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  1. kanakam vishal

    Thanks for mentioning india in the video 🤍

  2. Keith Tam

    I used to enjoy your videos a lot but this one a bit annoyed me. Why you encouraged people from "copying" Huawei's phones? Is that the main reason you folks were upset about many Chinese companies?

  3. Sauce The Boss

    I wish android wasn’t a thing, and phone companies made their own OS

  4. Artistically Inclined


  5. Roderick Huang

    How come his Tesla has a dashboard?? Is this some tech geek perk?

  6. aan andika

    I won't buy phone without google inside.

  7. Mrinal Chandra

    Its from China Marques. Don't touch!

  8. Beau Bakman

    5g is extremely dangerous.... you should talk about that and warn your mass following

  9. Marzooq Abdu Shakoor

    Similar thing has happend here in india. It was a Rs.251 phone. Where Mr. Modi's picture was in the site. And they took just Rs.1 as a booking charge and there never was any phone.


    How to set up your phone icon please bro tell me?

  11. Ethan Brasoveanu

    1 dollar per pixel lol

  12. Croden

    i reallllyy reallllyy want a polaroid camera but the film is *way* too expensive

  13. Luan Silva

    Lcd ips man...

  14. Leo Nguyen

    You doesn't meant bluetooth v5.0 can or can't pair to v4 or v4.1,2

  15. Gerardo Cantu

    I’m so glad for you bro. It’s been an incredible time for you and for us as subscribers. You’re awesome.

  16. Link Fang

    The back looks just AMAZING!

  17. Cindy Leween

    Do not buy anything from this company!!!! They are not good!!!! It’s from China!!!!!!!!

  18. chunchuen CHONG

    OPPO did a great job this time. The only thing that makes me feel disappointed is battery. 4260mah....I think at this size of body, it should be 4500 mah at least. Please make a deep testing of this phone. I love your review. Thanks Marques.

  19. mayank patel

    2020 World: Struggling with Corona virus. DEsel: Meanwhile you see how mkbhd reviewed iPhone 5s

  20. M Framework

    Who is looking in 2020

  21. razor 95

    Ehh but why should they copy? Are they stupid or something. I would rather see something inovative from each company not same phones with different name lol.

  22. jerry demas

    two replacement screens, one battery replacement , one rear camera replacement and one usb / headphone replacement. Love my phone ,would buy another HTC but they don't have a IR blaster now.

  23. seongsu kim

    Looks fucking goood haha But i like Samsung

  24. Charles Benoit

    Can I have bit now. Lol

  25. Furqan Hussain

    1:20 he uses a Apple Pencil to open up the Android boxing Apple: (GASP)

  26. L73

    5G is a killer..

  27. John Smith

    This video only hurts real gameboy collectors like me. Thumbs Down!!!

  28. Tanner Harper

    Avid ZTE Axon M user here. I'm going to miss my actually negligible bezels as I upgrade to this device. LG really needs to design a true foldable

  29. Theodore J

    7:04 Flexing on us with the Purell in the background.

  30. AnTi— SHILL


  31. xRAzorxDicex

    Promoting Nord and communist dictators. Sell out.

  32. Muhammad Thufail

    P40 design and the new emui copies s20u and s10+ (I think including the camera)

  33. UndefeatedGaul

    This guys like Jeff goldblum with an artificial intelligence brain

  34. Genya Lyons

    15:40. Huh ohh ok. 😂😂😂. Despite all this hype...

  35. mchristofas

    Awesome into! Sub’d!

  36. Chris Blevins

    Great Video! Side note: My birthday is on March 23 and I always see the number 119. Good to see both at the 8:00 min mark of this video lol!

  37. Joe's Paintings

    It might be fucking expensive but they sure are fucking early

  38. PratoFundo por Vitor Hugo

    24 minutes and 39 seconds feeling ooooooold. hahahahah *kkkkkkrying*

  39. Peoplephobia

    You don’t block people if you’re in the back row...

  40. Wagalinda Charles

    I really wish Huawei could change that U.I

  41. Denni BLANK

    phone case maker : am i joke to you???

  42. Victor H

    Does the slightly shaky camera means you recorded everything yourself?

  43. Pavel Malý

    I am from the future! Iphone 12 will be delayed till November 2020. Go get the 11! 🤫

  44. CJ Briere

    Why can’t Apple just stuff Face ID cameras in these things.

  45. Oumar Traore

    2015 youtube: not yet 2016 youtube: not yet 2017 youtube: not yet 2018 youtube: not yet 2019 youtube: not yet 2020 samsung released s20 ultra. DEsel, the times as come: hey have u heard about the s6 edge? Me thinking I will be the only one in the comment in 2020😳😳😳😳😳

  46. Wertmuller Gaming


  47. yee eet

    Solid size but not the biggest 🍆 😂😂

  48. by: N

    Back when 4000mAh was called a monster battery.

