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  1. Buixds

    I wouldn't mind fucking her tho

  2. Roger Gustafsson

    I lived in northern Mexico from 2009 and these kind of shootouts could be heard sometimes daily.

  3. Den Pit

    pot calling the kettle black..... adam crime boss schiff calling trump a crook... lol

  4. Mike Ivy

    Why are there 50k cops at a scene? U know the news spreads like wild fire and the cops all want to say, “yeah man, I was part of it!” And u weren’t!

  5. Angelus Tenebris

    I guess that means I need to stop kissing my dog!

  6. Cool Like The Fonz

    I hope he gets away with it.

  7. Deb Dub


  8. Carlos F Suarez

    The Republicans know perfectly well Trump's conduct, behavior, etc.when he had the opportunity to steal the Party from the authentic partisans. Of course people were delighted to have a TV clown star as a candidate, and they voted for him against the political system. So, they know him very well, and have no doubt he is ready to steal another Presidential Election in 2020.

  9. Mike Ivy

    These are the parents of today. Clueless and they want to be the parents of the popular kids...not dweebs, but let’s look at ur CPU and see what dad is watching ...I do not feel for the mom, I feel for the child...

  10. Gabby C

    This is heartbreaking. This would never happen if trump was not president-I mean if mitch McConnell wasn't making the decisions.

  11. dino nono

    Who's getting outraged , is it made up or can we have a vote . I do not believe anyone is at all bothered. Kiss away ladies.

  12. Chosen Lamb

    Jesus is King! 👑

  13. 7thDay Solace

    LOL, Womp womp.

  14. Frank Esposito

    Glad they Pulled it. Do we have to see that ?

  15. Cameron Gray

    Now this is how you get out of a speeding ticket

  16. Mike Ivy

    Stop with the ambulance was stunned! Jesus they see crap all the time. I saw women and girls stabbed, 50 years ago. So 20/20 quit trying to just get ratings and cops leave her alone and go arrest the girl u know!

  17. Elbert Lee

    His DNA could be found in a child rape crime scene and Jim Jordan will point the finger at Schiff . Trump could give the nuclear launch codes to Kim Jong and they will still exonerate him by saying “Kim Jing wouldn’t be authorized to use them even if he had them . Therefore the President must be joking around”

  18. Dat Leever

    ex should have all the lies happen to her in jail

  19. Duolingo Time

    I’d throw their shit out the door.

  20. 4-UP

    Everyone:So What, i gotta go to work.... Them:were outraged Me:next time show Riley Reid & Ivy Wolfe kissing for *Jason Luv Leaves the chatroom* 4-UP©

  21. Mike Ivy

    Parents are partly to blame. U gave the girls, CPU’s, IPhones, Tablets, and the Internet. U and most adults will never understand the intricacies of the child’s mind. To them it was all a game, the ultimate game, where u are the prey and they the the parents of the murderers, are partly to blame. Stop getting the kids stuff with the Internet. Can u listen to that cop? What, stabbed? Yeah but kids are different now. We carried BB guns, sling shots, bow/arrows, and we never hurt even wildlife. No one is taught about life and once it’s’s gone...that one child is a monster sociopath, the other a “hanger-on”, and now quit saying, what, why, where, when, how...? It happens and it will continue to happen. The Internet is a window into the soul of the world.

  22. Kerry Marris

    I just watched this movie called(GONE), and it should be dedicated to Sherri P. And should be part of all law enforcement training, and recertification standards. Your SO Lucky to have lived through this whole horrible experience, and I wish I could fly or swim like an eagle, or Covins. dolphins and whale's. R smarter than humans, they don't have to have possessions to make them complete, just whatever mother earth blessing are for that day. And thanks for letting me ramble on about how humans suck and should be extinct by 2050.

  23. Moon Rise

    "Industry rule number 4,080 Record company people are shaaady"~Tribe Called Quest's Q-tip.

  24. Ryan Chen

    lol they certainly look like the kind of friend who would “stab you in the back”.

  25. rolf stamenov

    THE most beautiful first family thank you President Trump and your lovely family Army veteran

  26. Diana Mccall

    Why is it always somebody white win the lottery and Harley no black people Harley don't win the lottery it's rigged and they got cameras on who they want to win in store they watches who get the tickets to they make sure a lot of blacks ain't going to win why is that I like to know how many African-American win the lottery instead of white

  27. BlueStarGaming 2017

    Everyone don't forget Hong Kong is not that big problem like the rest of the world other people are fighting for their survival. Hong Kong just fighting for freedom while others like Kashmir are fighting for human rights for all muslim in Kashmir

  28. rolf stamenov

    If all the presidents family were fat and ugly and wanted China socialism the Press would love them

  29. Michelle The Great

    What idiots its a dickhole

  30. Paraplegic octopus

    Society has gotten so weird since the internet, I no longer even get anything that people do or say anymore!!!

