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  1. Manqoba Mtshali

    10M in 4 days

  2. Mr_Steve Steve

    Demoman this is u

  3. DoneWrongType

    Collecting all 100 hidden packages via helicopter before the first mission starts!

  4. Universe window tint mobile service

    Tango power sos

  5. Zed Elh

    0:37 my ptsd from lift yourself catapults itself in here to ruin my day

  6. Mestizo liftr

    If this a trend of 2019 songs sounding like 80s songs I’m all for it.

  7. Aakash Kapoor

    Thus should be the international anthem of music

  8. Salih Akkaya

    They must taken big money from American Tobacco companies,same shit different decades

  9. Yellow Sniper

    “ Never need a bitch im what a bitch need”🙌🏼

  10. Paul x

    Er ist ein mutterfickender Sternenjunge

  11. Brett Consolacion

    This is Weeknd’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas phase

  12. Lorem_

    the beat made me remember of regular show

  13. Paul x

    geile weiber

  14. Jaheer Ahmed

    If ur listening to this song, then u hav a great taste of music.. Good old 80s vibe😍

  15. Supah Fly

    Guys please check out my friend Feedback is needed. Thank you.

  16. Balenciaga Brenda

    Who’s the guy in the blue suit with him ?

  17. Gabriel Comtois

    2019 🔐 2020 🔒 2021 🔒 2022 🔒 2023 🔒 2024 🔒 2025 🔒 Like this so I remember to come back 🔐🤠

  18. Christmas Halloween

    Different person in his videos

  19. Gabriel Comtois

    2019 🔐 2020 🔒 2021 🔒 2022 🔒 2023 🔒 2024 🔒 2025 🔒 Like this so I remember to come back 🔐🤠

  20. Christmas Halloween

    Music video is me at the gta casino

  21. Gabriel Comtois

    2019 🔐 2020 🔒 2021 🔒 2022 🔒 2023 🔒 2024 🔒 2025 🔒 Like this so I remember to come back 🔐🤠


    This video is like a mix of the Fear and Loathing and Casino. This is straight 🔥

  23. kharnan Chap

    This song reminds me of 80’s Tony Montana

  24. Валерия Лесникова

    I love God it's gorgeous, so sincere, Selena scum

  25. RandallsDiversion

    I think the Weekend met with the joker. This reminds me of the joker

  26. madisoneliza

    fear and loathing in las vegas type shit

  27. Ojas Tripathi

    Is this synth pop or the 80s are back?

  28. Louise Kiely

    Yoo what is up

  29. a1nobetter

    Man Tyler Perry just talented

  30. Pedro Moreno

    80s vibe, i love it

  31. dashie's bbgurl

    tbh i always wanted to be a model when i was younger, i lowkey still want to. Watching these shows makes me want to be a Victoria's secret angel, and walk runways like this. But my body. I have stretch marks on my hips and a little on my tummy and i know that wouldnt be acceptable even if i had the talent and the look

  32. spaz0leo

    Can't stop listening O.o

  33. qasim bajwar

    Zzz 5uxxxozozozzozpz

  34. Ruth

    I love him but like...... what is this

  35. Blue Sushi

    It’s the 80’s again and I’m alright. 🔈🔉🔊

  36. Murad Allwer

    I’ve Quit smoking cigarets for 10 years, watching this video makes me want to smoke an entire pack each time I hit replay.

  37. Sandy Fisher

    I think Abels songs truly hit us when we need it

  38. Ahmet Şahin

    This is how to become HEARTLESS gameplay lol

  39. FireBlaster 83

    Polo G better

  40. Big pp

    The universe where joker was black

  41. Carlos Diaz

    God help him

  42. Alvaro Daniel

    B R U T A L

  43. Tittu Jacob

    when he sold his soul to the devil:((

  44. Holtz Claw

    I had s dog that licked toads & get high

  45. Luis Lopez

    sounds like 80s retro Style

  46. Надежда Пирова

    о божее я тебя обожаюююю

  47. Semi Vainitoba

    This is our new MJ

  48. Lance Anthony

    This is horrible music

  49. Jackie Robinson

    Fear and loathing much?

