Hi everyone! Im Olivia Jade and my channel is desel.info ! I post videos talking about makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and occasionally ill do some challenges. I have a strong passion for makeup and fashion and I love sharing my passion with all of you guys here on youtube. Please subscribe if you haven't already and I hope you love my channel!

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  1. ProTool44

    Young'N Dumb

  2. Amanda Arnold

    The fact that so many people take the time out of their day to spread hate towards anyone truly bothers me. There obviously has to be more accountability, but cmon people she’s a young adult just let her live her life and move on from this situation.

  3. brittany reif

    say what you will, this is by far her most viewed video, her followers have increased, and if you honestly think your dislikes don't put $$$ in her pocket you'd be mistaken.

  4. 刘密码


  5. MaaaarrJ

    This girl needs to be pissed on

  6. Dawn fadess

    She’s asking for forgiveness and she can’t hide in the closet for her whole life.We’ll see if she’s gonna make up for all the drama but for now stop making dirty assumptions about her.It’s not her fault that her parents have a lot of money!!

  7. Ivanna Villar

    Don't come back EVER! You rich bitches think that you own the world and can do whatever you want but when you get caught doing something bad, illegal in this case, you think that you can come to the people you dislike and repealed your entire life and ask them for help! And y'all are idiots if you think this people are honestly apologizing, there's is just no name for what they did, BURN IN HELL

  8. Alyssa Nissim

    not gonna lie these comments make me sick to my stomach. yes she and her parents fucked up but comments like these could really lead to so many mental health issues. if i saw these comments about me idk what i would do with myself tbh. you don’t have to support her but at least don’t go out of ur way to say these things. plus you have no clue what’s going on behind the scenes. he lawyers and publicist could literally be controlling her every move and she may not be allowed to be as vulnerable as you would like. just let her be, she’s just a teen and teenage years are already hard enough. im sure having the possibility of her parents going to jail and the ruin if her reputation is already enough

  9. Peter Hernandez

    Olivia, how Stupid do you think we are to think we would believe you had no ideal what your parents did? You knew. You knew you weren't in crew. You knew you couldn't get into SC with your grades or scores, because if u did, you wouldn't need a payoff. You knew you would take a deserving persons spot, yet you didn't care. So do us all a favor and stay away til you admit the truth. There's never going to be a comeback for you until you admit you were wrong and you knew. Money can't buy our respect. Your family are white collar criminals.

  10. Lisa L

    Olivia : 🎻🎻🎻🎵🎻🎻🎻🎵🎻🎻🎻🎵🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎵🎻🎻🎻🎻!!!

  11. Natalie Lee

    Hahahahaha such an airhead. She clearly has a serious problem. You should be in jail now

  12. Alyssa Nissim

    aw i missed watching your videos<3

  13. LindzExposure

    Lol she wants to talk about morals? Joke right?

  14. Dawnofoffset

    Imagine having such a terrible GPA that your parents have to ILLEGALLY pay for you to get into school.

  15. big boo

    How aren't you arrested yet ????? Youre so Lucky the federal prosecutor has a soft spot for pretty white girls Someone start a petition calling for the arrest and indictment of Olivia Jade and Isabella. Obviously they were complicit in all this. Having taking the staged rowing photos

  16. hound dog

    Please just go away

  17. Mike Dent

    You people are so mean! Get a life! Like nobody has ever made a mistake before! Jesus , bunch of bullies behind the keyboard with nothing better to do. Grow up people! Look for the positive in people instead of the negative. I’m ashamed to see grown folk be so childish. At least she had the balls to make a video, most of you wouldn’t have ever made the first video much less a come back video! Smfh

  18. Alura Sky


  19. Alura Sky

    cut edit cut edit cut edit cut!

  20. bklynp718

    "This is the best I can do" -- B U L L S H I T. If you really want to do something, take some of your money and fund a fucking rowing scholarship at the school you cheated your way into.

  21. Georgia Clark

    dont listen to the hate! im a supporter of you x

  22. massie yang

    Don’t debate, don’t come back.. no ones waiting

  23. Paris p

    Yeah don’t come back

  24. Colleen Rea- McLaughlin

    Ho has her and her sister not been arrested yet? They posed for fake photos they were clearly involved!!!

  25. Dillan Best

    What did she even do?

    1. Daniel Budik

      She took a giant smelly shit on a homeless man's face 😰

  26. Dave Rourke

    Row row your boat gently down the steam, but be careful the stream leads directly to JAIL do not pass go and do not collect $200

  27. Dave Rourke

    What the hell, I just typed how can I become a professional rower and I landed here. WTF

  28. Bat of Gotham

    I’m gonna answer your question.... no, don’t come back to DEsel. Please don’t. No. No one wants you back on DEsel. Your gonna have to work hard for people to want you to come back. Oops I’m sorry, I’m sure working hard is a concept your not familiar with.

  29. Mariana Carvalho

    Too soon. Besides, if you even have a bit of self awareness and intelligence you would just delete your DEsel Chanel, you are done for life, no one will ever forget what you and your family have done with your privilege.

  30. Puffin Fratercula

    Omg she needs to just stop, she’s seeking attention

  31. Jordan Trevino

    Come back 😭💖

  32. Luiza

    "Not legally allowed to talk about it"...Oh so now you care about laws?

  33. Dave Rourke

    Going to bed be back soon all my haters

    1. Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀

      Good night ❤️

    2. Dave Rourke


    3. Dave Rourke


    4. Dave Rourke

      I'm tied

  34. Christopher Tucker

    Ruining my USC grad degree.