  31. Wmj Wmj

    They failed he's not getting impeached this was a waist of time as well making the democratic party look incompetent something we already know they are,

  32. Mael Ughran

    Hallmark have always been in the lead when it comes to the ethical and moral 'race to the bottom', so along with having to be a lesbian to purchase a Renault car these days, this latest guise is just par for the course.

  33. Juan Vargas

    So while immigrants children are being kidnapped and sold down by the Trump administration, everyone is outraged over a commerical? America is gone

  34. rolf stamenov

    Army veteran do not fuck with my president or her daughter you fuking losers

  35. Ethan W

    I like this dude

  36. huniegguk

    can we just go over the fact that this little girl was told she had cancer and was probably scared she was going to die, we just going to forget that if one day she gets cancer she wont believe anyone?

  37. Coy Hockey

    And thats firefighters for you

  38. Bob Pen

    I thought gay marriage was legal. Just like interracial marriage, you actually can marry anybody or anything you want. How and why do that concern me? Based on King James version of the Holy Bible every individual has freedom of will from my understanding only Jesus Christ can judge. The problem with these Evangelical Christians in America and religions around the world. they're too far up, in everybody's business when basically they create the biggest Epocrates of life. I'm still trying to understand blue laws in States to have freedom of speech gun rights. But you can 18 years old to serve in the military to die, but 21 years old to buy alcohol, no liquor sales on Sunday, or no liquor sales till after 1 who makes these laws for everyone? Religion is a individual's belief and unfortunately you can believe in anything your house, your car, your job , your mate, anything you love too much can become your God. LOL seriously.

  39. Arian Shabani

    In Germany the only thing we do is saying Hallo or Hand salute

  40. Mirror Mirror

    Why interview an idiot ?

  41. LetsBeClear

    Family friendly now means right wing values... how’d that happen? Pretty sure xenophobia isn’t g rated. I sure can’t wait til that generation of garbage passes from influence so reason can take the wheel

  42. John Jordan

    Trump's *talking. the opposite of whatever he will tell you is the truth. Trump's * subliminal will not work.

  43. Clever Ness

    58 dislike on the time i watched this beautiful video. Shame on you whoever you are.

  44. Scott Williamson

    Ted Cruz in total command of the FACTS against the Communist Democrat propaganda machine. Fun to watch!!

  45. Crazy boi

    No comment

  46. David Schu


  47. No offense but

    What outrage? i go out everyone seems like they minding their own. It's the media that cook up these fictional stories

  48. Treasure Cave

    God bless don king and don trump...

  49. Kaitlin

    Lol 1 million moms need to STFU, it’s almost 2020. If you are a dumb homophobic group of bitches, don’t watch the commercial. The end 🖕🏻

  50. Carla 1

    Well,he tried to speak to me on Skout also.but I saw the pictures and I said he is too far away and I don't want to talk with him.but I never ever will send money to a guy.what for?Africans they are lazy.they don't want to work.and I know when a man wants to fool you.when he is complimenting you too much....something is too good to be true.

  51. Finn Jacobsen

    Religion poisons everything, and the US has become a hypocritical nation in line with the worst Islamic states. Sad to see decades of respect for the US disappearing.

  52. Porsha Robinson

    I'm from New Zealand 🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿 that's so cool

  53. Daniel Johnson

    I care about your sexuality as I do whatever flying spaghetti monster people worship. You're gay, great! Now please stop shoving it in my face. I don't care but you can definitely make me care. It won't be how you'd like me to care, but I will.

  54. chasetherainbow

    My mans gonna get trapped

  55. m.e. watteau

    Somehow I am pretty Sure we haven't even heard the worst of what he hast done to women.

  56. xx xx

    An ideal gentleman

  57. Spanish Templar

    I'm a security guard, and I NEVER get involved in police business unless I'm asked to assist. Once I call them to assist with a trespasser, I just report what happens from there. The security guard in this video, was wrong for not helping but at the same time she's not really obligated unfortunately. Least she could've done was call 911. She was real unprofessional for recording. But it's her right.

  58. Karo Lina

    WooooW 🤡 and I bet it's the "religious" folks that are complaining. It was two adults big wooop. They should be crying about how they are always freaking complaining about everything. You people don't have anything better to do? They should also complain how Hallmark is always freaking putting movies only ABOUT love between two people. Why isnt there more on just friendship then two couples always getting together. Or stories about friendship and their adventures. It's always fucking hooking up with two people or getting married for Christmas.🙄🙄🙄🤮🤮🤮

  59. 1pyroace1

    He was in cahoots with Eimpstein I bet

  60. Porsha Robinson

    That's so cool

  61. UserInterface00

    “Wild animals will always be WILD!”