  49. Spinnetti

    Very nice..

  50. ironlion45

    Are you still with us, Marques? You threw some shade at some scary people XD

  51. Chris Johannsen

    I don't mind punch hole notches normally but damn that's ugly

  52. RANDY Sangestino

    Kid: what's a computer MKBHD: ._.

  53. Beese Churger

    Ipad Pro Review thumbnail time is 4:20 funnny numberere

  54. Akira Hawaii

    F*** HUAWEI and boycott Chinese goods!

  55. Anthony Kolak

    Awesome Haircut! You should keep it from now on!

  56. Slvr

    9:51 "specifically to expand your quarantine content." *In italian accent* eh what do you mean to expand my "quarantine content"

  57. akther farhana

    The laptop display looks like a folded sheet of screen (just the screen)

  58. ditroia

    Yeah that back finish is dope.

  59. Samuel Koch

    When you been trading w those villagers 5:10

  60. Michael Ryan

    "Even though this car came out in 2018, it is nice to see a screen without a notch on it" - I ugly laughed.

  61. Luke Frahn

    a computer is it's what grown up's use to be productive

  62. Leonardo Oliveira

    Full review pleeeease

  63. Craig Seymour

    I still say that Huawei are still far to hobbled by its lack of full GMS on board in western markets, like the UK's etc Going back to the P40 Pro display cutout, I'm led to believe that BOE makes the OLED panels for these devices, however I am wondering if Samsung would be able to squeeze the front facing camera and the facial biometric hardware into a smaller cutout if BOE have been unable to do that, it's just too chunky in my opinion.

  64. Edward Edward

    It absolutely doesn’t sound better than Sonos

  65. Killian Crausaz

    4:42 You would be suprised hahahaha

  66. usmle step1

    Should i buy ipad pro 2018 or pay extra 120 euros for the 2020 ? .hellllllllp 😕

  67. say on jahseh

    would rather iphone notch as apposed to that pill thing tbh. if it was in the middle there'd be no problems

  68. Life Game Changer

    I dont like the back it kinda makes it look like a cheap smartphone

  69. I-Chuan Lee

    misleading thumbnail :(

  70. A main

    Was anyone else nervous during those shots at the top of the stairs?

  71. Mark Joffrey Cubos

    “Hey Celia” made my day! Good one! 👍🏼

  72. purplesyndrome

    will ipad replace computers or laptops? macbook line ups will shuts also? imac shuts also?

  73. jetscreamer212

    Sonic belong to Sega? Mind blown.

  74. SammyT

    That color is indeed gorgeous; the only thing I really want copied from that phone to a phone we can buy in North America!

  75. Redaction on YT


  76. DuckyBoi xD

    Lol he acts the same as him today

  77. Britt Upton

    my biggest takeaway from this video: doctor who is available on the british netflix and i need nordvpn

  78. Mike Harrison

    That is just for a phone. 5G technology will be used for much more uses, Even control of Folks lives. Check out China and how the 5G technology is used. Beware People, It ain't just about a phone. Plain and simple!

  79. iamchampion8

    Can you copy? Cause I can't stand using a China's product despite its superiority.

  80. jonah albert

    roll-able hardcore no questions asked


    I like the color orange it so sick but I have a question how much is that?

  82. Dyessman

    "pretty pumped for the new decade" Corona: I'm about to ruin this man's while career

  83. Nawaf Hamade

    now u started mentioning the sponsors and talk about the,? what happened to MKBHD?

  84. Shashank Bhagwat

    I like how he mentioned my country India🇮🇳❤️

  85. Chris Karadimos

    Your a Google stupid, any day I'd rather better than greedy corporations trying to make America better again.

  86. Samuel Ferrer

    Well .. is 2020 now ... !!!

  87. Jason Spradlin

    Man that thumbnail! It's like the camera bump is levitating off the phone, and overhanging the phone too. Intentional?

  88. Samo Mileni

    If you don't need it, send it to me for free, hehehe

  89. Billy The Kid

    I'm sorry, I know you are esteemed, around the world, but you are an over paid idiot.

  90. [GP] TheRealGDMstr

    Does he get all these products for free?


    I had that pc, yeah I burned the motherboard but hey it was a good pc

  92. leonardxs

    i have to say that i have Oneplus 1 and you have to see oneplus 1 vs oneplus 6 or 7

  93. LM Chua

    No one: DEsel: hey watch this review of a bomb

  94. Hi Bye

    Is that camera a mini credit card?

  95. Frozce 2.0


  96. Marek Stawicki

    Wow! Advising how to copy ideas!??? Wtf? Bravo you! Lol