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  1. Goro Cui

    I bet no one can make 5 TDs in a Quarter, and smowing like the GOAT brady did

  2. And1

    Why did the NFL try to hype this game lol

  3. yolo yeet

    As a seahawk fan I want Wilson to win but at this point I don't think its possible

  4. jordan myers

    Joe "Pass to the Endzooooneeeeee" Buck

  5. Cloudy Johnny

    Honestly was surprised JETS even scored 😂👌🏻 I thought it was going to be a shutdown

  6. Daniel Ramirez

    Jerry Rice fumbled. Never forget.


    Lamar is different

  8. Adam

    Ingram only needs another 113 yards to get to 1000 yards also

  9. rotoninja

    Lamar Jackson is running out of clown suits that he's been putting on these teams.

  10. Shareef King Jr

    Remember if he wins MVP this year he won't win a Super Bowl this year!!

  11. OjTheJuiceBoy

    People are sleeping on the rams honestly, I feel like they Are winning out

  12. Frank Matthews

    Joe Flacco punching air right now!

  13. Saint Pat

    at 10:14 i thought for sure it was a solid wall and it was over..... then he ran past it.

  14. don Sulli

    7:05 "Pass is a ROOOOOCKET"!

  15. King Oscar

    Who else thought their electric was cutting out at 1:40 😂😂💀

  16. The Controversy

    Ravens vs 49ers

  17. ali gonzalez

    Everyone spam the nfl Instagram to not put out him on madden cover

  18. Tanay Athreya

    He threw the ball 23 times and got 5 tds. I don’t think people realize how amazing the ravens system fits him as a qb. The TEs and the offensive line compliment him so well and are a big part in why he’s dominating rn, this coming from a pats fan btw

  19. Supa_Yogi

    2 Things: Its the Jets they better win If LJ keeps taking hits when he runs he will get hurt.


    this dude is Vick 2.0!

  21. Kyle Woodowens

    Jackson has got to be the best running QB that I have ever seen. He is able to dash for 20 than stop immediately followed by quickly cutting to the left or right.

  22. s.afeaki


  23. House Hive

    Who edited this?: Why are half of th end play comments cut off in this video? L2Edit.

  24. Gavin Su


  25. erick moss

    I remeber watching the draft and he was the last pick in the first round..When his name was announced you can see it in his face he was going to show those tea,s that passed up on him one day. I bet all those team feel stupid now.


    Jackson doesn't need to run. His passes is so accurate. This man is so dangerous.

  27. jordan5221

    Lol to all the clowns this week having Russel Wilson suddenly ahead of Lamar for MVP just bcuz of not rushing much last week even tho Seattle got spanked by LA.

  28. 780 D

    The Ravens have manipulated football

  29. Juan Vigil

    J-E-T-S ✈ 🛫🛬 🇺🇸🏈

  30. John Smith

    Since it's a copycat league sum1 needs to acquire RG3 to start so he can run this same exact offense on another team

  31. Gustavo Gonzalez

    The disrespect this man gets is real!! Is sickening!!! He’s leading the nfl in TDS thrown not to mention already passed 1000 yards rushing!!! That’s insane y’all people are some haters for real if you can’t appreciate talent! I never saw mahomes get the hate this man gets it’s crazy!!!! I’m a broncos fan by the way so no bias in my comment I just appreciate good football!

  32. Breck Nixon

    Not gonna lie, I thought the jets were gonna get blown out💀 I’ll pay my respect

  33. SenseiFn

    Crowder : Drops easy 10 yard open pass Also Crowder: Catches extremely hard covered out of bounds pass the next play

  34. Paul Matthew G.

    Leveon Bell with his best rushing gm as a Jet and they still get smoked..Wow

  35. Nonya Biz

    Media after game: I'm more impress by Jets in lost to Ravens.

  36. Urkel DiCaprio

    I guess his Quad his straight....idiots.

  37. Brent Dowland

    Right up the gut; is anywhere through the line of scrimmage 🤣

  38. FordTough Searies

    Big Trusss 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽😭😈😎

  39. Brandon Dodge

    "I'm going to Disney world!" - Lamar Jackson

  40. o milli

    10:30 Delay of game? play clock was faster than game clock. I love how they ignored it. 😆

  41. tyrese smith

    Damn that running back can throw!!!

  42. Kristopher Alexander

    Put some respect on jackson name clearly deserves MVP

  43. Tey Evans

    I know that line man is getting killed right now by his team on film😂😂

  44. Renegade Merks

    Very close game. Jets almost had it ...

  45. thepoppabear

    I come into these games more curious about how early RGIII will be out there.

  46. len710

    80 unlikes because of the editing. LOL

  47. letsgetsocialinfo


  48. Knejt

    Ravens vs 49ers would lowkey be perfect for the bowl..

  49. Rob C

    The young talents this season this off the chain! Congrats to Jackson for breaking the single season QB rushing record. Dude is Top 5 in rushing in the entire league, including RBs. Damn.

  50. Djinseng

    Ravens: Man what a fun warm up. So who we playin

  51. De Kuforiji

    1:05 Oh he gets crushed Allen loses the football gets me everytime 😂😂😂😂🤣

  52. Larry McMillan Jr.

    1 more win locks up the 1 seed

  53. JaSean Chopper

    Lamar Jackson is a class act!

