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  1. Samantha Chavez

    I just created a HT fan club group on FB for all things HT! Find it here: facebook.com/groups/2839374346127025/about/ or search "Holo Taco Fan Club"

  2. Golden Rose

    You could probably have a contractor install glass doors on the shelves

  3. MimiLuvs

    Ben having fun was adorable 💖

  4. How to do stuff As a kid

    I love how she just going in and starts taking the cats fur

  5. Anna Brew

    Christine you’re awesome but this is truly a waste of ticket on the glass!

  6. Samantha Chavez

    I just created a HT fan club group on FB for all things HT! Find it here: facebook.com/groups/2839374346127025/about/ or search "Holo Taco Fan Club"

  7. Leo Nie

    Your nail art is way more opaque. I prefer it 😌

  8. Eve Yap

    Cristene: * puts gluestick in eyebrows* DEsel: plays sad ad Me: cries DEsel: ends ad Me: *tries to pull self together while cristene glues Ben's face My mom: *walks into my room* why are you crying at a lady putting glue on a dude

  9. Elizabeth Sidle

    Im an iridescent what about you guys

  10. Hatty Bee

    i want to find a beyn but i don’t like going out and interacting with people

  11. Gaming with Katie

    3:31 omg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣BEYYYYN

  12. Carl Everitt


  13. Sierra Van Sickle

    The only DEselrs I've seen complaining about this are toy/cute/innocent artsy DEselrs who don't make videos for kids but they draw the attention of kids. Like Dollightful and NexJen. Dollightful makes vidoes for older people who love to customize dolls but since it's cute and playful she's been told she's a kid's channel. And NexJen reviews toys for moms and dads to see if they are worth money or not and she's afraid she wouldn't be able to do anything just because she has toys in her videos. Other than that I don't know anyone else. Plus I don't watch kids DEselr stuff. And I also am not very interested in that. But like honestly the small portion of kids DEsel stuff I have seen don't even need comments and stuff like that. Anyways I'm fine with this as long as my favorite DEselrs who aren't kids channels don't start getting demonetized because they are "kawaii" and have toys in them.

  14. Eve Jir

    I dont even have cats.. Still watch cus Cristine

  15. Caroline Schnegelberger

    Jen lost on hat round Christine won hers looked like a flower

  16. Kristy's Things

    how is that tortie kitten not coming home with you???

  17. Sophie says So

    Your beautiful just the way you are

  18. Александр Бородач

    You are the best kristina

  19. Caroline Knowles

    was not aware of how much i needed this video until i watched it

  20. Seta Samimi

    so ironic , XD When you said " they got ads " an ad popped up

  21. KrAtEz BoNatOZ

    you have a cool nanny

  22. xxmidnightwolfiexx 1

    Yes libra twin!

  23. Heather :0

    Christine+straightener=Danger stand back...

  24. Heather :0

    “ _My hair goes down to my butt_ ” love that for her lmao

  25. Amber Bradley

    Is nobody talking about that limp biscuit reference

  26. Kpop Is a beautiful mess

    The only person in the world still

  27. Brittany Hill

    Have the beauty gurus come to Canada and teach them to do nail art! I think that would be interesting

  28. Ligia Carabajal

    I've missed these two

  29. vincemortuus

    The exposed song as bgm omfg

  30. Summer Johnson

    I can't believe I have a video on DEsel at 12 or 13 emo phase eewww

  31. Alexia Montoya

    I thought troom troom Just listen stupid in spanish but now I know that not

  32. Wilde Designs

    The lips are freaky, but I gotta say... I'm feeling those purple eyes, girl.

  33. Ashley Wells

    Can you imagine what the Feline Cafe employee’s where thinking when Cristine asked to come in to groom the cats to collect their fur lol

  34. sahil bhalerao

    subscribe to her soon she will get diamond + holo play button

  35. Rachel McKim

    OH GOD🙏

  36. Ramona

    Love this. Was very relaxing to watch you grooming cats......surprisingly so.

  37. Xufflex

    you sound exactly like jenna marbles

  38. emily equestrian

    2:07 'brown eyed boy' just like troom troom

  39. Stuff Of Sam


  40. Gabriela gamer

    I just found out that on ben's sleeve it says polo CHIRSTINE GO GET A PERMANENT MARKER REPLACE THAT ,,P" WITH AN ,,H" BEFORE: AFTER: POLO. HOLO get it (like if u do)

  41. Katie Randall

    Menchie flopping over when asked to do anything physical is a mood 😁

  42. YouObviously LoveOreos

    I wanna be at that point of rich where I can afford to stick Swarovski Crystals on my pet's hair

  43. Milla Vilpponen Alves

    Braking a nail hurts just as much as stepping on a lego

  44. Liliya. gnva21

    Love you! I'm from Bulgaria !😘😍💜❤

  45. NationalFool33

    You should use those nail vinyls to do a nightmare before christmas nail of the hill in that silhouetted scene of jack alone or him with sally or maybe zero chilling there!

