Ethan Klein and Hila Klein make comedy videos together.

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  1. ツApache

    Me: Mom can we have Ellen? Mom: No. We have Ellen at home. Ellen at home:

  2. Cherry Juice

    Poppy field selfies? Overrated. Come to the farm when the soybeans bloom, just as pretty and the beans are a lot tougher than the poppies so they don’t die afterwards.

  3. Jazmin Zenteno

    Disney has been closed lol

  4. A. A


  5. Capri Sunz

    Bro this guy is married and has a child

  6. Aleister Crowley

    Hila is so gorgeous

  7. Alec Munsen

    she spoke at my school last year L

  8. heyeverybodee

    I really like that song


    Americans need this thin out the morons from the human species

  10. Cohen Cohen

    I know this platform is trash and doesn’t deserve you, but by god did we miss you.

  11. J b

    Rice eating out of a feeding tube after that beating.

  12. TheNobleipman

    Papa bless

  13. Edgar Cota

    Does anyone actually find ethan coughing very loud funny at all?? * dont get it n never will

  14. gayboi farti

    love u

  15. Josiah De la rosa

    Aww when times where simpler...

  16. Ilya Glazunov

    i really hope she doesn't leave him. he has this wild look in his eyes like he's crazy and she has the look in her eyes that she recently found out he's crazy. we shall watch and see what happens.

  17. Jazmin Zenteno

    Lmaoo where did hila come from

  18. F.B.I -Federal Bureau of Investigation-

    Why this single video have captions to almost every language knows to man ?

  19. Grant Morgan

    I thought this was fr for a while

  20. J Lupus

    He really should chill out. That being said, I’m glad the media is not the only way he can directly connect to the public. Twitter is what all future presidents should have.

  21. NobodyAskedForThis

    NGL 'Boomer Doomer' sounds better

  22. ZanVZ GameZ

    So jesus is my source? When's that mf gonna bring me some food ?

  23. SH


  24. The American commies

    Get a rip of that dick stick duuuuude

  25. Jiggler

    Part 2 I can I borrow

  26. ZanVZ GameZ

    Lmao gamestop is dieing that's why they wont close. If they do they wont reopen.

  27. Jonathan Realman

    good it's a shit distro anyways posted from my dank i3 rice on arch

  28. purplepuddle

    That’s so sick

  29. Fimatex

    To dobrze, że go nie znam? I dont really known him and I am happy about that

  30. Adam Mueller

    WAY HO

  31. Miniclef 99

    i honestly hope someone else realized that he said "it went up from a 9 to a 11"

  32. 18Mortus18

    im from Poland and im sick when i see this idiot

  33. Brad N

    The preacher is scary as hell.. His eyes are WILD!

  34. dale stewart

    So I hope Ethan knows that hypnosis is actually real, not that fool on tv but it is real to go into a trance, like that's a well documented aspect of psychology

  35. Gowther

    I fucvking love Ethan and Hila, thanks for the laughs during rough times

  36. sdrre1

    He's just a gentle soul

  37. Lisa and fam

    Yeah, these people are assholes. I'm 9 months pregnant and utterly terrified to have my baby right now. So much for empathy 🤷‍♀️

  38. Scrub Doge

    Look covid is serious but imagine if something truly unforgiving spreads throughout this world. We will be fucked

  39. Mr.Ouest

    The word 'inevitable' is too many syllables for Vanessa Hudgens imbecile brain. That's why he voice went up an octave, as if she was asking question but it was actually her brain was resetting itself.

  40. TheCowCow Clash

    Straight Ben Shapiro kinda scary

  41. Breanna Green

    “remember to eat your wheaties guys” i love ethan omg

  42. omblaythezvee88

    shout out to the little blip of sunshine moving across Ethans face

  43. Smencils Pencils

    I just rewatch all your videos I’m sorry there that good

  44. entropic flux

    that lady has a goddamn cat on the counter. this is why i don't eat other people's cooking. that and they might have prepared it without clothes on.

  45. bruh

    where can i get those glasses

  46. Opalescent Tarragon

    Kenneth Copeland makes all babies and children in his vicinity cry.

  47. EDninjaFire XD

    When he said hugh mungus it was a innocent joke about his fat, The woman assumed it was about his genitals and constantly accused him of sexual harassment, it was a misunderstanding and idk how she hasn't realized she was in the wrong by now

    1. EDninjaFire XD

      Basically she had a dirty mind and was actual sexually harassing him by continuing to talk about his genitals

  48. SPIRIT01

    Washed up on the beach lol

  49. ॐ Cokaina

    A celeb in my country advised her fans to drink hydrogen peroxide because it will protect their immunsystem. Wtf :D

  50. Krystel Idfk

    Excuse me but what the actual fuck

  51. Mack King

    Amen to the guy at 4:10.

  52. Skylar J Nelson

    dude both my grandma and my grandpa have heart disease and diabetes. They're almost 90. I'm scared for them every day that they might get sick and people are out here really not giving a shit about other human beings.

