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  1. Kate ok

    They went to 24.9 million.... Oof

  2. Alka Bhagat

    Shayne reminds me of DEsel rewind 2019

  3. Asmae Balmane

    “Oh god I’m already peeing OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo” I was laughing so hard 😂

  4. Bad Ass

    who is from 2019??????

  5. Bad Ass


  6. The Ultimate OrangeGod

    Every Popeyes Ever

  7. cat lover

    This is my favorite "every blank ever"

  8. Herro_dumpling Boi

    I miss Anthony and Ian

  9. Adeption

    Eyes so green

  10. DGTasdiq


  11. John F


  12. XavierVz

    I miss Anthony and the old smosh

  13. cloudheart72 Art

    If I was Courtney I would say I was drunk when I tweeted that

  14. Alan Alarcón

    Mr. Jackson, Why did you do it?

  15. Big fatty patty Panda

    2:58 LOL 😂

  16. peanut gallery

    1:07 i can’t believe smosh predicted idubbbz wow

  17. Abdullah Aswad

    They should implement a partial point system for the first round incase someone gets part of the missing phrase but not 100%.Like when Grace says "That tweet" rather than "Last tweet", she would get 2.5 points.

  18. Sans


  19. loger yong

    batman-} fatman

  20. Tui là BIBI

    Haters: Complain about the new Smosh squad Also haters: Watch videos of the new Smosh squad

  21. Butterball2829

    Man they predicted fanny packs coming back into fashion

  22. rbn

    This is New?

  23. Axelfirekirby

    That hey Arnold one was kinda like the show..

  24. Lydia Key

    herWINE i’m tripping balls right now

  25. I don’t know What I’m doing

    2019 anyone else still watching this

  26. Valdis Tärk


  27. I don’t know What I’m doing

    2019 anyone else still here

  28. M4J3STY TJJ

    those singing sharks must be shayne

  29. Ricardas Bruchas

    Ok boomer

  30. I don’t know What I’m doing

    2019 anyone else still here

  31. I don’t know What I’m doing

    2019 anyone else still here

  32. Maks


  33. Blast the Gamer123

    Do every nerd and jock ever

  34. Alexandra


  35. Potato SnipeZ


  36. Good Vibez

    The good ol days. :C

  37. I don’t know What I’m doing

    1:58 did anyone actually count how many shades he’s wearing to make sure

  38. Pugnippelz

    I can say they made better content when I was 12. Just that would be a lie. I just had crap standards back then. The content didn't change, I did.

  39. I don’t know What I’m doing

    2019 anyone else here

  40. I don’t know What I’m doing

    2019 anyone else here

  41. I don’t know What I’m doing

    2019 anyone else here

  42. Los CoCos LoCos

    Ese wey 😂

  43. Seth Seth

    Key and Peele did it better.

  44. AlienNug

    2:59 why can’t I find the song?

  45. Leal Cairo Earl Mendoza

    Wait.. The part 2 of this is bald millionaire?

  46. Haris Mujacevic


  47. Jolie Garcia

    So in 2006-2007 lan had his bowl haircut but in 2008 he cut it but after he grew it again but in 2016 he got rid of it again

  48. Fuzz cookie

    matthew and the others just repeating "boys boys boys" throughout the ep is a MOOD

  49. unit ding

    The legend has it if you send 👹👹👹 three time the dragon will send you a emoji that how you died

  50. 山田太郎

    still anyone?

  51. AlienNug

    Is Obi-Wan and Darth Vader played by the same person?

  52. TNT Gaming

    2 years later we still haven’t seen Anthony

  53. Lord_Killer

    0:17 parody Panic at the disco

  54. John Dee

    I really hope that one day Ian and Anthony will come back to producing smosh themselves. No more company bs. Just for the sake of pure entertainment for the fans and those who miss their old school content.

  55. Kyel Barksdale

    harly queen is in the video

  56. Ryolo Smacks

    Yooo what’s this game called? That is a blender Me: dOeS It hAvE MuLTi flavoR

  57. Maxcraft Demo

    only me got the video why i leaved smosh by antony ?

  58. _DontAskMyName _

    ANTHONY uwu

  59. Golden Ninja

    I'ᗰ ᑭᖇETTY ᔕᑌᖇE ᗩ ᗷᗩᗷY ᗷOOᗰEᖇ ᗯIᒪᒪ ᑌᔕE TᕼIᔕ

  60. buqe Dobruna

    there dad is going to kill them lol!

  61. Storming Legend

    You shouldn't have given the award😔

  62. Storming Legend

    I get sympathetic when someone hopes on others when they are helpless. I feel sad even if I have nothing to help with. So sad really.

  63. Miraculous Weeb

    Back when smosh was good

  64. The power youtubers

    Of course I’m a girl

  65. Alexon Zosa

    [3:25]It's,it's's,its,its that stevie?

  66. febriana cinta keberuntungan

    2:29 That give me a puke

  67. Mr. Astro

    5:24-5:46 Me: AAHAHAHAJAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA *(And then he died because he couldn’t breath because of laughing by what Ian did)* Nah just kidding

  68. Ashley Joe

    Once I get a DEsel channel my first vid is going to be about who inspired me to do this and you will be first

  69. Blake Guice

    You could see the pad in Noah's bra 😂

  70. Ivana eveline dan Cc nya! Ashiapp


  71. Ivana eveline dan Cc nya! Ashiapp


    1. Ivana eveline dan Cc nya! Ashiapp


  72. erucae


  73. buqe Dobruna

    that was short...

  74. D. N.

    That’s TV's top Shin Model from Australia who has abs for days

  75. chen hao

    At 2.01 olivia didnt sing lol

  76. AAmin Kettrell

    Yo how they go down to 24.9 million

  77. Adam Vergara

    Did Anyone See A Person Hiding In The Couch At 3:59?

  78. Juan Campos

    13:00 MINUTES

  79. Moo Moo

    Is everyone who comments just kids?? I just see un funny kids jokes

  80. Adam Vergara

    Chris Pratt’s Voice Cracked In 2:32

  81. tomekgulash

    tbh it was the easiest round 3 in whole game history imho.

  82. Electrical Nemisis

    Dat nae nae though

  83. XxXYoboiisickXxX Brabec

    I miss teloporting fat guy

  84. ObSidKid Z

    He is holding fire and not getting burned. That of in itself deserves an award.

  85. WinterPizza850

    Where did this god like content go :’(

  86. Hamza Kiani

    Keith ( Beginning part) Ian and Noah were best

  87. Sila Thep_ar_ree

    "Everything is cool..." -Garret Palm

  88. Sans

    I think i see a mustache on slenderman/skinnyman's face

  89. Gabby Cruz

    5:02 the one who is wearing blue blinked

  90. Hungermemes Gaming

    They made TOY STORY 4 so... Yeah, they didn’t make that part

  91. five nigth at freddys


  92. John Ulrich Seludo

    If you want the spirit's awa5 why didn't you open the door

  93. Vimala mala

    Hi smosh

  94. Sans

    2:29 F**king accurate as F**K!

  95. Senpai_Foxxie


  96. J.J. Perry

    does anyone else think that the song at the end is frickin sik

  97. Nada Alshabibi

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂 nice like it I died for laughter I didn’t even stopped

  98. Evan Dinosaur

    Well, looks like Shayne finally fulfilled his dream of becoming the sassiest girl in the office! :)

  99. endd lol

    the sooubway