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  1. devon querns

    who els sings to the intro song and says the intro

  2. Jessica Montes

    Poor Elle she looks very sick 🤕 poor Elle

  3. ghina amoudy

    I just got the new ace family merch and I am so happppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  4. Fahimeh Azizi


  5. Fahimeh Azizi


  6. Oyun Delisi

    I love 💕 you guys

  7. Mohammad Rezaye64

    Okay Austin okay 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😂😂😂

  8. Senitila Fonua

    Wasted a nice dance routine on this song. P.S. why'd we see the horse more than we did Catherine? Lol

  9. Danram Haytasingh

    Snacks to get Sour patch Star burst Toffees Prinkles

  10. Ale Rod

    These people just couldn’t let OLD TOWN ROAD BE THE ONE HIT FOR THIS YEAR 🤔!! Lmao THIRSSSSTTTYYYYYYYY AF THIS sucks 10000x

  11. Ruth Abera

    who else hates the ace family

  12. Myrah Hussain

    Omg m crying I’ve been waiting years lol omg I don’t know what to say yay ur the best

  13. Dayanara Hernandez

    I miss the old them because now they now have a lot of drama </3

  14. Rodriguez Monica

    I listen to giddy up like 5 times a day it’s my jam even my husbands dances to it with me 💕💕 I love you guys so much!

  15. Natasha Wylie


  16. Ellie King

    Catherine’s hair is so pretty like that

  17. Erica Rodriguez


  18. Brianna Hernandez

    Hey ace family!!! Love y’all lots! The thumbnail is so cute as well is the video ! I think the big surprise is what u did last year! You went to ace family members homes ! Can you please go to Orange County San Clemente because there’s a lot of ace family members I know that live there! If u can’t I understand and thanks for giving us such amazing content

  19. amrita chada

    Omg if you do come to london. I'm gonna come meet you guys. It's a dream come true. 😊😊😊

  20. Vanda Dy

    I dont care about the song but the dancers made the video better

  21. Muigel De La Roza

    San Bernardino

  22. Noah Z

    The Arabic 1-10 is good. But it’s a little off from mine. 😂 but good job mom and dad 😏😉

  23. Aarniyah Robinson

    i feel bad for the boy dancing in the back he wasnt even in the camera

  24. EdgeyB

    😄lol ALAÏA 9:20 copying the dancers moves is tooo cute

  25. maria.

    How are you picking the winners? Like how are you going to know who streamed it on Apple Music ?

  26. Senia Reifel


  27. Shivendra Singh

    Love you ace family you guys are god for me I am going through very hard time but you guys make me so.happy love you all your children's and my baby sister are so cute and lovely I love you guys I am from India

  28. Luz SR

    Estaría cool si agregarán subtitulos en español. Ya que muchas personas no saben inglés 100%, solo saben lo básico, me encantan sus vídeos. Hermosa familia❤️

  29. Shyla Freeze

    At 9:10 Elle looked sad

  30. Senia Reifel

    done (been done since day one)


    Despite the fact I like the ace family this song wasn't really that good

  32. Florence afri

    I am a member of your army

  33. Dursilla Smith

    This was pure comedy🤣😂🤣

  34. amrita chada

    Where you guys been. It's been a while lol

  35. Sara Makhani

    Pleaseeeeeee come to Texas because I really really want to meet you pleaseeee

  36. Lina Ayesha

    The thumbnail 🥺🥰🥺

  37. Diana

    The surprise is that Catherine is pregnant 🥳

  38. Selena Lynn Gonzales

    Decorating the house for Christmas!

  39. Frankie Love

    DONE ❤

  40. xFlorqia ¡

    Get well soon sweet Elle 💕, I still can't understand why she isn't vaccinated. If she took it she wouldn't have the influwenza type b 😭.