  54. Eddielee Joseph

    We all have to remember that Lamar has been pulled in the 4th most games this season.

  55. breaks0

    The Jets didn't play bad in the 1st half under the circumstances. The Ravens are just on track for their 3rd SB win.

  56. thenewjord50

    Looking back when primetime interviewed jackson and tells the world they gonna get a super bowl outta me beleef dat and he's getting close to his word right now

  57. Sports 311

    That interview Ingram conducted was SO hysterical 😂😂🤣😅

  58. Christopher Clark

    Bills fan here, Looking forward to seeing the Ravens in the Super Bowl 👌🏻

  59. Jumper F22

    Ravens offense is deadly. 2 tightend set is already a lot to stop and then they can just switch to a 3wr set. Their receivers will have fresh legs. Crazy🤯 🤯

  60. Connor Jones

    Looked like Lamar was limping at the end of the game

  61. Jay Brown

    No more debates about who's the "mvp"...its him.

  62. Yo Yo

    Can’t wait till the ravens beat those cheating patriots in the playoffs

  63. Mr. POPO

    Lamar is the mvp but I believe if it wasnt for his running ability he would be good. Not great. But since he has that ability it makes him better.

  64. Derek Rodriguez


  65. Talo S

    If he wins Super Bowl he should retire. He already has mvp even if he doesn’t play next few games.

  66. Righteous Shadows Dojo

    I bet the Knicks could beat the Jets and the Giants,on the same day. Lol

  67. Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Not that the Jets were ever gonna win but those refs definitely didn't help. Plenty of wonky calls in the Ravens' favor

  68. Kevyn Battle

    They still think Lamar should have switched to WR? Lol

  69. Debo Papalucious

    Fixed games

  70. Mark Llamas

    When you trade for tyreek 🥴🥴🥴😭😭😭😭😭

  71. john doe

    Steve smith is one of the best things to happen on these post game shows. He actually has a personality.

  72. Grab A Book From the Library

    LAMAR TOUCHDOWN JACKSON, someone needs to keep dogs away from him just in case.

  73. Chris Austin

    Just imagine he sat out 5 fourth quarters, and he has what 33 TD’s? Peyton Manning has the record I believe of 55 TD’s. So just think, this man Lamar Jackson could have possibly broken not only the rushing record, but the TD record by a QB in a season! That’s what happens when people stereotype the black man into thinking he not a QB 😂🤣 they gone learn this time around.

  74. Itzkalledskillz

    I'm starting to see potential from the Jets

  75. The Goat

    As a 49ers fan Baltimore is the only team I'm actually worried about

  76. My Channel Sucks, Help!

    dude the Ravens getting free wins lol first the Jets next the browns lol


      They did lose at home in week 4 to Browns but I expect them to win next week and wrap up home field advantage in the process.

  77. Vripper

    Stephano - Lamar Jackson. Song is so fire. He made a rap song about Lamar Jackson

  78. David Williams

    The games looks like it's too slow for Lamar. Side note: every notice how no matter how much the Jets suck, Robbie Anderson is WIDE TF OPEN?

  79. Dino Caprice

    Jets are some sorry ass team I’m sorry 😐

  80. Billy Backpacks

    2:58 He just said Bell got the flag

  81. Steve

    One comment about Lamar Jackson and the way he runs. Referees need to let him get knocked on his ass like running backs. If he’s going to run that much, D players Need to be free to hit him like a Mac truck!!!

  82. fyukfy

    Imagine not having the Bengals at 32

  83. Squadrillionaire

    Lamar + CMC are taking me to the Fantasy championships. Wutuuuup!!!

  84. Fork Jax



    Jackson out ran the J-e-t-s jets! Jets! Jets!

  86. GhostInhale

    Thank God. Now Over Rated Dog Abuser Vick can be forgotten!

  87. hulksmash1091

    Wow great win, our quarterback never ceases to amaze me. MVP #RAVENSFLOCK

  88. LuNeY AgOsTo

    another ravens blowout.... you know what means......yup...time to hear how impresive the jets where in this game

  89. Sprax


  90. LG3

    Lamar "cheat code" Jackson.

  91. Paul Chamberlain


  92. Kay Best

    Ravens going all the way !

  93. Jp Selfmade239

    I’m just here for the haters! Y’all still waiting on Lamar to get hurt or what

  94. Stephen Preston

    Congrats to the ravens and Lamar Jackson. I tip my hat to them for an incredible year. Salute

  95. john doe

    Impossible to dislike these guys. Keep dominating.

  96. Juiiicceee

    Look at the flick of the wrist, who knows that song 😂😂😂😈😈 ravens baby legooo!!

  97. DoubleOhTheG

    We need the ravens to beat the Patriots. I don't want to see them in another super bowl

    1. Eugene Rollins

      Well buddy I guess you wont be watching this years superbowl cause the Patriots will be there

  98. Isaiah Harris

    #Ravens #LJ8 #MVP #MarkIngram

  99. duck on quack

    RG3 has more playing time this year than he did in Washington. 😝😂

  100. NorthernCalifornia530

    Coming from a Raiders fan I was happy seeing Seth Roberts get that TD catch. I was upset they released him. Hope he wins a ring with them.