I'M TOTALLY ADDICTED TO MAKEUP and upload unbiased Product Reviews, Tips, Hauls and Tutorial videos on Drugstore & Luxury Beauty Products three days per week! xo's ~ Tati

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  1. Amanda McMillan

    Don’t give up the Dad jokes! 🥺

  2. Anna Rudakova

    love love love your hair!!

  3. Jasher1125

    "transparency needs to actually exist, and not just be talked about" THERE IT IS <3 This is why I didn't hesitate to buy anything she's put out. And I'm glad I didn't because the palette is phenomenal.

  4. Kaleb Morrison

    Best place to get free samples and other free beauty stuff is *_DailySave. Club_* ( Remove space ) they give away the best supply of stuff.

  5. Madeleine McAllister

    I appreciate you making your products vegan friendly so much, and the fact that you verbalized what carmine is and that it’s big nasty:)


    just report it

  7. Elijah Miniuk

    And that's why we call Muslims *_BOOMERS_*

  8. Kristin Strasser

    This video is so amazing Tati!! Loved your tutorial with Erica, felt like i was living vicariously through her doing your techniques. Would love more like this :) !! who the heck and high water are those people with the thumb downs? - thumbs down to your thumbs down lol -- Thank you for your tips!! xo

  9. kathleen aldrich


  10. Susan Simmons

    Thank you

  11. Ray Ibo

    I watched this video many times.

  12. Germezz

    This is beauty deji both stuck on 9mil and making videos like “I need to address this”

  13. Robin Istvanek

    I definitely don’t think Tati meant to jab at Jaclyn like that. I think she genuinely doesn’t want anyone to buy counterfeit makeup and she’s reassuring that everyone who wants it will be able to buy the real one.

  14. Ava Purdue

    tati this look you’re wearing is absolutely STUNNING. please do a tutorial 😍

  15. Rebeca Celaya

    You’re a failure

  16. Tori Little

    I feel the same way when it comes to hair care products! Being a hairstylist I see this all the time!

  17. Haley Kenworthy

    So unrelated but you brought up olibaba. My dogs name is ollie and we call him ollie baba. Just made me happy

  18. DO May.

    I actually liked the blush on you

  19. 2Fat2Vlog

    Wow. Her subscriber count dropped.... It's been at a cool 9.7 and then.... Did this video trigger some people?

  20. Farhana Nitu

    Omg!!! Literal and Actual Queen!! Such important words!! 😍😍

  21. Sammu bb

    Dam she just made £4.5 million

  22. Aparna Rele

    Please share the name of nail polish

  23. Alix Short

    Well damn.. now I’m stressing tf out that I just bought a Lorac Palette off Amazon 😭 has anyone else??

  24. PigInTheBubble

    yes i don't need more anxiety when i buy make up, especially when i just start learning to use it please please please never use "limited edition" stamp on your brand :( i'm tired of trying to find sold out limited edition make up outside of the official website & ended up getting counterfeit love you tati!

  25. Rebecca Darmanin

    Did she get fillers or did she just overline? I'm just curious cuz her lips seem fuller. Still look amazing tho 😍

  26. Quinn

    Hoes mad

  27. Vanessa Watkins

    Awesome video! I love the honesty and sincerity! I love watching those documentaries that make you think about what you're doing or buying!

  28. Lisa Klassen

    GOOD FOR YOU Tati! Also - I am going to watch the Netflix BROKEN.

  29. I. O.

    I regret finding out about this pallet so late. This is SO original.. I've only ever bought Carli's 1st and 2nd pallet but I'm definitely going to buy from this restock!!! I love the idea of the same shade in different finishes!!

  30. creamycherrypie

    I love Essence, it's very affordable for a college student like me. 🌸 The "matt camouflage+ concealer" is the best concealer I tried from their brand including some other brands too. It kinda feels like paint but it covers INTENSE black circles. 🌸 Now about their regular concelear it's a pass for me aswell because they are too watery and as Tati said they have medium coverage, really blunt. 🌸 Another product that I love is their green "Lash Princess" mascara. Compared to Maybelline's Colossal the Lash Princess is the best. I put it as my first best mascara. 🌸 Third favorite product is the white "all about matt!" fixing compact powder. I'm extremely pale and it makes my skin look natural and healthy after oily foundations. In general I had a very good impression of their combat powders. 🌸 I have the same eye base too but it's too watery and it barely covers any imperfections or keeps the eyeshadow, I feel like a concealer is better than their eye base. 🌸 I would give a shot to some of the highlighters. I've tried some good ones but I've tried some bad ones aswell. 🌸 Last favorite product is their waterproof eyeliner with the tiny brush. Called "liquid ink", I've bought like five of those. They are easy to remove when you don't have a base or an eyeshadow and I would recommend it using one before applying the eyeliner. It makes it last longer and make the color more intense. I wouldn't recommend it on a naked eyelid. 🌸 Their lipsticks are velvety and cute but not very longlasting in my opinion. 🌸 Their eyeshadows are.. fine. Some of the colors are pigmented but others are NOT there at all. So it's a really big hit or miss with their eyeshadows (both singles and palettes). Something I noticed is that usually their best eyeshadows are the darker ones. For some reason the pigment on their lighter shades is barely there. I could go on and on about the products, I've tried so many. But for me personally these four are my all time favorites.