  50. Detektorista


  51. Detektorista


  52. Detektorista


  53. kalrav pathak

    @30 when that ecstasy kicks in peacefully

  54. MrHispanicz

    what cheesy mediocre over produced movie is this going into

  55. Christopher Jardine

    That's so fucking cool how he put in the psychedelic toad I'm dying. For those who don't know, there's a type of toad that secretes liquids having high levels of dmt that's why he licks it

  56. Kushagra Bhardwaj


  57. Joshua Sweet

    If bruno mars and meth had a kid

  58. Sara

    fear and loathing in las vegas?

  59. Suace X

    We need a new Grand Theft Auto game with this song in it

  60. Panda Butter

    Anyone know what sunglasses those are?

  61. Bradley

    anyone watching from Australia 🇦🇺

  62. EmoDaDrums


  63. Wilfredo Delgado

    It's his demon, he's going crazy.

  64. Tonat Arcos

    He look like a watermelon... May be, i'm just trippin'

  65. Tonat Arcos

    Wtf this is like going to a Walmart but stoned as fuck

  66. savyasachi thati

    3:23 mood😈

  67. c w

    His song all sounds the same. Disappointing.

  68. Dan


  69. Basanta Thapa

    Same music and same voice.

  70. wazz good

    The years came fast

  71. Janz Steel

    The Weeknd ft. Bruno Mars ???

  72. ken elican

    Kyaaahhhh the weekend lav yah nice comeback


    I just uploaded a Weeknd blinding lights type beat check it out and lmk what yall think 🖤🖤


    I just uploaded a Weeknd type beat check it out and lmk what yall think 🖤🖤

  75. Al Ladyn

    Am I the only one who noticed that the beginning of the song sound like Miley Cirus track " Mother's Daughter" ?

  76. Hloniphizwe Mthembu

    0:11 I saw this hotel in fear and loathing in vegas

  77. ••

    _This dude used to be all sexy and dark._ _Now this dude is like a dude from Vegas who just sniffed coke for the first time._

  78. Skhonasonke Madinane

    Long time no see

  79. Luisillo Games

    Is this the video of joker? Loool

  80. Carl Aranzaso

    Love how The Weeknd takes inspiration from the 80s in his albums. In BBTM, we got the synth driven "In the Night" and the post disco dance "Can't Feel My Face." In Starboy we got another synth driven song "Secrets", MJ vibes "I Feel it Coming", and the post disco "A Lonely Night." Abel keeps maintaining solid synthesizers dance hits and Blinding Lights is another banger🔥💯

  81. Prime Choi Min-ki

    Why does everyone talk about how cold and heartless they are nowadays? Sad people

  82. Rodney Zoez

    Almost 2020 vibes

  83. YouTuber Analyst

    this song sucks

  84. Catalina Garcia

    Either this video has good graphics or Im high asf

  85. kayla lofgren

    Really I robbed a bank before this is not how you do it you first get everyone on the floor then you go to the security take his weapon and make sure no one is armed then 2 go down 2 stay up and guard then the 5 one goes to make sure there's and exit in the back if not then you got to the a shootout trust me I know I got 7 gunshot wounds from cops and lots of friends died

  86. Daniela Ventura

    Que delícia

  87. Daniel Rodas

    Que nostalgia

  88. Ashwin More

    3:18 that Joker Run Tho!

  89. What Are You

    This sounds like a parody

  90. Froyo

    The Weeknd: *makes another song* also the weeknd: dissappearing jutsu!

  91. crayton2004

    2050 here ? Lol


    Imagine giving this video a thumbs down 🤢🤢

  93. Sadie MayIhelpYou

    This makes me snort cola off of a Pepsi can

  94. Anjum Nawed

    It gets shit after 2:00

  95. Stté Fani

    Quando eu acho que The Weeknd não pode surpreender mais, ele vai e lambe um sapo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  96. Jdaprince23

    Been waiting all this time for this b.s

  97. Gyovana Araújo

    this man always looks good...

  98. Harleen Singh

    Secrets is one of my fav songs by him 🥺

  99. Peppermint Snowdrift

    Oh, fuck! ANOTHER song about how you're gonna USE someone. Wow....Next, please....

  100. Charlie Gist

    This that type of song to have a message when reversed, like if you agree