  35. kaneki k

    Please don't come back. You are a liar and your passion is fake .. you can use your money but money is the root of evil.

  36. Dave Rourke


  37. Dave Rourke


  38. Dave Rourke


  39. Dave Rourke


  40. Dave Rourke

    You know what I see in the near future JAIL

  41. Dave Rourke

    Please stop making videos and do something productive and meaningful

  42. Dave Rourke

    Your talking so much about real not saying anything!! Your fake your mother is fake. Vloggers are fake. You know what's not fake JAIL

  43. Doug M

    You are loved. I wish you the best.

  44. R Brakefield

    your Mom's going to jail. lolololol

  45. Vanessa Munoz

    I’m so happy you’re back!

  46. Dave Rourke

    The more you delete the more posts I will make

  47. Camille Lopez

    So glad your back I’ve missed your videos so muc. I know you’ve been through hell and your just trying to star fresh don’t let anyone ruin that stay strong

  48. Dave Rourke

    You got your 15 mins of fame go away

  49. Dave Rourke

    Your a has been

  50. Dave Rourke

    You mother is a has been

  51. Dave Rourke

    Get job

  52. Dave Rourke

    Get job

  53. Dave Rourke

    Fuck you

  54. Dave Rourke

    Fake col6

  55. Dave Rourke

    Get a real job

  56. Dave Rourke

    Nobody cares about you

  57. Dave Rourke

    We hate you

  58. Dave Rourke

    Please leave the public alone

  59. Dave Rourke

    Go away

  60. Dave Rourke

    Go away

  61. Dave Rourke

    Go away

  62. Dave Rourke

    Nobody cares about you

  63. Dave Rourke

    Fake news

  64. Dave Rourke


  65. Dave Rourke


  66. Dave Rourke


  67. Jocelyn LeBaron

    Idk why everyone’s hating on her so much! I’ve been waiting 9 months for her to come back!!

  68. Dave Rourke

    Go back to school better yourself. You can do much better

  69. Dave Rourke

    People hate you more than kim Kardashian

  70. Dave Rourke

    Hide under a rock

  71. Dave Rourke

    Fake bitch

  72. Dave Rourke

    Delete messages two more shall appear

  73. Brittany Alyssa

    very unfortunate situation you've been going through, too bad it happened at all. Not condoning what happened as being something okay, which it's far from okay, but I feel for you and your family who have to go through this publicly and having people judge you based on just this situation. Coming from someone who has a family member who got into some legal trouble and it being all over the local news, I understand how emotionally and mentally draining this probably is for you. One day at a time 💗 everyone makes mistakes.

  74. Dave Rourke

    The more you delete the more I write

  75. Dave Rourke


  76. Dave Rourke

    I see jail in your future

  77. Dave Rourke

    Stop deleting comments. What you pay someone to do this

  78. Dave Rourke


  79. Dave Rourke


  80. Dave Rourke


  81. Dave Rourke


  82. Dave Rourke

    You and your parents are guilt as hell

  83. Dave Rourke

    Your eyebrows are fake

  84. Dave Rourke

    Get a real job and make a difference. Vloggers are rich bratz that are to lazy to get a job. Vloggers have it so hard these days

  85. Daphne Lina

    Girl I’d disable ur comments if I were u

  86. Victoria Josifovski

    guys stop being so hateful and negative. if u were in her position you would probably do the same she did. everyone makes mistakes so just own to it.

    1. Apple Slices Unite

      She's not admitting to any mistakes. Don't you have to admit to a mistake before reaping the benefits of forgiveness? The girl is letting her parents take the complete fall alone when she clearly knew that the whole family was scamming.

  87. Dave Rourke

    You Parents don't love you. If they did you would still be in school

  88. Nicole Wendlandt

    people make mistakes. you are still loved.

  89. jay

    I think she is being real. I mean let’s be real the only thing Gen Z cares about is likes. I bet she hopes her parents get jail time so she can play the victim and pity cards.

  90. Brett Banks

    You are hot

  91. Dave Rourke

    Your mother has no faith whatsoever in your college ability

  92. Dave Rourke

    Your eyebrows are drawn on

  93. Dave Rourke

    Go away

  94. Dave Rourke

    You should be in jail

  95. Dave Rourke

    Stop deleting comments

    1. Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀

      Be sure to come back when you wake up to write more comments 😂

  96. That girl Darien

    Imagine being so stupid that your parents have to pay $500,000 in order for you to get into school and then on top of that have the nerve to come and ask if you should come back lmao ....girl no

  97. sthefani carino

    Olivia if you happen to see this, please ignore these hate comments. You are your own person and you will grow from everything that happened. I see there is good in your heart and I’m sorry for everything that has happened. For all the haters: please stop sending hate to anyone because it’s just sad and degrading yourself. Lift people up and if not just don’t say anything. She’s legit 18 (I think) either way she’s young so let her be.

    1. That girl Darien

      sthefani carino you know in order for someone to grow from something they have to actually take account of their mistakes

  98. Dave Rourke

    Its sad that your mother doesn't believe in you and you abilities to get into college. How does that make you feel? I feel sad for you. But on a real note are you really that stupid????

  99. Dave Rourke

    Why are you back away. The space that your in is already so saturated!! What makes you so different. Vloggers need to get a real job and be a productive in the workplace. All you 20 somethings are lazy and live off your parents. In your case rich mommy and daddy!!! You and your sister have no CLUE about the real world and hard work and you can take that to the BANK!!

  100. Janese

    I don’t think you should come back to DEsel right now...what you’ve done is kind of difficult for a lot of people to get over