  31. Nicole Leftige

    Tati keeping it real 100%.

  32. Sarah Howell

    Agreed with everything BUT pointing out that this is being mentioned because now you have products affected by counterfeiting......

  33. Lacie Glaab

    And stop purchasing for the purposes of reselling it! Even the real ones! Bc that too fuels the monster bc like you said people will buy out of desperation...so they automatically assume that EVERYONE reselling is has the real product.. Only buy from authorized retailers if not the company itself...ALWAYS!

  34. Olivia Nicole

    What a gal. Shes so real. We need that in this industry. Respect, Tati!!! 💗💗💗

  35. Elizabeth

    Bunny made a vid addressing this type of issue, as well.

  36. Leah Smith

    I love Tati so much!!

  37. Morgan Scarr

    I absolutely LOVE your approach to money, so healthy and completely right. Money is not the problem. The way people go about getting it is! Love you!! ❤️

  38. Paola Rossy

    Goal: be more sustainable in 2020

  39. Jamie Simm

    Hi Tati, have you changed the formula at all for Halo Kiwi? I've been taking it for months with great effects, but since starting a fresh bottle my skin has become incredibly bumpy and inflamed :(

  40. Jazmin S

    You're such a breath of fresh air in this crazy world

  41. Rachelle Kelly

    Facebook Marketplace is awash in counterfeit make-up. Do NOT buy make-up from Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, Ebay, etc. ONLY buy from the real department stores and their actual websites, or directly from the brand's website. I'm looking forward to getting my palette, Tati! I will wear it for Christmas!

  42. TracyStyles

    This was very IMPORTANT to say.. Because alot of people do NOT KNOW. For instance I was one of those.. Got a palette from Ebay.. Truly thought it was real, it was junk so I immediately knew since I tested the genuine out at ulta and luckily got my money back... But that is not the point. People DO think that it might be real if it comes from Ebay or Amazon especially. P.S. Palette went right into my GARBAGE !!

  43. tracy020whitney

    Oh poor Tati. I can see your natural beauty poking through this awful makeup

  44. Daisy Pasillas

    Thanx Tati for this video!!!!

  45. Pauli Dee

    They wont stop. Its a foreign country. No laws are against it in China and many other countries.

  46. Cla B

    I love you Tati! I also watched the documentary and I am so glad that you adressed the issue! Thanks for trying the make the consumer weary of what’s going on. You really are compassionate and you understand your audience. Love you❤️

  47. Alexa Quinonez

    You’re so wholesome ❤️ this is why i love your channel and you❤️

  48. shivam rth

    Please see my video

  49. Gremlin Payne

    Tati's eyes are so beautiful in this video!!

  50. Peter Gallagher

    Okay boomer

  51. Mason Reeed

    Tati please get the free FaceTime personalized styling session with TYME and record it for your viewers and learn how to use the iron before reviewing it. This iron is amazing and deserves a fair review and demo once you actually learn how to hold it properly. I have had mine a year and LOVE IT! You do not have to go over sections twice and your curls will last for DAYS!!

  52. Jenn T

    I loooove the fact that Tati straight up said I like money. We all do! Your products are amazing and worth every penny! Thank you for being real Tati!!

  53. blaziinbarbiie

    Tatum's lips look different🤔 No shade, just sayin

  54. Autumn Byrd

    I speed up the videos to 1.75 and it still seems like your words draw out a long time.

  55. Bethany Barry

    What is Fopobiacne Secrets? We have heard several amazing things about this popular natural acne treatment.

  56. Terri L. Nocco

    Thank you for addressing this! It amazes me that people are willing to gamble with their money and their health simply because of impatience. Please keep talking about this! Voting with my wallet always, and spreading the word.

  57. Caitlin Rinard

    What lashes were used? They are perfection!!!

  58. Mason Reeed

    For those saying all straighteners do this.... I used to think the same but this VERY DIFFERENT. First it uses way less tension on your hair. It slides through way smoother which equals less damage. It will allow you to do all different size curls or beach waves or flip it over and you can flat iron your hair straight. It works so much faster than a regular flat iron. Lastly your curls will last DAYS until you wash your hair. Had mine a year now and love it!