  46. Nadja Nikolic

    I think this is the first video in wich she is kinda serious

  47. Splatoon Speedpaints

    now you need to bake this into a cake

  48. Achint Marwa

    Troom Troom should pay Christine for all this free publicity.

  49. Francisca Neira

    she looks so pretty with blonde hair

  50. OfficialDanek

    aw this was uploaded on my birthday! just got back from holiday's so playing catch ups! <3

  51. Dominique Clarissa

    Finally christine is a smart ass

  52. Star Nova

    I am jealous of your long hair 😠👿🌺😡

  53. have faith

    You could say she's a *DRAG QUEEN* ..............k

  54. Coconut - Blue British Shorthair cat

    My cat produces tons if fur, where should i send it? 😀

  55. titch_can_i_nail_it

    I can send u loads of cats hair, I have two long haired cats and three short hair cats and two dogs lol!

  56. emily equestrian

    18:40 Ben!!

  57. zmow5

    Why do all the people that hate actually watch you they're just wasting their time on trying to make up stuff that didn't even make sense in the end. I lovr your content and have been a fan for years

  58. Callie Napier

    desel.info/video/video/r2yvyYmbeattnrc.html Banana hacks from five minute crafts

  59. M.a.b 2

    They can go bald if under stress o.o lol

  60. emily equestrian

    "You're gonna peel off the protection..... and look at that your finger isn't pregnant" Had me wheezing 7:42

  61. Natasha M. Lian

    Cristine : Oh my god ! People made my oats ? I didnt know that. But the font on the video had already turned purple like it has been opened/clicked before. It is supposed to be blue when u haven’t click on it yet. She might do some research on which one to open before making this video i guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

  62. Avery Boyle


  63. Puppy lover Gacha life

    When Ben was bleeding he should’ve just washed his hands don’t touch the blood

  64. Just here to leave kind comments.

    You're so beautiful!! 💕

  65. Jacklynn Huckleberry

    You should try le mini macaron it comes with gel nail polish remover wipes and a hand mask

  66. Becky Tookey

    I live for how excited simply is for her own nail polish HYPE WITH YOU GIIIRRRLLL

  67. Fred Is a potato

    That blue polish is Royal tea blue

  68. Bailey Snider

    In 2019 anyone how many years old is this video

  69. sarah elsing

    eek I just graduated school!

  70. Alecs Cornelio

    December 2019?

  71. Trash Panda

    I dare you to wear 8 inch nails for 24 hours

  72. CApower World

    Your give away could be the original holo taco box

  73. Yeet Lol

    Peel off rewind

  74. Sama Enayah

    Are you sure you didn't eat some glassy tacos cuz at the end you seemed high?

  75. Candy Edwards

    Lucky my hair is only on my head🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. Rosa Pink

    i rly wanna buy it but it doesnt ship to my country ohhhhh nooooooooooooooooo

  77. KaidenV Games

    i hate myself

  78. Alexandra Stephania

    Mie nu mia iesit

  79. Millie Hewitt

    Me: wants a finger puppet of a cat so goes to a shop for about 30 minutes and spends like £1 on a nice looking cat finger puppet Christine: spends about £15 and takes about 4 hours in total from brushing the cats to crafting the puppets to get a pretty terrible finger puppet.

  80. Javeriya Ahmed

    whats going on im just 12

  81. Javeriya Ahmed

    i was dead when she actually painted a polar bear. i was like ''oh girl''

  82. Lilia J

    take notes troom troom

  83. Sofia Oliveira


  84. Nico Raz

    When zyler and menchie die, Cristine will use their hair for this.

  85. J J


  86. Nugget

    11:22 I’d that DNA I hear? 😏

  87. Piggley pig Pig

    ive never been to Disney😭

  88. StickyBitch

    This reminds me of how cigarettes used to be advertised as a symbol of women’s empowerment...

  89. Jill McMahon

    Love you dude. LITERALLY don't even care what you post.. Don't care what kind of "series" you do...... I appreciate your sense of humor!!! You make me laugh on a daily basis &honestly your videos make me wanna wake up tomorrow.. Please never stop being yourself & always be yourself love you!!

  90. picknbeansmamma

    Ohhhhh, I'm so jealous of you going to the Cat cafe! I loved all the little kitties!! Lol, the way Ben answered the phone 😂 The puppets actually turned out really cute!!!

  91. andrew wong

    Ben's canine tooth is 1:36 looks like vampire fangs , not to judge tho , just my 3 am mood kicking in .

  92. Siennas Life


  93. Derpqueen 101

    The banana leather polishing thing actually works. When i had my leather school shoes, i used to polish my shoes every day with a banana.

  94. Pastadudde

    Ben looking real daddy here. and oh lord his arms. has he been working out?

  95. Haley Harris

    Ok honestly though tati isnt even cute 🤦😂😂 wth is the big deal