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  1. Cindy Leaf

    Vegan Kings omg yes animal rights

  2. 20somethingsWorld

    I thought they were giving up filing and done with DEsel

  3. PandaGirl Vlogs

    They make a storyline on every video

  4. Molli Turek

    this was so entertaining, I loved seeing how beautiful the country is!!

  5. Kyle Fox

    They called my state beautiful. Much love from Missouri 💚💚

  6. Mounir Abbas

    ah thought apples are healthy and comes from nature! so what's up with vegan apple?

  7. It’s me

    I sleep with my window open and i live in Belgium its 18F or something haha lol

  8. Sabrina Trinidad

    The boys look STUNIIIIING in those gowns <3

  9. Nanda Pramodh

    Can we all just collectively agree that Ethan was THE cutest fluffball in this video than he has ever been and we all died?

  10. genevieve santibanez

    Ethan:"My heart" Grayson:"Your going through some sh*t bro"

  11. Leen Abdullah


  12. Brooke Taylor

    Happy early birthday Grayson and Ethan and love those virginity rocks shorts Ethan

  13. черния magician

    My man im not pervert or anything. But... This girl is really beautiful

  14. Brittany Scherze

    lmao special treatment, just cause he has close on

  15. Emily Reeve

    2:48 why is that Ethan's ring tone 😂😂lmao

  16. S K U L L Y Y T

    Who are these guys😱

  17. Abdou bb

    18:35 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Beth White

    What the fudge is a VEGAN APPLE?

  19. Mia Hernandez

    kyle is so cool

  20. Meshaltheflipper

    Notification on

  21. holly jade

    they seem so much happier 💞

  22. Billie Mea xxx

    0:40 that laugh tho 🥺❤️

  23. Peppermint Tae

    Noone: Gray and ethan: this is sketchy

  24. ItsYaGirlJeralyn

    Rocky mountain hiiiggghhhh Coloradooooo

  25. mayo 96

    K, but imagine sisters squad on this road trip

  26. Laila Zeidan

    2:05 - Aka my History teacher...

  27. thisgirl doesstuff

    But like w’res your pet friend Alfredo??

  28. Maria Howells

    My son 14 and his face opens my iPhone 11

  29. Kendra F

    Am I the only one who thought it was emma

  30. Tiya Kapoor

    Grayson in a tank top is just❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️he is soooo attractive❤️❤️❤️❤️god saveeeee meeeeee

  31. Lisa Renee

    Know your rights, guys. Unless they believe there's evidence of a crime in your vehicle or you're on probation, you can refuse to a vehicle search. You should refuse even if you've nothing to hide bc they've no business rustling through your stuff just trying to find something.

  32. Θοδωρής Μυλωνίδης

    Anyone watching in 2020 ???

  33. Mason Crawford


  34. Bryna LaPlante

    but they is it their last showers? Go to a gym and shower, and get some cookwhere. plus a camping stove top? cook some food. canned, fresh foods.

  35. Olivia Stroman

    I hate you Grayson because you are a terrible person because you payed tribute to juice wrld two weeks before he died

  36. Jasmyn Maltez

    I worked at loves and I used to give ppl showers so often and it makes my heart warm seeing this

  37. Janelle Snow

    Get a generate and a heater

  38. Julia Francis

    5:54 wy did I die of laughter when Ethan hit Grayson with a pinata?

  39. Nirvana Ayad

    Next time you could go to a gym and showere there

  40. AJ Nunez

    I’m just checking this channel out so someone give me insight on what happened with them all

  41. Sara the Alien

    i said it once and i'll say it every freaking time: ETHAN CRACKS ME THE FUCK UP. i can't handle his humor and at the same time i can't get enough of it. :'D


    *she is right she is sitting *

  43. Co co


  44. fat bitch

    E: u think mah hair looks guud Gray: yeah I looks good E: I think it looks like shit

  45. Andrea Gomez

    This gave me Inspiration to roadtrip somewhere but I’m under age broke and don’t have a friend

  46. buttercxp uwu

    "F**king Cameron" My favourite part 😂

  47. Finley Ivey

    Ethan: NO ONE WANTS TO WATCH YOU SUCK HONEY OFF YOUR FINGERS!?!?! Grayson: I’m sure there’s someone out there... 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Gillian Dunne

    Grayson won round oneeeeeeeeeee

  49. Justine Harnett

    10:52 🤣🤣🤣

  50. Salman Albihery

    GRAYSON* i need a bed ETHAN* i want a fluffy pillow 😂

  51. The 3 vloggers

    i was looking online and I don't know if its a scam or not but it says get tickets tour dolan twins 2019\2020 and I freaked out but I think its a scam also I love you guys

  52. Laila & Keira

    If u can find my other comment and tell me how many likes it's got I'll give u a candy bar 🍬

  53. Arham Jain

    Them sleeping with shoes N here I'm not even allowed to enter house with my flip flops n I still love it

  54. Bella Marino

    When Ethan said “ we should invite people in our home” Gray: “ No Ethan” Ethan: “I’m just trying to help the community Gray”. This video was my favorite plz make more.