  41. Gulnaz Begum

    goddddddddddd the new giddy up song is amazing

  42. KK’s Land



    love your all white outfit 7:23

  44. Nellie Barreras

    What if we don't have an apple music 😭😭

  45. Erica Rodriguez

    I don't have a iPhone but i did do the giddy up challenge Erica_ m_ rodz

  46. KK’s Land

    plz pick london i have never been to one

  47. Shrek 123

    I think Catherine’s preggers

  48. humairaa seedat

    Please do vlogmas

  49. Mary Plunkett

    I seen it and I love it❤️❤️

  50. celin king

    I keep watching this over and over

  51. Laeba Akthar

    A question that everyone is thinking Why and are you guys doing vlogmas this year U should😅😂🌲❄️🎆 Now watching while typing they aren't sadd love u tho xx❤️❤️

  52. Rihana Mohamed

    I think they basically mean Austin’s music video

  53. Ja Wa

    awww so cute i like ur all white outfit

  54. KK’s Land

    ahhhhh london u will see me there

  55. Anessa Vargas

    I know it will get to top 20 😍😍

  56. Nondu Buthle

    Yes your all white is nice next video please do a reaction video

  57. Pink Panda

    I think there going on tour in different cities

  58. Anessa Vargas

    Let’s doooo itttt ace fam !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  59. V V

    Love you ace fam

  60. Ruby Streeter

    Omg please come to London I love you guys so much

  61. Yesenia Hernandez

    Clearly Elle don’t feel well and they make her record 😏 Catherine said she literally stop everything till she makes them feel well And here she is putting her to works for view and money 😏

  62. amber farragher

    I love giddy up it my fav song now 🤣🤣

  63. cat woman

    I don't think Austin is okay.. he look sad for some reason

  64. Sandra Arismendez

    How can anyone criticize you guys you literally are a beautiful couple and you can see the comfort and love you have for each other. I hate trolls and the haters give them a ducking pacifier I love you guys

  65. Noah Z

    I like the white outfit... but it would’ve been cool if u switched up to a tux during the dancing w the dancers😂

  66. Danram Haytasingh

    Swimming lessons Alaia

  67. Isaac Cruz

    My sis room is hunted

  68. Eunika Twyman

    I like your white outfit


    I love the video guys

  70. Casey Gallagher

    Omg games Charles you are so good at makeup I wish you could do mine

  71. Rosa Hernandez

    I don't have apple music because I don't have a apple iPhone or anything else but only Samsung

  72. Laura Gutierrez

    I LOVE Alaïa!!!!!! She is Austins twin! lol

  73. Fatima Torres


  74. Diana Cadet

    Yes - the shot of all of you guys together at the end, was so beautiful


    The true ace family fans will never skip or never judge talk how much you want love you guys❤️❤️❤️❤️xoxo

  76. Alexandra Zamora

    The song sucks sorrynotsorry plus Austin doesn’t even play guitar 🤣

  77. vashty Valdez

    I love you guys

  78. Bernice Gomez

    Catherine looks like a mom in this video lol

  79. Harriniqa Bradley

    I think they are going to do a tour

  80. Margie Quintana

    My friends and I did this, its so fun! 😂One person gets blind folded and the other person describe the peices to making a ginger bread house. Lay all the materials 😂👍🏼 It was fun for us! Let me know how it goes!

  81. Sadiyah Begum

    There is a mistake in the intro

  82. Emma Baadjies

    Your outfit is stunning Austin 👌💜

  83. queen lea

    Love the cuties go ACE family

  84. Kelcey

    you guys should do more sit down videos. like a get real with me videos or something.

  85. Diana Cadet

    Yes - I loved the all white theme - Catherine you looked gorgeous sis!!!

  86. Cata Fernandez

    I love u

  87. Sun Kumar

    I have listened to that song on Apple Music more than 20 times. I promise

  88. Marija Filić

    Amazing family love you guyss

  89. Brooklynn McCoy


  90. silver bebe

    Ginger bread house making .....🥺😍❤

  91. Abby wellman

    I overall loved all of the video, it was so amazing and so cool, I just loved the entire video

  92. gurns

    Catherine a fknn baddie

  93. laura delamere

    When Elle said it I thought it was elia

  94. Saliha፯ Aman፯

    She is sweet

  95. Matkowski Mandy

    Me and my kids love this song soo much!!! Keep it up the ace family!!❤❤ merry Christmas from my family to yours!!

  96. golden gamer

    Aye yoooo😂

  97. Pettra POM

    #87 woooooo we almost there

  98. tanowah Ama

    Love from Ghana 🇬🇭 ❣️💖💝

  99. Nela Cervenakova

    10:29 austin was so happy And then... 10:36😂😂

  100. La FAMILIA Extraordinaria.

    Extrañábamos los videos y de hecho ayer le decía a mis hijos no han puesto videos de NAVIDAD 🎄 QUE PASARÁ???