli

    I thankful the only top video I watched this year was Seth.

  43. Frogg Is me

    That ending was very relatable

  44. Antony


  45. Gay Pudding

    Alright, I love this and you're amazing.

  46. Hiraeth

    Last year's rewind was fucking awful but at least they put some effort into it lmao

  47. TommyTek

    What is thattt? What f is that

  48. I live in Latvia.

    Bruh. It's boring, it's bad. But actually better than 2018's.

  49. Rainbow Quartz Love

    This got me😭

  50. EchaRoe

    When seth singing, his voice vibrates my body hard. I think I'm going to dance.

  51. Abdulelah Zhrani

    Hello. Agent 47

  52. Jinglun Li

    Imagine this video is in DEsel rewind 2020. WE CAN DO THIS GUYS!

  53. 761991ify

    jajajaja so funny

  54. Zoro_ Kenish

    Thank you for your honest opinion Seth.

  55. Jovan Sahota

    The Grammys need a Creation of the Year award for undefinable masterpieces like this

  56. Unspoken name

    I agree 100%

  57. bamboos

    Same here

  58. ailik schip

    Please do a full version of this song. It's f***ing amazing.

  59. Kepy

    report the video for copyright

  60. Che Remy

    I can relate on that "Primitive Technology" copycat.

  61. Benjamin Perfors

    You know what would be kinda fresh doe? Full version

  62. Cahan Mcardle

    who's here after DEsel rewind

  63. mookkss

    *number 2* Me: hehehehehe

  64. G0stVova

    roses are red violets are blue you came here for seth everman too

  65. Iman Syahmi

    What's the intro song..?

  66. Black Nibba

    im the bald guy

  67. rev

    I rather watch this video than yt rewind , this put smile in my face HAHAHAHA

  68. diamond NEO

    I like Seth reacted to Felix wedding

  69. Alexandra Galazzo-Balter

    This was immensely better LOL the guys digging the pools and the countdown voice. DONE.

  70. AdrianVFX

    We did it boyz, we did it!

  71. Viooru

    why are you always mad

  72. jerry robinson dig it

  73. The New Tuber

    0:49 Genre: Depression, this must mean I am some sort of musical genius now.

  74. Just awkward

    Let’s get this to get more likes then actual rewind

  75. Jean-Pierre Coffe

    The ending sequence killed me

  76. Shashank Mishra

    I am the bald guyyyy

  77. Cipollotto 16 Bit


  78. Rundur

    They forgot about the most liked comment. Pathetic.

  79. I BATMAN

    *I'm the bald guy.*

  80. The New Tuber

    1:07 for some reason the made me laugh way to much for just saying GENRE: Elevator Music.

  81. I Naglis


  82. idfk

    wow guys rewind 2019 was the best rewind and no one can change my mind (this is a joke don’t kill me)

  83. Codename: Xelda

    One year it's cringey... The next year it's lazy...

  84. Doggo

    Whenever i watch something funny on youtube i usually just chuckle but you Seth, you made me LAUGH Good job!

  85. San Ban

    Ha ha funny

  86. SUHGaming

    I like how this guy looks a bit like James McAvoy

  87. xxmounir xxx

    best reaction ever

  88. Jenna MarblesSub

    0:17 Горжусь за Пашу Техника

  89. Shaddykack

    Also known as a “LOL”

  90. Sans TheComic9

    These reaction were so good! Better than Reaction Time!

  91. Werner

    Did you just fast-forward through DEsel Rewind? How does that work?

  92. MiraPelican

    We are number one

  93. Shaddykack

    Why can’t every national anthem sound so classy and wholesome? Now recover it using every genre on your synth!

  94. Alice Cheshire

    Wait hes swede? F yeah

  95. Nico Ross

    Thats the best video i have ever seen

  96. RuledByZviniZ_YT

    They should do a 360° rewind video on 2020


    Im the bald guy dahhh

  98. Nina Karlina

    Itu yg bikin translatenya siapa woyyyyy NGAKAK BGT

  99. мяу мяу

    смотрю уже раз 40