  59. Kimberley Sanchez


  60. Laurie

    I hope you will make everything I need for a full face because I see myself only purchasing your brand. I would never buy any counterfeit makeup.Not worth it!

  61. hayley dion

    This should be on the news. The problem is theres people who dont watch your videos who have someone in there life that does and they are like oh i have to get this for them or they just want it because they know your an influencer and don’t know you only sell on your site . Everyday people ask for this in ulta and sephora people just they just don’t know.!

  62. Dillon Cuffaro

    This is how you own a beauty brand and run a beauty channel. By genuinely caring about your audience and consumers. We respect and appreciate it greatly.

  63. Marisa E

    I really saw the business woman in Tati come out here, love that.

  64. Chelsea Anne

    That sweater is the cutest and I want to know how to get it

  65. Quicktwosteps

    But your makeup appearance looks the same on each video thumbnail...

  66. linh vo

    So important issues!!!!!

  67. KappaSmurf

    You’re actually terrible

  68. Rose Tiara

    AliExpress has always been a bullshit page. Please do not buy there. Anything!

  69. Scar Let

    Would you be selling rows from your palette. I am interested in the pink and medium brown mainly. If not cant wait for the restock to get my hands on it

  70. Emilie Gauvin

    Glad to know your make-up is made locally! Does that include you packaging?

  71. Lamer

    Я нечего не понял но сучка хороша

  72. Paul Smith

    Huge difference? I must have faulty eyes

  73. Lora Miller

    I can't believe this very serious issue got ANY thumbs down. Thank you Tati for getting this information out there

  74. Amberlynn Heath

    I can’t be the only one who expects tati to be the next Natasha Denona, like name wise.. Tati’s brand will become the most official brand from a DEsel stand point. I can not wait to watch her empire continue to grow!!!!

  75. Stacy Orick

    Go watch the doc Broken on Netflix. It’s the first episode and it’ll blow your mind!

  76. Sue A

    I saw that episode of broken! So scary...please watch it everyone. These counterfeit palettes makeup etc..were all found with ingredients, chemicals and bacteria that could harm you and cause rashes, make you sick etc...

  77. Hannah Clouse

    Love teacher lady Tati lol

  78. Samantha Parker

    Love you Tati! God bless

  79. Stephanie Hart

    This is why we Stan tati

  80. Coco Moloko

    You need to stop.

  81. Frijole Queen

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I freaking love Tati

  82. Val D


  83. shieele

    I mean I agree with the gist but, 18 minutes of self marketing anyone?

  84. MorTaL

    Tati mean indian potty

  85. Candace Griffin

    Does anyone know when a restock might be or even another presale ... I missed both and really want one

  86. Amber Rea

    As a veterinarian, we have been struggling with counterfeit medications from online pharmacies for years. When we try to educate pet owners about the dangers of giving these medications to their pets we often get the same response. “All about the money”. 😥

  87. the petitegirlsworld

    Do create an all glitter palette

  88. Pennie Lane

    Why did she say *not pole lol

  89. charmaine burn

    What is Fopobiacne Secrets and how does it work? I hear many people break free from their acne with this popular natural acne treatment.

  90. Santa Ana Luna


  91. Haley Armstrong

    Been watching your videos for months... When you said you love Tori Amos, I hit that subscribe button so fast 😍

  92. Santa Ana Luna

    I absolutely LOVE Tati!! ❤️❤️. I feel like she’s genuine and not trying to pull the wool over our eyes like some influencers that are better salesmen than anything!

  93. Vanessa Luckey

    Way to skate over that FDA thing. Feels icky. However I would trust EU standard over FDA any day

  94. OfaCertainAge

    Excellent video, Tati!

  95. Alexandra Alvarez

    I loooove these type of videos because I actually learn💕💕💕 love

  96. LightningSFM

    It's really unfortunate that companies are willing to harm their customers for a quick buck....

  97. Ilva Toska

    I'm honestly just waiting for your brand to be sold on Beautybay 😅, it's too expensive to get it to come to Europe

  98. saff as

    Love the statement given. It’s a responsible and well thought out. By the end of the day is consumer choice and responsibility on what they purchase. Love tati to take a stand as the owner of the brand. Good work😎

  99. NaidaVlogs

    If you can't afford Tati Beauty so you get fakes on Alibaba... Just get a palette from Colourpop. Affordable and you actually know where it is made and how it is made.

  100. Simone Kretschmann

    Hi Tati. We have an online store in South Africa advertising yout palette. How can we tell it's not the original if for example they have bought bulk off your website? Do you limit the number of palettes one can buy? Now I am nervous to purchase it. Thanks from Simone in South Africa