  53. Shafeen. bedt

    Thank u for uploading

  54. Caleb Latona


  55. Trial

    this, this puts a smile on my face

  56. Alejandro Pantoja

    Ethan wishes he was pizza

  57. good golly goy

    Ehhhh..... Boomer Destroyer might have been going somewhere with eliminating all of the Holocaustianic old folks and reighning in the young nationalist movement.... Not where she was going with that was she....?

  58. Trainer Chappo

    virus won't kill more than the flu

  59. RocoMike

    I feel like 4 years younger

  60. Sergeant Waddle Doo

    7:08 that kids lying there’s no way he’s 13

  61. David Blues

    The only part that preacher fits from the Bible is that of false prophets.

  62. Przemek kapeC

    Ok so first of all he is no "Guru" okay ?..... He's just some random guy with few connections not really appearing on TV tho he has his 5 min from time to time.... Poland is much more interesting than this so don't be misguided. The general idea that's presented here is actually fresh and not so bad maybe yeah , could be done better still I haven't seen anything like that on DEsel as I'm living.

  63. LUV. jpg

    dont pop into my notification like you didnt leave with roiland 9 months ago. Cant just waltz back into my life like that man.

  64. Krowa święta

    Cmon, he is not "polish guru" as you called him XD. First time hear about this guy. Anyway, i dont know the context but it was probably joke of some kind. But yea, cringy af. But i mean, what do you want us to apologize for? You better say sorry cause this guy is direct effect of murican culture. Oh, have a joke for you guys: Whats the difference between america and yogurt? If you leave yogurt alone for 200 years it'll grow a culture.

  65. Spruce

    Comedy is dead.

  66. The Cheese

    Jesus is your sauce.

  67. Braxton Arrington

    I live in Florida and those fecks are actually dumb

  68. fisayo iluyomade

    *Ethans prepared with hazmat suits 3 years before corona

  69. Artificial Dissonance

    Ok broomer

  70. jimmy ekdahl

    that monitor stand tho

  71. Marshall Thompson

    Dont you stop hitting that like button. Dont you dare stop hitting that like button

  72. Cutter Driftwood

    I've done some gazing in my time too and I absolutely HATE when I am under magical attack so I can totally empathize with him!!


    You know they're really pissed about this because they recovered the password of the channel just to vent.

  74. Mohammed Abdullah

    that jesus dude is crazy yo


    12:04 I hope he catches corona and dies in the next two weeks...

  76. Dave Muller

    she brings Chris Hanson and half the police force with her to meet this creeper

  77. Malandrix

    I mean for the kaceytron case she has always been a straightfaced troll. She intentionally acts the way she does and you ate the bait.

  78. Charming Billy

    I can't be the only one that wishes that Ethan would just go away for a long time. Let Hila do the show for a couple years by herself.

  79. lily ryan

    lol the captions on 0:17 are *retard noise* instead of *laugh*

  80. شيخ جوجل

    Jesus that intro was cancer

  81. Dave Muller

    They couldn't sound any younger if they tried the parents .lets hit the beach babe and listen to some pink floyd and deep purple on the stereo radio do you dig

  82. bestcoolestgamerhydr3gyn

    2016 intro yeah

  83. Purple Game Developing

    I really want to become a police officer when I become an adult but I'm worried about this shit. People are just gonna call me a "rapist" or "racist" just for having a specific job.

  84. Dave Muller

    The prankster goes to there house why they are away and has sex with there daughter after all he knows her itinerary

  85. CookiMan

    :O! Im so happy!!!!

  86. I owe 100k in taxes

    Who’s taking a shit while watching this

  87. Tacos and Beer

    Laci Green has left the SJW and now supports Trump

  88. PDR

    the christian moms are talking about dab carts with THC in them

  89. Uncle Lucifer Zed

    This the darwinism! Let this braindead people die! If only if it was a way to avoid good peoples death in it all!

  90. Krystel Idfk

    My lipstick comes off after drinking water and they're out there eating actual pure grease and nothing moves

  91. Bamboozled Forever

    I don't understand the popularity of mukbangs...I don't get it, so strange.

  92. Maddie Bowen

    I died at the rapping segment

  93. RogersBase

    LOL the Papa John intro hahahaha

  94. Thominusaurs Rex


  95. THE KIDD

    Next video title: kissing coronavirus Patients.

  96. Kween Ayen

    I still wish he jumps on a pool full of gelatin

  97. Dave Muller

    Great Abs Ridiculously small penis probably would have to date 8 year olds to avoid criticism

  98. Justin .M

    Woke Culture is cancer change my mind.

  99. Kriskrossapplesauce

    l o l that silver shit can make you turn blue. Doesn't do shit else; just maybe makes you a weird sad blue.

  100. Viktor eXe

    Would you look at that? The Golden Child of DEsel can talk about Coronavirus and get monetized.