  62. Siena May

    Andddd this is why u never get really close to them

  63. BlueStarGaming 2017

    "Not just another city of China" Well you just turn it into Kiev at 2014

  64. P R

    I would literally kill that dispatcher that hung up over cussing, then cussed at her, it's an emergency not a politeness hotline.

  65. Nandini Gaikwad

    She still looks same with mild changes 😂🤣 what a waste of money, people like this should get a brain surgery , and the doctors should stop making money out of peoples mental illness😡

  66. zambimaru

    That was pretty scary. Glad their were people in the crowed who helped him.

  67. Sacha Bolding

    They made you look so hard! lol😂 Stupid dumb ass clueless media... Idiots wow.

  68. Angry Bushnell

    Duh. During boot, my brother was approached, told they were building strength in all branches. That was under Nixon.

  69. Paul Nelsonภๆ

    Her family sounds disgusting

  70. NOT YOU

    Old white men are generally fucked in the head.

  71. 오시헌

    IDC if a bunch of degenerates got scammed by a youtuber for being dumb.

  72. PaPa Brad SOG

    The Executive Branch is NOT accountable to Congressional oversight. Besides, reprobates Nadler and Schiff are incapable of speaking truth.

  73. Teresa Page

    People still going to jail over Cannabis and folks are outraged because Hallmark pulled a gay commercial 😒oh the darn hypocrisy!

  74. manofsteel33

    Each one of those idiots need to be thrown out of the academy, prosecuted, & personally investigated!

  75. Nicole Atkinson


  76. Ben _Jamin

    we have cures for everything but there being supressed from the public, we need to fight the cabal and other elites that think they rule our world. scream for disclosure. we are not alone =

  77. fword ggle

    Keep on dreaming, Cruz. You double-minded, unprincipled tool.

  78. cha 123

    We know illegal migration is wrong..boy is guilty but as humans where is so called western human rights...shame of you developed countries

  79. SCP -096

    That's like having a room just for socks

  80. ali hamud

    Trump's words are hardly to construe to the public.

  81. Stephen Ezell

    Thank you Obama, you pervert!

  82. Faithful Sinner

    Can someone school me 🤔... what does Hallmark and Jeff Epstein have to do with each other??

  83. ze ddz


  84. Jpkrao

    Pin-size, George Stephanopoulos, simply lets cartoon character looking, Ted Cruz, tell lies and misinformation. It's incredible! Con Don Chump will be impeached on Wednesday because he was caught in a corrupt scheme that he organized, were he was trying to coerce Ukraine to help him cheat in the 2020 election. It is as simple as that. Moreover, Ted Cruz knows absolutely nothing about the qualification of people who are usually members of the board of a corporation. He has never worked in any. He is clearly lying his ass off here. I work in the Scientific field, where most board members of everyone of the companies I've worked for weren't specialists, nor had experience in any scientific field. This pathetic asshole accuses Biden's son of using his family name to get high paying jobs. But, he says nothing about the fact Con Don Chump's children are doing worse. For example, Ivanka Chump was awarded dozens of patents by China, on a variety of things that she knows absolutely nothing about. This includes voting machines.

  85. Dizziemiss Lizzie

    Madonna clearly used the word reductive out of context. She doesn't know what it means, "look it up" that means "I don't know"

  86. cassiasnowcat

    And man also can be sexually harassed and very often refuse to speak up for themselves as well. Because it’s “ok to happen if you are a man”.

  87. KRKN Ace

    How does he memorize them all

  88. Fs S

    Should have just threw the middle finger, then there would be no confusion or investigation.

  89. Sunny Norwood

    Are you n kidding? I'm buying stock in Hallmark!

  90. john Baldock

    Another Day Another Shooting. So Sad.

  91. dannyaye

    believe everything the gov. says, lol

  92. superapple4ever

    This guys a fucking genius.

  93. Karol W

    What about real news??????? Just a bullshit commercial!!! News, facts,news facts!! That what we want, not bullshit commercial!!!!

  94. 주영일이삼

    아이들 하나하나 다 기억해서 해주는거 진짜 멋있다..

  95. Brownie lover

    I dont give a flying fig! Respect and honoring life as it should be is all that matters! They arent killing and hating! Therefore, I dont care! It nice to see happy people! Moving on with THEIR lives! APPARENTLY those moms have nothing better to do! Its a shame that people Cant and need to focus on bigger issues than progressive progression! Its time people! Dont be surprised if your own family tells you they are in love, and its not with whom you figured is right On - the status quo ! Love is the right way! Period!

  96. Mark Fox

    Hey Hallmark, your movies are mostly watched by straight women and you just alienated them. Rest in peace.

  97. Aqua

    And. Thats why america loves guns

  98. Jordan Stern

    #impeach TRUMP

  99. Liberalism is a disease.

    Lesbians are just Women who lick each other’s piss holes.

  100. Magic Music

    He looks a bit like Trent fuller I feel so bad for them like no one should be treated like that