  55. Katie Holmes

    Watching this while road tripping from Florida to Pennsylvania, so definitely feeling the struggles on a whole other level !

  56. nicole yuri

    11:34 emma is so nice i really want her to be my sis or bestie or smth bc i cant take it anymore with ppl who cant accept me for who i am

  57. Ben Willer

    Colorado check

  58. Chloe Limelight

    i live in colorado i got 2 feet of snow in 1 hour

  59. monfrťák 2222

    And know they have 10 mil. OMG

  60. Tomasz Łaszcz

    jeszcze na przykładzie tej piwko mogę powiedzieć, że jak taka ma 16 czy 18 lat to może mi się pokazywać, ale się nie pokazuje i potem jak ma 18 lat to się pokazuje jak daje innym, oczywiscie nic dla mnie robi, najlepsza nie jest i okazuje się że jest jedną z wielu co nadają innym i g*wno mnie obchodzi że takie sie starzeją. bo to by wyszło że ciągle jakiś przeciętniak, frajer, mięczak coś ma bo takie piwka mu dają

  61. dog

    15:20 I laughed at the pause

  62. K aR m A

    Sharing a toothbrush really isn’t that bad I’ve done it with my friends before when I forgot one at a sleepover or something and we don’t even have the same DNA 😂

  63. Shrek I am the real shrek no click bait

    Ngl, that’s thumbnail is pretty sick.

  64. Sriya Chaparala

    Gray:exists E:aaaa my rib my rib!!!!

  65. Leslie Osuna

    Love what you guys are doing with your channel and that you guys are enjoying yourself but what about appreciating all the beautiful spots you guys are driving by? Enjoy nature!!

  66. Reagan Copeland

    USE WAZE!!!! it’ll get u out of traffic

  67. Juan Jojoa

    Why is the first comment by James Charles ?

  68. ITZ_ KARMA

    Instead of #cool they needed to do #yolo :P

  69. maddie dodd

    the last one got very dark..

  70. Tanya Dejager

    kyle is lowkey my fave e boy he is so cute

  71. SallaIda

    "lOoK iN tHe CaMeRa AnD tAlK iNtO ThE MiC!!!!"

  72. Anleo Swanepoel

    Omwww lovedd this videooo sooo muchhh

  73. ARI’s World

    thumbs up 👍 if you agree

  74. Katie

    You still have to drive it back lol

  75. Gaming Apple

    That wink of Grayson was so cute I like Grayson's diss track better

  76. jesselynhyori gracia

    Is Jefree a guy omg

  77. Sneha Chaudhary

    I'm again watching this video a year later and it still cracks me up how Ethan was talking about something really deep and james was just stabbing his burger 😂

  78. Mr.NightMares


  79. HY

    In many views it seems like they are three instead of two.

  80. Alysa McKinney

    I'm Triphobic too. The begining of the was hell for me.

  81. small hope

    Im so happy for u. U look so happy about this serie and u enjoy doing them and that's the best thing ever

  82. Ellora Fisher

    5 days is not a week Comment down delow

  83. Aliyah A

    Well they did everything AGAIN going back home

  84. kyloniii

    its weird that's its december 13th as im watching this for the 100th time and this was uploaded on december 13th 2 years ago 🤣

  85. chir Ag

    go to coachella on this van

  86. Olivia E

    Graysons so deep in the vegan trend that he called it a vegan apple like there’s any type of apple that isn’t fuckin “vegan”😂

  87. Clavor

    How does it feel that one of you was unplanned or unwanted 🤔

  88. MOJANG Madness

    Do people do her makeup???

  89. Galaxy S4

    Why don't you post helpful videos to people? why don't stop publishing trivial videos?

  90. Miranda Tweeton

    Jeffree is me! No eyebrows and eating Taco Bell all the time 😂

  91. daniel seavey's apple juice

    Kyle iz hot😍

  92. Sindi Andersen

    Grayson: "Did you fix something? Dude, that's my little boy! Good job E!" I mean... he was the one who broke it but you know- gotta give credit for that one time he does something right or else he won't be trained xD

  93. Anna Wyman

    “Look at those nips” Ethan “There hard bro” Grayson Me “🤩” 😂😂

  94. Yumna Joia

    Idk why I died 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  95. Gamal Ahmed


  96. Shyla Kinsey

    I live an hour away from Nashville, come see mee

  97. Dark Sparrow

    8:45 i dont know anything about cameras but holy hell they have damn good camera

  98. Sama Nik

    Omgggģg im just laughing so bad oh my godddddd😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  99. Sebastian Kelar

    you shouldn't shower every day. Its not heathly

  100. Just Amelleke

    0:52 look at grays face😂😂😍LMAOOO